Saturday, November 19, 2011

Is it Safe to Sleep in a Garden Luxury Cabin ?

they look so great ,but are they safe to call one as your home

Is it Safe to Sleep in a Garden Luxury Cabin ?
As i work for a company that erects log cabins, they are totally safe to live in. With the right insulation and plumbing and electrics,makes a great place to live.
Reply:Luxury cabins are unsafe. You should by a Utilitarian model with airbags and seatbelts.
Reply:What do you mean by "safe"? If it's properly assembled, it shouldn't fall down around you. It would probably be too cold in the Winter, but it wouldn't be sensible to light a fire in it. What burglar is going to find it worthwhile to rob someone who has to live in a shed? Living in it would probably violate the Health %26amp; Safety laws, anyway.
Reply:You probably couldn't live in one legally - no plumbing, etc - I think building regulations might come into it. You could use it for the odd night though.
Reply:You can put locks on the doors same as a house. But: will you have electricity, plumbing, sewer, heat/cool, etc... ?
Reply:you didn't specify dimensions or optional extras. if the cabin is heated and plumbed then it is safe to live in. a lot safer then other accomodation i have stayed in throughout the globe

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