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Is it Safe to Sleep in a Garden Luxury Cabin ?

they look so great ,but are they safe to call one as your home

Is it Safe to Sleep in a Garden Luxury Cabin ?
As i work for a company that erects log cabins, they are totally safe to live in. With the right insulation and plumbing and electrics,makes a great place to live.
Reply:Luxury cabins are unsafe. You should by a Utilitarian model with airbags and seatbelts.
Reply:What do you mean by "safe"? If it's properly assembled, it shouldn't fall down around you. It would probably be too cold in the Winter, but it wouldn't be sensible to light a fire in it. What burglar is going to find it worthwhile to rob someone who has to live in a shed? Living in it would probably violate the Health %26amp; Safety laws, anyway.
Reply:You probably couldn't live in one legally - no plumbing, etc - I think building regulations might come into it. You could use it for the odd night though.
Reply:You can put locks on the doors same as a house. But: will you have electricity, plumbing, sewer, heat/cool, etc... ?
Reply:you didn't specify dimensions or optional extras. if the cabin is heated and plumbed then it is safe to live in. a lot safer then other accomodation i have stayed in throughout the globe

What would be the best way of stopping my neighbours children climbing on my garden wall.Would a trellis work?

I am always asking them to keep off the wall along with my own kids. I need to stop them but not sure the best way without cutting down all my light into the garden. Once on the wall they then run across the shed roof, I am so fed up with it. So is my neighbour she is constantly telling them off too.

As i would want to attach to top of wall what would be best way to attach something?

Any ideas appreciated.

What would be the best way of stopping my neighbours children climbing on my garden wall.Would a trellis work?
Try an anti vandal paint... maybe just put it on the shed roof. Its black and sticky and yuckky !!! One dose of that and they wont be back... AND its harmless
Reply:electric fence? barb wire? just kidding, a trellis would work or you could plant dwarf holly bushes around your garden, that would keep kids out but it might keep you out too, they have spiky leaves
Reply:I know some of the countries down in South America lay some wet mortar and then install broken glass and spikes in it.
Reply:NO! trellis makes it easier! Get some metal spikes.
Reply:Kids love a challenge. I have a sure thing, but it does have what I call "an adolescent behavior". A bougainvillea. Definitely a teenager with an attitude! Their first encounter will make a lasting impression (very thorny!)
Reply:Considering some of the answers you've received to your post, I think you'll get more helpful and intelligent advice for your garden wall problem from a Home Depot or Orchard Supply Hardware.
Reply:Put anti climb paint on the top of the wall, you can buy anti climb paint from most D.I.Y shops. That should stop them.
Reply:Barbed Wire!
Reply:Call the police for trespassing. That way if there is any damage you have it documented with the police already that you've had problems with these children.
Reply:Plant pyracantha or bougainvillea on a trellis both have razor sharp thorns.
Reply:BB Gun.
Reply:call the police? I dunno, maybe you can put an alarm system there or something.
Reply:I put trellis on my garden wall the four climbing rose growing up it not only keep the little darlings out they look great in flower
Reply:Try putting something slipery like oil ontop the wall. Better still tell there parents, if they dont stop them report them to social services for being out of controll and not having any parental skills.

Its out of order, they might break your shed, take some of the roof suports out of you shed, then they will fall throu, and put a giant tub of **** inside you shed for them to fall into!

It could be like a tom and jerry cartoon at your house once you've taken all my advice.

Take some bricks out of the wall then it will fall down and there parents will have to buy you a new wall.

You could put wire along the top and grow grapes on it!

Or just thow a buckett of water over them each time them climb onto the wall. Yeah water thats the trick *:) Get a water cannon like the riot police have *;)
Reply:something with thorns perhaps, like a climbing rose or maybe barbed wire, just kidding , well sort of. how about 'hen and chicks' or some other prickly succulants.
Reply:Rugosa roses could be trained up against the wall- they're thorny enough to strongly discourage climbing. Many other climbing roses aren't nearly as tough...
Reply:Pitbull, Rottweiler, Doberman.... any of these 3 should scare the little bastards away!
Reply:it is illegal to put barbed wire and broken glass however much you might be tempted :-) also if you put anything on the wall that might cause them to slip is also legally very dangerous for you. but the anti vandal paint on the roof is a good idea and a notice on the wall to the effect that they must keep off the paint is there and you will not be responsible for any accidents. take some photos of the notice in case they remove it.

having said that, live with it if you can, children climb walls and cross roofs and swing on gates, it is natural ...........and it is great to have young friends as they grow up.......i am going to the wedding soon of one of a pair of twins who was forever coming round for her football.
Reply:how about you just do something with your kids so they dont climb on the roof to get your attention? go to the neighbours and arrange a walk or go for a picnic? they wont be on the roof annoying you or her then.. get a trampoline, buy them chalk , make a den, organise a game they can all play... you cant do the other stuff people have suggested anyway so either do stuff with them or dont look at them when they are up there and then they'll only stop when one of them breaks their neck falling off the wall or roof!!!!!!!!
Reply:Rolled wire or grease
Reply:electrify it
Reply:Start with your own children. Who is in charge? You or them? Quit telling them and MAKE them stop it. Punish them if they do it again so that they will understand that you mean what you say. If they thought you truly meant it, they would not keep doing it. Ground them, take something away from them, do something so that they will learn the consequences of their behavior. Parents are doing their children an horrible disservice by allowing continued bad behavior. What would happen to you if your boss had to keep telling you over and over and over to no avail. You'd get fired! Wake up and raise your children! Quit letting them run you. I guarantee if they stop, so will the neighbor's kids.
Reply:get a gun...haha...nono i didn't mean it....i would talk to their parents...if that doesn't the police
Reply:Beat the crap out of them every time you catch them.

you could electrify the roof top.

you could dig a huge pit and put spikes in it inside the shed and then weaken the roof so the fall in.

all of these are very good ideas.
Reply:Well I sugest 2 things!

1. You can complain to the neighbours parents and ask them very kindly if they wouldn't mind telling their children not to climb up the wall. and Try to bribe them not to (chocolate no TV....)

2. Put prickly pointy plants on top or put a part of a fence on top so once they get pricked no more climbing.
Reply:Obviously, you cannot harm them. So the best way in the long term, is to train a pyracantha shrub along the fence, they will stop climbing when they have scratched there arms and legs a few times.
Reply:Electric fence
Reply:bit of cement mix spread along wall and as its setting stick broken glass into it.....sounds harsh but it might work
Reply:Barbed wire? Some kind of thorny vine?
Reply:a bear trap

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How many storeys high can I build my garden shed. I live on the 54 floor and want it level with my flat.?

It would be so good to step over the balcony straight in to it.

How many storeys high can I build my garden shed. I live on the 54 floor and want it level with my flat.?
Shouldn't be a problem, why not ask your underneath neighbours to help you and they could all have one all the way up to your level, then everyone will be happy!!! lol
Reply:Oh definately, I bring a bottle or two!! Thanks. Report Abuse

Reply:haha your funny! how did you think of such an unusual question? No job i guess?
Reply:I think you are just telling tall 'stories'

Best wishes, Mike.
Reply:You live in a flat and have a garden?

Why not live in the garden and use your flat as a shed?
Reply:You will definitely need to use sky-hooks to hold nit in place.
Reply:Must be an air garden.
Reply:Well it's a bit early to be drinking hard at this time
Reply:I'm afraid its only 1 story. The only sensible solution is to be a massive slide into it.
Reply:well lazy boss man, if your that lazy it going to tak eto much for you to do. LOL
Reply:lol!! funny!!!
Reply:You could install an external elevator and have it permanently sited at level 54 unless you need to bring something up (cement for when you are building the barbeque etc)
Reply:Only as far as 47,you willl have to move,sorry.
Reply:very funny and while your at it go ahead and plant some grass on your balcony, your weedeater will be real easy to reach.
Reply:54 i suppose,,
Reply:Thats so funny, dont forget to get council permission first!

On James Blunt's new album, it says that some of his songs are "live from the garden shed"?

What is the garden shed?

On James Blunt's new album, it says that some of his songs are "live from the garden shed"?
guessing it would be a venue

Building a nature garden?

i live with my folks (due to lack of money, not out of want!) and they have quite a reasonable sized garden. however, they are planning to pave most of it, and what areas they don't pave are going to build sheds and pergolas etc on. i'm getting into nature photography quite heavily, and wanted to attract alot of UK wildlife into our garden, but i'm having trouble finding a way to do this seeing as they're going to be wiping out most of the nature from our garden!! does anyone have any tips on bringing animals into a garden such as this?

Building a nature garden?
Thought you'd like this video from the BBC about planting flowers to attract birds, butterflies %26amp; wildlife. Most flowers that attract birds also attract butterflies %26amp; insects:

Native wildflowers that birds are attracted to are berry-bearing plants in winter, such as cotoneasters, holly, pyracantha and skimmia. Also favourites with birds are natives like crab apples, hawthorn, honeysuckle, rowan, and sunflowers."

The BBC recommends : Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus), Globe thistle (Echinops ritro), Butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii), Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum), Marigold (Calendula officinalis), Primrose (Primula vulgaris,) Ivy (Hedera helix) - which provides shelter for birds, nectar in winter and berries in spring.

The daisy family contains many plants that are exceptionally good for wildlife, either attracting insects for nectar or birds and small mammals for seeds.

Ways to attract wildlife %26amp; Garden Habitats:

Plant list (click on each name for more info):

Besides providing native, colorful, nectar filled flowers %26amp; berry bushes %26amp; nut trees ... make certain that there is always fresh water available for drinking as well as for bathing. Wildlife like birds need sunnny areas and they especially need shady areas to perch as well as to build their nests.

Put bird-feeders or bird tables where cats can't reach. Provide nesting boxes for birds %26amp; even bats. These will substitutes for the holes in old trees. Let some of your plants go to seed. Other wildlife will also show up if they have a cozy place to nest along with greens, seeds, berries %26amp; water.

Good luck!!! Hope this helps.
Reply:Add several bird feeders and squirrel feeders. This should keep the wildlife around

Converting my garden shed into a bedroom (mine)?

ok! my shed is 144inch by is made of wood (if that helps) with a tarpauling roof.

so there are the measurements, i dont want to replace the shed, its god ivy groing through in some place, i would really like to know how i should make it a little more tights, so that not too many spiders can get it, or ivy etc,i'd also like to make it a little warmer, i mean i can just paint onto the wood, but heat would be nice ^_^ though i also want it to be cool when its hot weather!

so any sugestions... its just a normal garden shed...but i want to make it a bit

nicer etx =) any ideas? ...kind of like it...but the door is a bit different...and its green on the outside =)

thank you for replys!

el x

Converting my garden shed into a bedroom (mine)?
At a minimum caulk all seams and cracks, and weatherstrip the door and windows. If there isn't a ceiling under that tarpaulin roof, you might want to add one. For better comfort, you can put interior walls consisting of insulation, vapor barrier, and paneling (or drywall), though this will take a few inches of your already narrow 66" width. Window coverings will help retain heat in cold weather.

If you don't have electricity, a catalytic camping heater will give you heat, though you need to have some ventilation with one.
Reply:Put some bug stuff outside the shed. Make sure everything is covered. No holes open! And don't forget to put tight floors! Underground bugs to! Umm....I know they have those heater thinges to put in places like that. But i sort of doubt it because then u got winter storms, rain storm, thunderstorms! And it mostly all depends on the weather and were u live at!

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If my neighbours tree falls on my garden shed,who's liable for the damage?

my neighbour has huge trees in her garden,they are way too big for a small/medium sized garden.They sway whenever theres a strong wind.I'm worried they will land on my garden shed,its a good shed with proper slated roof. One of the trees is right behind it.If it falls on my shed can I sue her for the damage? I dont know her so I cant really approach her or she'll think Im a looney tune,which I actually am anyway.

If my neighbours tree falls on my garden shed,who's liable for the damage?
Your neighbour!!!! you looney tune!!
Reply:Definetly you can sue them because its in their garden and they've damaged your property.
Reply:Yes you can sue her
Reply:Your neighbour would be liable for the damage. If you are worried you really ought to speak to her.
Reply:she has to pay you or take her to Small clams court
Reply:you should be able to claim something
Reply:She will be liable for the damage, your neighbour.
Reply:If any branches are within your boundary you can cut them by law. Also any damage to your shed you can claim damages from your neighbour. I would get a good solicitor to write them a letter and get a tree inspector from council to see if tree is a health and safety hazard. If it is they will cut it down.
Reply:Count the positive aspects of that tree - like shade etc. and not the fear of felling tree. At the most you can have good relations with your neighbour and ask her to get the tree trimmed to the extent that it never falls. Enjoy good neighbourhood.
Reply:She would,be sure you are not in the shed tho
Reply:Depends on the property liability laws where you live. Better to ask a local attorney, than solicit non-profesional advice here, and be wrong.
Reply:If a tree from your neighbours yard falls onto your property and damages your shed,she is liable. i would approach the lady and vioce my concerns you never know she may be a looney tune as well.
Reply:she is and you could sue, you should suggest that she cut it down or trim if your are concerned.
Reply:Depends on the laws where you live. Usually, if it is her tree she has to pay for what it does....I had a neighbors big tree break in half during a wind storm and her insurance had to pay for it's removal and my roof.
Reply:If it was on his side of the fence (assuming there's a fence, doesn't have to be) then he is liable to cough up.
Reply:Yes they are liable
Reply:i think it is RACV or anyone else.
Reply:She would be responsible as it is her tree. You state that you don't know her so you can't talk to her. How long have you been neighbors? I would try talking to her. It could be she doesn't even relize the possible problem and may even be willing to have the tree trimmed to prevent such a problem. She may be a looney tune also and then the two of you can be looney tune's together.
Reply:you sure will be able to claim.

why can't you ?
Reply:If the wind blows your shed up into your neighbours tree are you liable.

Yes, you could probaby make them pay. Laws, because of greedy people like you are passed to keep neighbours from being friends. Don't build sheds in areas where trees might grow.

You can breathe without sheds, you can't breathe without trees.

One other thing, the tree is not right behind the shed, the shed is right in front of the tree.

My grass verge question - it is outside my sheds at the bottom of my garden so is that still a public road?

wow you got me is your shed that close to the road?? Try lawn and garden this is the car and trans. board.hope this helps.

Metal garden shed?

I am thinking of getting a metal shed as my old wooden one is rotten and mice are getting in. Want a fairly large one say 3 metres by 4 metres. Any idea roughly what I should expect to pay for one - the finished product, assembled on a concrete base? Also, would you recommend this - pros and cons please.

Metal garden shed?

Just bought a metal shed from Homebase (online) it's 8ft x 6ft so a little smaller than what u want but I paid around £200 for it, think they have some on offer at the mo.

I also paid around £70 for the concrete flags and sand for the base but this was from my local building merchant. (my dad put down the flags so that was free! and my husband constructed the shed which took nearly a whole day! he is a very competent DIY'er but the instructions may as well have been in another language!)

The end result is great, looks good and no maintenance but I would advise that it's difficult to build and needs a concrete base. Hope this helps :)
Reply:My Father -in-law had a big metal shed { big as a garage } but it got really windy one night, my car was parked on their driveway, awaiting repairs , part of the shed came over the gate %26amp; landed in my windscreen, I was not a happy bunny :(
Reply:Metal sheds wont last as long as a wodden shed that was built correctly. For smaller sheds, rubbermaid makes plastic sheds.
Reply:Metal Shed?

I made sheds for years and have to say that a metal shed is as damp as they get.

I would recommend a wooden shed, look for a strong one not a B %26amp; Q one - they are just for over night stays.

Have been told Saintfield is cheap for them and strong. You need at least a 6x4 otherwise if you have a lawn mower it will take a lot of your shed up. You dont need a concrete base just some skids (wooden planks)
Reply:Metal sheds are bad news, condensation, interior mould on storage items, rust, noise when raining and birds marching on the roof, difficultly when fitting shelves even a coat hanger....exremly cold in winter wood is best by far, it's your choice but be warned.
Reply:About $ 3,800 including hauling off the old shed. ( give or take $ 400)
Reply:Most major stores have sites that will give price and quote on assembly and delivery. Check Home depots site or just give them a call
Reply:About 2 years ago, I purchased a metal shed from a catalogue. In the pictures it looked sturdy enough( one of the two tone green types),however when it came flat packed, we tried to errect itbut none of the holes lined up. It then had to be sent back. 2nd one arrived, the roof didn't fit properly on top of the main base, sections were too short. The metal is very flimsy.The shed was 8ft x 6ft and cost £165.We sent it back in the end.

To cut a long story short. we gave up on metal sheds, and went for a new wooden one, we haven't looked back.

Its purely down to choice, amount of money available.
Reply:u didnt mention if some1 has 2 make the base? to just erect a shed on base thats there isnt much....they r noisy though rain on metal woohooo,hope its near a neighbour%26amp; if u want 2 hang anything inside u wont be banging any nails in the walls....wood looks much nicer %26amp; as long as u leave room (1 1/2-2ft) round he side u can treat every few yrs it would last 20+ easy i just paid £1,200 16x10ft shed with thicker floor %26amp; extra height so u dont bang ya head on the lights....that included erection...what will u be using it 4?
Reply:Metal ones are the way to go.I just got one they are great.

Reply:My Dad doesn't recommend metal ones!Wooden are best,sorry!
Reply:I have had a metal shed for a couple of years now (9x7)

it cost 500 Euro from Argos and I can honestly say it's been the biggest piece of S**T know to man!!

If a gale is blowing the rain will ingress up and along the roof panels and drip in ( I sealed them with Silicone! )

The same can be said for where the roof panels end towards the roof..( Sealed with Spray expanding foam! )

Heavy rain driving against the two front doors would go over the top ( Had to fit a large wooden pelmet with felt lining !)

I now have a draught free shed that only leaks a fraction but if the floor happens to get wet, say if I left the doors open for ten minutes then I am faced with condensation off the roof dripping down my neck for the next week!!

So in MY opinion stick to WOOD!

It is warmer! makes putting up shelves a doddle!

can easily be extended! it comes in six pieces which should take an hour to erect! a metal one comes in 600 pieces and will take a day to erect ( after you have re-drilled half the holes that don't feckin line up properly! )

Need I say more? all the best ...smiffy

Where can i get cheap garden shed, size 10 foot x 6 foot, will consider second hand.?

Join the www.freecycle site for your area, everything is free, it's brilliant.

Where can i get cheap garden shed, size 10 foot x 6 foot, will consider second hand.?
argos do have decent priced sheds. check out their website
Reply:Check Home Depot, Lowes.

If you will consider second hand run an ad in you local paper.
Reply:Try the newspaper or possibly eBay
Reply:a cheap secondhand garden shed wont be worth the trouble taking down because you wont be able to put it up again.

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Would a car fit in a 10x14 steel garden shed?

Nah, just get an 20ft ocean container from the port. A 40ft Ocean Container can fit 2 cars, you know. To get out of your car, you can pull down the back seat and get out through the boot/bonnet.

Would a car fit in a 10x14 steel garden shed?
If the car is smaller than 10x14, then yes
Reply:Maximum width on the highway is 8 feet. So the car is less than that. The length of my Duster is 14 feet. I don't think that car will fit, as I believe it is longer. If in doubt get a tape measure and find out unless you don't have the car yet.
Reply:If your car is less than 10 by 14. Good luck getting it through the doors, though.
Reply:no. it will do you no good..
Reply:I don't think so! A LTC is at least 20 ft. long, and if you drove the car in, could you get out the door (of the car??)
Reply:well, it depends on how big your vehicle is. Another thing i was thinking of, is how high is the shed? take that into consideration, too.
Reply:the width is more than enough, the length depends on what type pf vehicle it is.

I found Hitler living in my garden shed. Now he refuses to leave. What should I do?

I knew he wouldn't have given in that easily. I just wish he would let me get the compost out - I'm trying to plant a tree.

I found Hitler living in my garden shed. Now he refuses to leave. What should I do?
Lock the shed and pump in the gas
Reply:Tell him to scoot over and let you do your work, what would he be doing there anyway? he's supposed to be dead..
Reply:burn the shed!
Reply:Tell him the Russian's are just the other side of the fence and want a chat
Reply:Tell him it's ok for him to annexe the shed but if he takes over the greenhouse as well then there will be trouble.
Reply:Get in touch with Richard and Judy.

They would love to have him on the show "Now Mr Hitler, do you think that Britney has gone too far?"

I would pay top dollar to see that.
Reply:any excuse not to do the gardening
Reply:Give him his marching orders. Tell him to buy a tent and he should concentrate on camping again ;)
Reply:Remove his other ball and set him up as a castrato.
Reply:Tell him where all the jews are, tell the jews hes coming and they will blast him x
Reply:Bloody kill him with your garden rake. :)
Reply:Call Saddam they can go get a cup of coffee together
Reply:Smack him on the back of the head with a shovel.. and ask him where the purple elephant is.. and then feed him to Godzilla
Reply:The first thing you should do is STOP USING DRUGS!
Reply:Gas him. See how he likes it

Whats the maximum size shed you can have in your garden without planning permission?

Really depends on the size of your garden and how far away the neighbouring houses are

Whats the maximum size shed you can have in your garden without planning permission?
depends where you are, call up and ask your council tomorrow, its Monday.
Reply:Its best to call your local authority, but its along the lines of no more than 25% of the garden and it has to be around no less then 5 mtr from your house.
Reply:Height is most important - don't put your neighbours in shade and expect them to be happy about it. You can usually have 4 metres high for an apex-roof, or 3 metres high for a single-pitched roof.

Check with your council.
Reply:As far as i am aware, you are allowed any size shed, as long as it is not lived in and is built of wood, as this means it is not a permanent structure.
Reply:every council is different, you need to ask them. But if you're in the countryside they might allow quite a large structure.
Reply:All bylaws differ, so you will have to call your local office for details.
Reply:You are allowed upto 60sq mtrs before planning permission but you done have to take into account all out building if you have any in your calculation
Reply:Call your local zoning office and ask.

If you want to know before they open, or if you don't want to be on the phone for 6 hours bouncing around different departments, check their website. The zoning laws should be listed, and general guidelines can tell you what size is OK.

Alternatively, if you have a nearby store that sells pre-built sheds, you can ask them what size is OK. Usually, the size of their sheds will be within the local legal size.

Inside a garden shed while reading or taking a nap would you close the door?

I'm building a graden shed. I'm going to be using it to read and take afternoon naps. The shed has two lanterns inside but no windows. Should I leave the door open or close and lock it?

What would most people do?

The shed door does not have a doornob. On the inside it has a latch inside like a restroom stall.

Inside a garden shed while reading or taking a nap would you close the door?
UGH, f/u/ckin' awesome idk, it's all yours

do what you want.
Reply:You are free to do what you like with the door,after all, you did build it.
Reply:I would leave the door open...but that's just me

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Disposal Of Garden Shed.?

Our garden shed has seen better days and we would like to get rid of it.

Would we have to knock it down and hire a skip, or is there another way of disposal?

Disposal Of Garden Shed.?
you could do that or put it on freecycle and see if anyone wants it.

failing that take it to a local tip,or

Save it for bonfire night see if anyone wants it then.
Reply:Lemondrop, in some places in the UK, you cannot put garden waste (including sheds) out for collection.

To others: in some places in the UK you're not allowed to burn it, and also, some people might not have room.

I suggest breaking it up and taking it in the car to the tip, or if this isn't possible, ask a neighbour. My dad also takes some garden waste to work, where there is a facilities to get rid of it there.
Reply:Do you not have big trash day in your city? In our city we have big trash day once a week so we have our big trash day on the second and fourth Monday of each month. We just put our trash at the curb and either collectors will pick it up or the city.

There is also a mulching site in our city where you can take big trash and leaves if you don't want to wait for trash day.

You should call city hall and ask them.
Reply:Wait for Bonfire night?

Its only wood, you could cut it up and put it in the back of the car and take it to the tip.

Pile it up at the bottom of the garden and let it break down and become one with nature.

Put it on eBay, 99p start, buyer collects. - you may be surprised!
Reply:You have been reported to the NSPCS (National Society for the Provention of Cruelty to Sheds), you nasty person, leave the shed alone and pick on someone your own size.
Reply:You could stick it on freecycle and see if anyone wants to come and dismantle it and re-assemble it at their own place, if its still useable. Otherwise someone might want it for fire wood or something.
Reply:Some councils will remove it for up and ask for the environmental dept.
Reply:BURN IT.

Can someone tell the best place to get a garden shed?

make it, goto local timber merchants and do it that way. The ones in the shops are pricey and not that good unless you spend something like £350. So get the hammer and saw out and build one

Can someone tell the best place to get a garden shed?
Here in US depend the size at Fleet Farm There $159.00 and Up comes in a Step by step Kit you need to build the floor Report Abuse

Reply:First u tell where are u from, as knowing the location of your city only i can able to say u. ok
Reply:In my opinion I would build your own. The ones you purchase are expensive, low quality and they charge an arm and a leg for delivery and set up. I am using this website to build my greenhouse and Arbor. The plans are free and very easy to follow. Good Luck.
Reply:Go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy some wood.. And make it.. I would actually rather make it.. So you know it is nice and strong and it is as big as you want it..

Are adders protected? what do you do when you have them in your garden?

next door told us he saw an adder crawl under our garden shed a few days ago, he knows what they look like. The shed is at the bottom of a long garden and out of the way. Is it preparing for hibernation and how much danger would pets be in, i.e. dog, cats

Are adders protected? what do you do when you have them in your garden?
yes they are protected best bet is to phone rspca and keep all pets away can give nasty bite
Reply:You can subtract it from your garden
Reply:if you see it. RUN AWAY!

Im trying to find a very cheep or free garden shed where shall i look in or around lancashire?

look in loot

x x x

Im trying to find a very cheep or free garden shed where shall i look in or around lancashire?
i think that you should go on you can get things for free! i think that is great! but you have to go and pick it up from their house! you can give away stuff on their as well as getting stuff!!!!!!
Reply:You should look on ebay!
Reply:get a load of old pallets(not the chep blue ones) of local warehouses throw them a few quid im sure the lads wont say no if the boss is out to lunch and build one from the old pallets. you have the laths and the battons, all you need is a saw hammer and nails or speed bit screws and a drill
Reply:Argos have some cheap stuff. If you want to try and find really cheap stuff then eBay may get you lucky. Also check out your local newspaper. They often have classified listings at the back.

Freecycle is website that allows people to give away things they no longer want, so you may find someone who is getting rid of a shed (you will probably have to dismantle it yourself)
Reply:Argos, Homebase, Ikea - all do cheap as well as expensive.

Also try looking in your local newspapers and Yellow Pages for Gardening Centres in your area.
Reply:Sheds r us

shoe lasts components

Garden shed/ pool house question?

I'm considering building a shed as kind of a changing room/ hang out room by my pool. How much can i expect to spend assuming it will be about 8x12 and i'm doing the construction myself (also there wont be electricty or plumbing) Also how hard will it be to construct and where can i find a simplified verison of the codes that will apply.

Garden shed/ pool house question?
You can find pre-fabricated storage buildings of that size at Home Depot, Sears, or any other home building center. Prices vary, depending on materials, quality, details.

If you put in a concrete slab for a floor by mixing and pouring your own concrete, it should cost you about $75 additional in materials.

Need to buy a garden or tool shed?

who puts out a good one that is durable, quick to put up, and doesn't cost the me my retirement fund

Need to buy a garden or tool shed?
You are a tool!
Reply:Check with Home Depot. They have ones that they build on your property or smaller plastic ones, made by Rubber Maid I think.

I want to plant a small vegetable garden. What advice can you give me?

I live in Michigan. I want to tear down my steel storage shed and plant a small garden in it's place. It's just about 10' by 8', so not that big. I'd like beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes, greens, etc. What do I need to do to prepare the soil and what tips do you have? I also need to find a way to keep my dogs out of it.

I want to plant a small vegetable garden. What advice can you give me?
I live in Georgia and have had fantastic results growing all of the above in landscaping buckets. I start the new year with a fertile mix of 1 part cow manure to two parts potting soil and I mix it in a wheelbarrow and then I fill the landscaping buckets with the clean soil mixture. It makes keeping weeds at bay much easier and also makes watering more effective. I also water the bucket garden with a miracle grow solution and use root enhancing fertilizer to start the plants from seed. If your shed has a concrete foundation, leave it there so you can set the buckets on there to inhibit the spread of weeds and disesease.
Reply:I think you can find great help in:\index1.html

hope you find your target

Garden Shed?

Where can I buy a Garden Shed in Glasgow [Not B%26amp;Q, they fall apart}.

Garden Shed?
if you are near milngavie go to the huge garden center i think it is called Dobbies now.......they have all sorts of shed and wendy houses and things...........and it serves great food as well.
Reply:Built my own, but you can always buy one and docter it up to suit your needs.
Reply:A garden shed is a sacred place, and should be treated with much respect.
Reply:you can get a deep fried garden shed at the chippy in ibrox
Reply:google search garden shed and have good quality one delivered to your door for less than you can buy in shops. I bought two recently from a nottingham company. Very good prices and excellent quality sheds.

Thats what the internet is for.
Reply:try Ebay


Do i need planning permission to put up a shed in my back garden?

United Kingdom law!if so how do i go about getting it?

Do i need planning permission to put up a shed in my back garden?
I do not think so. I was advised recently that I would not require planning permission for a green house as long as it was not attached to the house.!

This is in North Devon so it is better to ask your local planning authority.
Reply:It would depend on the size and whether it has electricity and plumbing. Ask at your town hall.
Reply:Depends how big the shed is. Ask your council, they may even have the info on their website.
Reply:It depends on the neighborhood that you live in. Some neighberhoods have specific rules on what you are allowed to have or build. I would contact the realtor that sold you the house or contact the office that would give you a building permit.

We built one in our back yard in our last house but every other house in our cul-de-sac had one as well. Hope that helps.

Hi, I got lots of spiders in my garden shed and house. can you please tell me what to use to get rid of them.?

I hate spiders!!

Hi, I got lots of spiders in my garden shed and house. can you please tell me what to use to get rid of them.?
petrol and a match
Reply:A big foot
Reply:Give them lots of love
Reply:A spider swatter.
Reply:call the police.....they`ll come round with their spider gas.....but they will charge you a couple of quid.
Reply:Why do you want to get rid of them, other than fear? They're doing you a favour by eating the insects that will do you some harm. My old Mum always said

'If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive'
Reply:Leave them be.. maybe your frightened because you don't realise how great spiders are.... they are actually helping you to rid yourself of numerous creepie crawlies which I'm sure you would detest.............
Reply:get a frog or toad or clean the place
Reply:Horse chesnut spray, from Betterware - £4.99 - does work - spiders hate the smell of it. Spray around your shed and close the door, - they'll soon find a way out and scarper. Spray around your house door frames, front and back, and around your window frames.

Do this once a week and the little blighters will be discouraged from entering your home.
Reply:I agree, I hate spiders too.

You can get chestnut spray that is supposed to deter them but it doesn't seem to work for me.

I've been using the plug in mouse deterent gadget that emits sonar noise to get rid of mice. Seems to keep most spiders at bay too. You can get them in your local hardware or DIY store for about 5.99.
Reply:Why the heck do you want to get rid of them?

They are more than happy there and will not do you any harm.
Reply:EWWWWWWWWW well d nly ting i can tink of is mice lol or u can use bleach all over the house she but i dnt no bowt ur bk garden sorry xxx
Reply:Don't kill them because they're living on something. You'll be overrun with other bugs that they eat.

They're doing you a favour

How much would a 20 sq meter piece of UK garden be worth in an expensive town? My neighbour wants to buy it.?

It is a piece of garden that we use for sheds etc and the neighbour wants it to extend his lawn. I don't know where to go to find comparable prices for residential land.

How much would a 20 sq meter piece of UK garden be worth in an expensive town? My neighbour wants to buy it.?
In Mayfair, perhaps 30,000

Soho, from 3,000 to 10,000

Depends where
Reply:work on 11000 per acre with a minimum of 2k plus he pays legal costs, you pay nothing.
Reply:you could ask an estate agent for the number of a local surveyor or valuer .Get the land valued as building land and not just an old bit of waste land and the price should reflect its future use. Alternatively the local authority will give a guide to the cost of a piece of building land in your area
Reply:watch out he might just want to build on it,if so it will be worth a lot of dosh.
Reply:I`d take the more practical approach - ask him to make you an offer - if you think its acceptable take it but hedge the WRITTEN agreement around carefully - ie he doesnt build with a certain distance of your boundary - doesnt do anything on it which would affect your enjoyment of your property or view - doesnt park old bangers etc you get the idea.

Make sure the property deeds / boundaries are amended accordingly to avoid any problems if you sell in the future.

And - none of those xxxxxxxx leylandii
Reply:I would recommend having a real estate agent or appraiser assist you with determing the value.
Reply:The best people to talk to are estate agents. They will tell you how much the land is worth, and how much it will devalue your property by selling it. I would also ensure that your neighbour has a solicitor pen a contract to guarantee that he does not build on the land.
Reply:Get a few local estate agents up to price it for you.

I have an infestation of ladybirds in my garden shed they are getting on my washing,and in my house.WHY ?

First I'd like to say, if I had, as you call it, an infestation of ladybirds I'd be honoured and awfully glad, as I know their favourite food is greenfly or aphids, and I would know that my roses would be safe. Do you, by any chance, have rose bushes around your garden shed? Do you use softener, or something like Lenor in your washing that could attract these insects? As to them getting in your house, maybe you are letting them in accidentally, or you have a lot of houseplants.

I have an infestation of ladybirds in my garden shed they are getting on my washing,and in my house.WHY ?
Perhaps it's because LADYBIRDS AREN'T REPTILES
Reply:cool! I've an allotment, and I'd love to have them!! Obviously hibernation conditions are just right in your shed.
Reply:they are all multipliying and making more and more as we speak try taking your garden down and making a new one later youll have none then
Reply:Coz the weather`s all to pot!
Reply:They are trying to find a place to go for the winter, if you can collect them and pop them somewhere more suitable. They will be great for your garden come spring time
Reply:If you consider these an infestation you could send me some I've got aphids they can eat

they are great just move them to an area where they can hibernate through the winter somewhere dry and sheltered then in the spring they will eat all your aphids or you can send me some
Reply:Are you sure that's what they are, or the slightly more orange chinese invader look alike? I'd be thrilled with real ladybugs, but the invaders....I hate 'em. They bite....they also emit an unpleasant odor....and they're swarming in my area now.... so that's why I was wondering. On the bright side....the swarming is short lived, in a few days they'll be gone.

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Are there any web sites with free garden shed designs?

This should help you out:


Enjoy your new shed!

Are there any web sites with free garden shed designs?

Garden shed?

i live in a council house do i need to ask before i errect a 6ft by 6ft garden shed

Garden shed?
I didn't and nobody has complained about it yet.
Reply:No you do not need permission, But if you lay a concrete base, you will need ask. Best base would be paving slabs. make sure that the ground is level.Do not forget the timber stretchers usually 3in x3in.I hope I have been some help
Reply:Yes randy you do. It will save you a lot of hassle at the end of the day! Enjoy.
Reply:no as far as i know you don't need permission for a shed. it is only a wooden structure therefore not permanent
Reply:If you are only renting, you should ask permission, just to be on the safe side.

Looking for a second hand garden shed in west yorks?

needs not b big

Looking for a second hand garden shed in west yorks?
Try ebay there might be someone selling one in your area on it.
Reply:Try www.Gumtree You never know what you pick up from there.
Reply:Try and locate your local freecycle Yahoo group.

There is one in Bradford

Freecycle recycle stuff for free,. You can ask for a shed.

If you have any items that you don't want any more, you can offer them "free to a good home" on Freecycle.

Everything on Freecycle is free.

I like FREE

Good luck shed hunting

Reply:try the loot tues and thurs i am sure you must get that in your area this has all kinds of items for sale

Our guinea pigs have the run of the garden with a large shed for safety at night?

Our original dominant male has been cast out by a younger male who refuses to allow him back into the shed.

If we remove the younger male, will the original go back into the shed without killing the offspring of the younger male?

Our guinea pigs have the run of the garden with a large shed for safety at night?
kepp the younger male in the cage and get the older male a cage by himself and get him a female friend or he would die of lonelyness.
Reply:there should only be 1 single male to a colony,and having un-neutered boars with sows is a huge no-no due to back to back breeding or even inbreeding,get your oldest boar castrated and remove all other boars,keep just 1 boar with a few sows,or get all boars castrated and give each one a sow or 2 to keep him company,in separate enclosures. my guinea pigs have a free range shed with access to an enclosed outdoor run,i would never ever allow them free run in the garden as when we first got them a cat took and killed one,i was devastated and built a cover for their run immediately.
Reply:I think nature is doing its thing here. The older male needs to have a comfortable retirement, can you put him in a seperate hutch so that way everyone is happy.
Reply:not sure - but surely your gps re not safe having the run of the garden - what about foxes, cats, dogs - birds of prey - are u sure there are no animals around which may threaten, injure or kill them?
Reply:Much would depend on the age of the offspring, if they are weaned he should retake Alpha male status after a scuffle or two; if not he might just eat them.

Remove the younger male as planned, but put him in a cage in the shed overnight for a week or two. Just to air on the safe side.

If it isn't going to work there will be a lot of squealing, but most likely the female will take an interest in him and it's deal done. GP's are not homogeneous by nature.

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Does any one have any garden shed floor plans?

Many of the woodworking magazines have links to free plans. There are many sites that sell plans for just a few pounds.

Does any one have any garden shed floor plans?
Reply:There's loads of them on cd for instance for a few quid on e bay
Reply:Go to Yahoo Search and type in Garden Shed floor plans and be surprised!!

Try this site
Reply:you dont really need a floor plan just common sense some 2x4 sawn timber joist and some t%26amp; g flooring or chip board

Are the home depot tuff sheds good? I just need some extra storage for all my lawn and garden equipment.?

Are they the ,"Tuff Shed " brand name? If so, Tuff Shed is an excellent product. If not, The ones the Depot carry are good .Arrow Sheds are OK for a cheep metal shed, House of Redwood sheds are very good.

Are the home depot tuff sheds good? I just need some extra storage for all my lawn and garden equipment.?
if your talkin about the plastic sheds they will store stuff but there easy to get into thieves love em.

A Tom cat pees in my garden? shed, car wheels, u name it.. he pees... What can i do to deter it?

(not my cat)

A Tom cat pees in my garden? shed, car wheels, u name it.. he pees... What can i do to deter it?
Cover everything in a layer of pepper.

Puts them off.
Reply:Cats don't like the smell of citrus, so try cutting some lemons or limes and placing them around or spraying some citrus smelling spray. That's what they use in the stuff you buy at the pet stores.
Reply:get him neutered
Reply:Get a dog, no get some empty pop bottles half fill with water place on the ground, that works
Reply:When I lived in the city one of the neighbours cats kept peeing on our ornamental grass and a friend told us to put 'moth balls' in the middle of it.

It worked so give it a try.
Reply:get a bigger cat, or a dog

some say that plastic bottles filled with water left in the garden scares them cos they think its a lake.

a dog its your best option
Reply:Clean it up

spray a strong scent on it, i found pepper worked btw

Theyre marking there territory, if they smell the perfume theyll think the territorys taken
Reply:You pee over the cat whilst the cat is peeing lol
Reply:perhaps spraying disinfectant along surfaces to a height of 30am would deter.

gd luck
Reply:have you tried bottles of water? the water in the bottle is supposed to scare them off, ive also heard by putting vinegar over things it will neutralise them smell
Reply:12 bore up its backside
Reply:pepper,chilli powder and i believe they hate the smell of lemon juice
Reply:call animal control
Reply:apart from poisoning the little pussy put lots of pepper on your step ect or lillies they hate the smell.
Reply:I agree with PJ as cats hate citrus (Orange/lemon peels) and it's better on your nose than vinger/pepper/chilli). Just scatter the peel around flower beds etc and it should do the job. Failing that you can buy spray at the vets don't know if it works out side but good for carpets. Plain Water is best to nautrulise smells already left! Just hose down every where properly. then lay the peel.

Failing all that all you can do is..................Get a water spray and stand on guard ready for battle! This won't harm the cat but will really cheese if off, and the owners will just think it's rained!!!! LOL Good luck!
Reply:orange rind is supposed to be good for this sort of thing ,I've also heard of people using pepper ,and there's some plants that allegedly work but I don't remember what they are , hope this helps
Reply:get a dog to chase it off

or just scare it off
Reply:Neighbour's cat? Get a bigger and tougher Tom of your own.
Reply:I have had some success with Fabreeze, but it must be sprayed daily until you are sure the cats have left. Wash the areas first to remove as much odor as possible

Building a garden shed.?

I am putting up a garden shed in my garden. It is in flatpack form, ready to put together. I have concrete flags which i am going to put down 1st. I need to get it built a.s.a.p. The area where i'm putting the shed is grassed. Will i be able to just lay the flags without digging up the grass. (Theres not alot of soil, as the grass is just what has grown through the 'hardcore').

Building a garden shed.?
You need an extremely flat , well prepared surface otherwise your flags will sink into the grass and your shed will lean!

I know this becasue I made this mistake a few years ago and it cost me more than the shed did to have it put right.

Preperation of the ground is the most important thing.

I would get someone in to do it for me and I am not lazy, just not that strong!
Reply:I'm really proud of your delegating skills!

Glad you got the shed done with no hassle, good on you!

Thankyou for the ten points and for letting me know how it went. Report Abuse

Reply:Unfortuanly you need to put a sheet of water proofing down beforehand, otherwise the dame will make the base of the shed rot (if its mede of wood)
Reply:yeah you could... i would maybe put a couple of bags of sand or gravel first though to get everything level. if there was a stone sticking through it could split one of your flags...

otherwise you'l be fine.
Reply:so what is it you want to know!!??
Reply:You need to be perfectly level or your doors will never hang right.
Reply:I was a landscape gardener for nearly 40years and also in the shed business for start with you got to take the grass off and dig down about six ins then put in hardcore (scalp- ins) conpact that then use sharp sand and cement and lay your 2x2 slaps.If you lay on top of grass you will never get them level and if they are not level your shed will be all over the the place. your base must be level because if it is not you will have trouble with the door you will get a gap at the top and not at the bottom round the frame. The next thing is if you got a flat pack it means you bought it from a DIY shop and I will tell you some thing they are rubbish. Because what I think you bought is a very thin larch lap shed, once you put it up after a very short time the timber shrinks and later on when and if you take it down it will fall apart you get what you pay for. Good Luck.
Reply:Build a wood deck for the floor so it will be level and high enough off the ground to keep things dry.Use the stones for a side walk

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Do you need a permit to erect a 64 sq. ft. backyard garden shed in vaughan, Ontario?

You should check with your local building inspector. He'll be glad to tell you if you need a permit. There is also the question of location in relation to property lines, etc.

Do you need a permit to erect a 64 sq. ft. backyard garden shed in vaughan, Ontario?
No, but you do need one if it is any more than 27%.

What is the maximum height for a wooden garden shed and is there anything else I need to consider Thanks?

Check with city by-laws. You need to know before starting this project. It's not only how high but how far away from your neighbours property lines. It's going to be difficult for anyone to tell you. We don't know where you live and don't know what the city allows. Do it once, do it right. You don't want to have problems.

What is the maximum height for a wooden garden shed and is there anything else I need to consider Thanks?
Depending upon where you live. In some places garden sheds or portable storage buildings require metal strap tie downs, anchored in the ground. Check with the building inspector in your area and ask. Good Luck
Reply:It varies from area to area so without knowing where you are, your best bet would be to ring the planning dept of your local council/town hall and just ask. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to help.

Generally, in the UK anyway, I think it's around 4m if you have a pitched roof or 3m if flat.
Reply:I have not heard of a maximum height for a garden shed but there may be one in your area. You will need to check with local authorities (building department, subdivision rules, etc.) if that applies in your case. I live in the country and I only need a building permit so they can add the shed to the taxes in my county. There may be setback rules from property lines as well.

As for height, I have one shed that is 6 feet high and it is ok for tools and a riding lawnmower and stuff like that. My 8 foot shed is nicer as it has some overhead storage for things that are seasonal... lawn chairs, boating and canoeing stuff, extra plant pots etc. Search on-line for some pictures and plans or visit a lumber yard or library for "garden shed" or "storage barn" ideas.

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Have a garden shed to rent out to a foreign family much rent could i expect per week!?

phwoar about £700pcm for this compact des res to accommodate 15 people (30 on a shift pattern!), five, three tiered bunks with has got electic hasn't it??

They have been jammed on the undercarriage of a coach/lorry for two days this is luxury mate!

...and.....and what about your loft space, don't forget, blimey you may never need to work again!!!

I gauged this on the fact i have a big concrete shed 6x5, with electric, the mansion of sheds

Have a garden shed to rent out to a foreign family much rent could i expect per week!?
i think a reasonable price, without electricity but with garden hose, around the £40 a week mark, seems fair to me.
Reply:Not funny ...don't quite your day job
Reply:does it come with free food vouchers........i`ll take it
Reply:I do not think you can rent out you shed for anyone to live in. Hope you are joking
Reply:3 cabbages and a go on the oldest daughter...Is that the answer you wanted??????
Reply:150-300 pesos/ week but they also have to do all of your gardening and raise your children.
Reply:all the cabbages you can hold, seems a good rent.

besides that's all you'll get.
Reply:If by foreign, you mean Scottish, you will be lucky to get zero.
Reply:depends on how many of them there are I would get at least 25 bucks for each one of the family
Reply:Not funny! Real people out there dying for shelter and sanctuary.
Reply:expect nothing

it is illegal

not a real home / no living facilities. such as electric. water. bath room..
Reply:Garden shed?....that's mean but I guess its better than nothing. Hmmm... I think if its big then depends on how big and how many people are living and if your including utilities.
Reply:That would depend on if its metal or a fancy wooden one with windows and a loft, and is there a 5 gal bucket to poop in, and is there electric hooked up to it, how big is it.
Reply:6,000,000,000 drakmas should be fair! (About $4.00.)
Reply:well it depends. the going rate for a "bed" for illegal Mexican immigrants in CA is $500/month.
Reply:LOL... I'd say you should be able to get about 100 pesos each.
Reply:£18 per week, plus you can get £127 per month by recycling the paper of their ASBO slips at a paying recycling centre.
Reply:rent out for use as a home? is that legal?

or rent out for them to use as a garden shed?
Reply:Unless your garden shed is zoned for residential use, I don't think you will get anything.
Reply:It depends on how much fruit they pick for you
Reply:it depends on how gud lukn the wife is
Reply:ha ha...i shouldnt laugh......
Reply:Charge per head you should fit at least 8 in a normal size 6x8 shed say at £50 each without bills. Lets say this could be a great way to get the government to pay your morgage!!
Reply:£500+bills a week

since they are foreign they wont know the difference

all the best in your scam business
Reply:30 peso per week
Reply:Your better to have them work for you, scrub your dirty drawers and massages etc. or twenty dollars a week.

Where can I get a cheap shed for my garden in the London area?

My budget is about £100 and I would like one that is about 7x5 feet.

Where can I get a cheap shed for my garden in the London area?
£100 you will be hard pushed !!

Cheapest option would be to build it youself from scratch, by the wood from a local timber yard and the felt for the roof from b%26amp;Q. Glass is expensive so you may want to forgett windows !!

Its not to hard, never done it myself but it will be good make sure its all perfect when building and designing it. Any one can design and build a shed if there able bodied and have some sorf of inteligence......
Reply:try putting wanted ad in paper
Reply:Have you tried EBay? B%26amp;Q do a couple of decent sized sheds for £99 but not quite as big as you wanted..6x5 I think, with one window in. It also has a good base in. Other than that, search your local newspapers for a second hand one. I dont think you could build one for less.
Reply:go deep into the country side you'll find someone who builds garden sheds and pay less than you will pay in the supermarkets D I Y
Reply:you can do it, when you B%26amp;Q it!

or the local pappers


I want to make a veggie garden where a pigeon shed has been for 20 years is the soil too potent for it?ideas?

20 years of pigeons pooping on the soil, no treatments done yet. I want the garden as organic "as possible"...what do I do???

I want to make a veggie garden where a pigeon shed has been for 20 years is the soil too potent for it?ideas?
I don't know about potency, but apparently pigeon droppings can carry quite a bit of human contagions.

Safest bet on how to clean or at least sterilize it, would probably be to contact your local extension office.
Reply:Bird droppings can be dangerous to humans and carry dangerous pathogens. Seriously, watch "House" or "Dirty Jobs" sometime and you be sitting out on your porch in your underware with a high powered beebee gun with a scope. If you just want to use that area, I would shovel up the top inch or two of dirt and then put some good potting soil on top. You can put some manure on top wether it's from a bag or cows or horses it's fine. After that, just till the dirt up to mix it and plant your seeds. They will grow pretty fast in this environment.
Reply:You probably want to compost the pigeon droppings first before using them. I am not sure about pigeon droppings, but I know chicken poo can burn plants if not cooked (compost) first. If you use the hot compost method, most pathogens should be killed. Mix some straws and dirt with the pigeon poo and keep the pile moist and covered. It should heat up and decompose in a few weeks, then you should have some pretty good compost to start your veggie garden with... Good luck and happy gardening!
Reply:I don't see any problem with using the area. I think it would be a good idea to get a soil test for the pH. It's probably going to need some big time lime. But you need to test the soil to be sure.

Nitrogen leaches out of the soil very fast so it could actually need fertilizer.
Reply:I'd be worried more about fungal lung diseases like histoplasmosis.

At least wear protective masks while you take soil samples for nutrient analysis, or do anything else that disturbs the soil.

Has anyone ever slept in a garden shed or treehouse?

I'm thinking about building a garden shed in my backyard. Has anyone ever slept in one and put a cot inside? Did you close the door?

Does anyone reccomend this experience to rough it? ocassionally?

Has anyone ever slept in a garden shed or treehouse?
Reply:It's wonderful
Reply:No l haven't.
Reply:Not me!
Reply:Yes but then i woke up with a hairy caterpillar in my mouth. lol

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I'm painting you inside of my garden shed? What color should I paint the walls and door?

I'm painting the inside of my garden shed. It will be used as a retreat and has a cot inside for naps. The shed has no windows. Currently the shed door and walls have been sanded and ready to be painted. Inside there are two lights. I would want the door painted a color that I could look at if I have to close it.

I'm painting you inside of my garden shed? What color should I paint the walls and door?
Sage green
Reply:you're painting me????

red %26amp; black....

black for sexy, red for choose which color is which...

Reply:egg shell white and light blue

In my garden shed i have found mounds of earth above the floor. on clearing there are tunnels what could it be

must be some sort of animal or rodent

In my garden shed i have found mounds of earth above the floor. on clearing there are tunnels what could it be
definately rats ,get some rat poison to kill them or they will breed like flies and get into your house next
Reply:no it is an underground railroad
Reply:Sounds like more "Immigrants" trying to get in.. Pour concrete down the hole to stop them.
Reply:sounds like moles, :)
Reply:Sounds like a mole to me.
Reply:if the mounds of earth are about the size of a large fist then it is probaly a mole,if the size is a lot smaller then it is possibly rats
Reply:moles or rats.
Reply:Definitely Rats.
Reply:Moles or rats unless you live next to a prison, in which case you may get a surprise.
Reply:it may be moles if you are lucky or rats if youre not :0(
Reply:They're moles.

Don't use those nasty chemicals that leak into the groundwater and contaminate the aquifers.

Nothing like a cat to get them away for good
Reply:Sounds horribly ratlike.
Reply:It could be a number of things. Mice, Rats, Chipmunks, Moles or even snakes. The only way you will know is if you actually see one. You can put out a sticky trap if it bothers you or a humane trap if you just want to catch and release.
Reply:Sounds like gophers to me...
Reply:Sounds like you have can get rid of them easily with D-Con bait pellets or with gas bombs, which are available in your local hardware store. Hope this helps!
Reply:Typical signs of moles

Call Jasper Carrott he knows how to stop them !!

If you were inside your garden shed during the day reading a book or taking a nap would you close the door?

I'm building a graden shed. I'm going to be using it to read and take afternoon naps. The shed has two lanterns inside but no windows. Should I leave the door open or close and lock it?

What would most people do?

If you were inside your garden shed during the day reading a book or taking a nap would you close the door?
Close it, that way people will think your up to something suspicous.
Reply:door open ...the latern fumes

Would I need a Part P certificate for a power cable to a garden shed?

Don't run a flex as suggested, do the job properly, get an electrician to run an armoured cable on an rcd protected circuit, with proper accessories and lighting, why risk your life? External supplies are one of the most important to be carried out professionally. And yes it must be certified, unless you are in Scotland where BS7671 and the building regulations give similar protection.

Would I need a Part P certificate for a power cable to a garden shed?
Yes, Its feed will come from your house supply, and any change or addition to a circuit most be inspected.

garden power will now be under special installations and you should notify

you will be adding to the existing house wireing circuit
Reply:you do now as from January this year you can do the work your self but need a electrician to check all work and give a certificate
Reply:Well, the short answer is yes but if you use a convenient socket in the house and run a nice thick 13 amp flex extension lead with a 4 or 6 way splitter at the shed end, then you won't be subject to any of the wiring regs because it's a portable unpluggable device.

How you choose to protect the cable on its route is irrellevant, like in conduit etc even if that effectively makes it non portable but don't bury ordinary flex directly in the ground because it will perish and may be hit with a spade when you're gardening.

Hope that's helpful.

rain roots

I have a dead cat behind my garden shed....?

It's not mine and I have no idea who it belongs to. I don't want to touch it. What do I do?

I have a dead cat behind my garden shed....?
Contact animal control. They may want to test the animal for diseases. Also keep in mind that it is illegal in some areas to bury animals in a yard (especially if it's not yours and you have no idea where it came from). Best to call animal control and ask what to do.
Reply:man, i forgot where i put that.. thank!
Reply:I give you two choices:

1. If you are a pyro, cover cat in gasoline and burn it ( you wont have to touch it and it will be desposed of)

2. If you are lazy, cover it with a cinderblock or something heavy that conceals it and just forget about it.
Reply:I think you should call some sort of organization that will perhaps get rid of it for you. If there are none, I would dispose of it myself quickly. It will stink up in no time..
Reply:you really should call your animal control to come and take care of it. They know how to handle the animal, find out if it belonged to someone, find out if it died from a disease, old age, fight or other outside circumstance... and they know the proper way to dispose of it.

Just call your local police non-emergency number and ask for the number to the animal control center they use.
Reply:A few year ago, I had a similar event.

I called the Game Warden who came out and said:

1st - I will not touch it (for any amount of money). (It was really stinking.)

2nd - Get a bag of lime, throw on it. If it still stinks, get a 2nd bag of lime and throw on it.

What he said worked. Once the body was covered in lime, the odor disappearred. After a few days (thanks to the bugs) the body did also.
Reply:Hire someone to dispose of it for you.
Reply:A Little bit of oregano, some salt and pepper, slowly braise over open coals and serve with a chilled white wine.
Reply:I agree with the person who said call Animal city has a certain dog catcher that people can call for dead animals like "road kill" (coarse I am not sure if there are different #'s for city property and private property.... I'd call City Hall and ask who to contact for removal of a dead animal from your backyard. May only be bones there by then though... First I'd ask my neighbors if they're missing a cat.... if so I am sure they may wanna give it a proper burial......if not then I'd call City Hall.
Reply:ask anyone whose it is
Reply:I would ask around your neighborhood to see if someone is missing their cat. Our 6 1/2 month old kitten got out years ago and our neighbor's didn't bother telling us that she'd gotten killed by a car. We felt horrible and didn't even get to bury her ourselves (the jerks actually threw her in the trash).

If no one is missing their cat, call animal control. At least you would have tried to find the poor cat's owner.
Reply:ask your neighbors to try and find the owner! if you don't, dig a whole, lift it with the shovel and berry it! every animal deserves a grave!!:)
Reply:dig a hole in your yard and take your shovel and put the cat in the hole. Save some money
Reply:Drag it out to the street and put a sign on it that reads: FREE CAT
Reply:call the police to get rid of it.
Reply:you could get someone to come by and help you bury it or get some plastic gloves and if you have some lyme sprinkle it in the hole this will cut down on any odors. and place the cat in the hole and sprinkle some more lyme before you cover her/him up. dispose of the gloves and wash your hand with a good anti-bacterial soap.
Reply:leave it there, let nature run it's course...
Reply:block your nose
Reply:Look in the phone book under Animal Services or Wildlife Services, they'll come and dispose of it for you. It won't be free though, so be forewarned! Better to be safe than sorry though, whatever killed that cat may kill you, or at least make you sick. . . And even if the cat wasn't diseased it may have fleas or some other nasty little passengers on it.
Reply:Dig a hole.Pick up the cat with a shovel then throw him in the hole. Then fill in the hole.

How do you join an armoured cable to another to extend, a supply to a garden shed.?


How do you join an armoured cable to another to extend, a supply to a garden shed.?
armoured cable should not be outside

terminate the armour with a junction box and switch to outdoor water/weather proof cable or better still, wire in p.v.c. conduit

P.S. all outdoor wiring should be GFI protected

What actually is a GFCI?

The ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a fast-acting circuit breaker which senses small imbalances in the circuit caused by current leakage to ground and, in a fraction of a second, shuts off the electricity. The GFCI continually matches the amount of current going to an electrical device against the amount of current returning from the device along the electrical path. Whenever the amount "going" differs from the amount "returning" by approximately 5 milliamps, the GFCI interrupts the electric power within as little as 1/40 of a second.

What mix do I need for a concrete base for a garden shed?

Unless you're going to park full-loaded semis in your garden shed, it really doesn't matter; any of them would have strength enough to support you and a bale of spagnum moss.

What mix do I need for a concrete base for a garden shed?
I hope you will expect the concrete to crack. It is not tha parking of a Semi, that will do it, but the concrete settlement on the non compacted soil that will. People that think they know things should abstain from giving advise for fun's sake. Report Abuse

Reply:For a conrete slab the leat recomended concrete strength is 2500 p.s.i. or ( pounds per square inch.) This is very common concrete and can be found at the home improvement stores. They come in bags of 40 lbs, and all you do is add water. I recommend to rent the motorized mixer, it will be easier and faster, and will give you much better conrete than the one you can mix with a shovel. If you did not ask about a footing, maybe you know what to do about it, or maybe you do not know. The footing is necessary to prevent the slab to crack, the whole thing depends also on reinforcing steel. The ground should be staked where the slab will be (or base) and makeing sure it is square, meaning all angles are 90 degrees. You then make a form out of 2x6 wood to keep the edges clean and straight. this must be firmly attached to the ground with stakes or rods, and nailed toguether.Then you dig about 4" deep , and a footing suitable for the weight of the shed, (about 8"X10" and add 1#5 at the perimeter), then you add welded wire mesh to the slab. When you pour the concrete make shure that the steel floats in the middle of the slab, and none sticks out. This will give you a base that will not crack and will be strong to support it. To finish use a long piece of wood to provide an even finish. This is done by using the 2x4 as a smothing tool over the surface of the concrete. Slideing it back and fowards, and across the surface.

Hope this helps, also here is a link for more info.

Good luck, and get help.
Reply:Go to Lowes... They can tell you all you would need to know.

That's what I do for all my home improvement and gardening etc needs. There's tons of different types of concrete, but they will tell you the correct one to use.
Reply:put in the size of base
Reply:Wow, not enough information or way too much. If it is going to be small like a 3' x 5' "garden shed", go to Lowe's and read the bags of concrete mix. They tell you how much you will need and how to mix it. Something you need before you go is dimensions. If it won't be holding more than a few hundred pounds, a 2 1/2 inch thick slab will be fine and you can use 2"x4"'s for the forms. So multiply 2.5 by the number of inches long, by the number of inches wide. Then divide by 46656 (inches in a yard) to get an estimate on how many yards of concrete you need. Then dig until the ground is level and stake in the forms. Then plan about 4 hours for mixing because once you start, don't stop for mare than a few minutes.

After all this, price a few treated 4x4's and a piece of 3/4" treated plywood. Maybe some preformed concrete leveling blocks already fitted for 4x4's to make leveling easy.

Either way, enjoy!
Reply:at least 2500 lb.