Saturday, November 19, 2011

Whats the maximum size shed you can have in your garden without planning permission?

Really depends on the size of your garden and how far away the neighbouring houses are

Whats the maximum size shed you can have in your garden without planning permission?
depends where you are, call up and ask your council tomorrow, its Monday.
Reply:Its best to call your local authority, but its along the lines of no more than 25% of the garden and it has to be around no less then 5 mtr from your house.
Reply:Height is most important - don't put your neighbours in shade and expect them to be happy about it. You can usually have 4 metres high for an apex-roof, or 3 metres high for a single-pitched roof.

Check with your council.
Reply:As far as i am aware, you are allowed any size shed, as long as it is not lived in and is built of wood, as this means it is not a permanent structure.
Reply:every council is different, you need to ask them. But if you're in the countryside they might allow quite a large structure.
Reply:All bylaws differ, so you will have to call your local office for details.
Reply:You are allowed upto 60sq mtrs before planning permission but you done have to take into account all out building if you have any in your calculation
Reply:Call your local zoning office and ask.

If you want to know before they open, or if you don't want to be on the phone for 6 hours bouncing around different departments, check their website. The zoning laws should be listed, and general guidelines can tell you what size is OK.

Alternatively, if you have a nearby store that sells pre-built sheds, you can ask them what size is OK. Usually, the size of their sheds will be within the local legal size.

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