Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our guinea pigs have the run of the garden with a large shed for safety at night?

Our original dominant male has been cast out by a younger male who refuses to allow him back into the shed.

If we remove the younger male, will the original go back into the shed without killing the offspring of the younger male?

Our guinea pigs have the run of the garden with a large shed for safety at night?
kepp the younger male in the cage and get the older male a cage by himself and get him a female friend or he would die of lonelyness.
Reply:there should only be 1 single male to a colony,and having un-neutered boars with sows is a huge no-no due to back to back breeding or even inbreeding,get your oldest boar castrated and remove all other boars,keep just 1 boar with a few sows,or get all boars castrated and give each one a sow or 2 to keep him company,in separate enclosures. my guinea pigs have a free range shed with access to an enclosed outdoor run,i would never ever allow them free run in the garden as when we first got them a cat took and killed one,i was devastated and built a cover for their run immediately.
Reply:I think nature is doing its thing here. The older male needs to have a comfortable retirement, can you put him in a seperate hutch so that way everyone is happy.
Reply:not sure - but surely your gps re not safe having the run of the garden - what about foxes, cats, dogs - birds of prey - are u sure there are no animals around which may threaten, injure or kill them?
Reply:Much would depend on the age of the offspring, if they are weaned he should retake Alpha male status after a scuffle or two; if not he might just eat them.

Remove the younger male as planned, but put him in a cage in the shed overnight for a week or two. Just to air on the safe side.

If it isn't going to work there will be a lot of squealing, but most likely the female will take an interest in him and it's deal done. GP's are not homogeneous by nature.

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