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Free allotment/garden?

I have a fairly large plot of land - good allotment size which i dont use. just took old shed down.

i want to let someone who actually loves gardening to use it for free; who do i ask, where do i advertise, or do any of you know a decent person who needs a plot


Free allotment/garden?
I don't know where you live, but I would love to have a large area to garden in. I used to have a huge yard with all kinds of gardens. Veggie, flower, herb etc. I've had to move to a small apt. at this time with not much room to plant anything. My long term goal is to have a big farm where I can do all the gardening and farming I want. You might try your town. Sometimes they have community gardens that people can rent for a season. They may be interested in using it. But there may be some legal reasons not to do this. So be careful, lawsuits for someone getting hurt on your property could be a problem. Good luck! I hope you find what or who your looking for. By the way, I love your name!
Reply:Try advertising in the gardening section of your local paper or in the freeads ( if in UK). You could also put postcard adverts up in the window of your local newsagent/ post office etc. Find out if there is a local allotment and put an ad up there or in local garden centres. I am sure it will be snapped up soon enough.
Reply:It's not the usual thing they do but maybe you could try your local freecycle group.
Reply:The writers of Eastenders are in need of a good plot, perhaps offer it to them.
Reply:Check with local nurseries, they might be interested or may know someone who is. Also you might check with some local vegetable growers. Make a deal with them, use your land and supply you with fresh vegetables. If your area has a farming bulletin, put an ad it or put notice up in local farming and gardening supply stores. Good Luck!
Reply:You could try It's divided into regions and areas, so you are more likely to find someone nearby who would love what you have to offer! :) Be careful though, there are some nuts and con artists out there, so you want to make sure the people you are dealing with are "okay" if you know what I mean, especially since they will be coming to your property/home. I'd talk with them on the phone beforehand and maybe even meet up with them in a public place to make sure you know who you are dealing with. Is there not someone you already know who would love this opportunity? I would have loved that back when we lived in a smaller home with too much shade in the yard for a veggie garden. Good luck!

Trig problem involving the roof of a house!!?

Josh is building a garden shed that is 4m wide. The two sides of the roof must meet at an 80 degree angle and be equal in length. How long must each rafter be if he allows for a 0.5-m overhang?

Trig problem involving the roof of a house!!?
If the overhang is 0.5m horizontally then the length of each rafter is

L= 2.5/sin(40°) = 3.889m

If the rafter extends 0.5m along its own length, then the length of each rafter is

L = 2/sin(40°) = 3.611m

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Can I get a "bug bomb" type of fogger that effectively kills spiders?

I have a very large shed at the bottom of my garden I want to clear out but am extremely arachnaphobic, to the point where I cant even see pictures of them as I start having a fit. My friend is not as bad as me and has agreed to clear them out but only if they are dead first.

Can anyone please help and let me know if there is such a thing and where I can get one? I am prepared to shop in other countries for one too.

Many thanks


Can I get a "bug bomb" type of fogger that effectively kills spiders?
Yes, you can get Raid bug bombs. They totally help. I am a complete bug phobe, not just spiders so I completely understand! ;-) good luck!
Reply:Spiders appear only where there is food (bugs), so you want to get rid of the bugs. So get a bomb for the bugs that you have
Reply:I tjink you can buy them at wal mart

How do I make a wooden shed with tin roof ( Think human-sized/extra-large dog house ) cooler?

I live in Florida, where 95 degrees outside isn't uncommon.

How do I lower the temp inside my simple six foot tall, six foot wide and seven foot long wooden plank shed ( with tin roof ) as so that it would be suitable for a shelter for a couple indoor cats tossed outside due to family allergies?

There is no door so I imagined having a screened door and constructing window holes with screens would create a bit of a draft and allow air to circulate.

The floor is constructed of square outdoor garden slabs 'tiles' together. Unfortunately these are not sheer concrete, which would be a bit cooler on feet.

Any ideas besides -constant- fresh water, the door, screens and taking them out of there for fresh air every moment I can?


Would it be more economic, make greater sense %26amp; be better for them just to build a whole new cattery that's mostly screen/chicken wire with supports, a roof and maybe one side attached to an exterior wall of the house?

I appreciate your kind responses.

How do I make a wooden shed with tin roof ( Think human-sized/extra-large dog house ) cooler?
The first problem is that at best, with all other problems solved, it will be 95 degrees in there unless you install a cooler of some kind in there. The biggest problem will be the roof, as the steel will radiate a lot of heat into the shed. Since heat rises is you can put some kind of vents just under the roof along the sides and the heat will try to leave. There needs to be vents or screen windows or door to allow air to come in before the heat will leave. But again the air that will come in is 95 degrees air. So instead of 120 degree air it will be 95 degree. Building a cage with screen wire has problems being weatherproof, and again, even if you have a prevailing breeze it will be hot air blowing. We have indoor and outdoor cats and don't cage the outdoor ones. The outdoor cats will find shade and sleep where ever they want. If you want to use the shed as a shelter at night, or during bad weather put in a cat door in the shed wall or door so animals larger that the cats can't get at them. The key thing is a place that is shaded to keep fresh water. You can buy a small float valve to set up an automatic watering device.

How to call the police when u're old!?

George was going up to bed when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window.

George opened the back door to go turn off the light but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things.

He phoned the police, who asked "Is someone in your house?" and he said "No". Then they said that all patrols were busy, he should simply lock his door and an officer would be along when available. George said, "Ok," hung up, counted to 30, and phoned the police again.

"Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people stealing things from my shed. Well, you don't have to worry about them now because I've just shot them." Then he hung up.

Within five minutes three police cars, an Armed Response Unit, and an ambulance showed up at his house and caught the burglars red-handed.

One of the Policemen said to George: "I thought you said that you'd shot them!"

George said"I thought you said nobody was available!"

How to call the police when u're old!?
great one love ta 4 the laugh
Reply:Old one but still funny
Reply:cool. that was real smart.
Reply:lol May have to try that next time they get into my garden lol good one xxx
Reply:Clever and prompt answer
Reply:Good stuff.

Waterproof sheeting for foundation of Metal shed?

We're getting a 12 x 10 metal shed and the steel foundation kit. Even though we're going to use water resistant ply for the floor, I understand that some sort of waterproof sheeting beneath the foundation is useful too if building on garden ground. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I would appreciate any sort of feedback about getting the shed as waterproof as possible as we'd like to store wood in there.

Waterproof sheeting for foundation of Metal shed?
You need a damp proof membrane
Reply:You definitely want a damp proof membrane under the floor, any moisture that permeates up from the ground needs to be kept out, on cold steel moisture condenses like mad! just a sheet of tough plastic sheeting will be ok. (builders merchants will advise) Be sure not to stand the shed on a flat base that exceeds the size of the shed, rainwater will likely find it's way into it. At the perimeter of the shed make sure it slopes away, all round, to avoid this. You have your reasons for choosing a metal shed, I would never choose one, can be nightmare for condensation.
Reply:I'm not sure what you mean by a steel foundation kit. It sounds to me that you should provide a concrete platform at least 100mm above the ground level - this should be a minimum thickness of 100mm and placed on well compacted ground. This should prevent most of the rising damp, but if you are worried buy some bituminous or sheet damp proof membrane [local builders merchant or DIY store] to put down before fixing your steel frame for the floor. It would be better still if you could ventilate the gap between the d.p.m. and the ply flooring.

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I welcomed a garden gnome to my back yard this year and he's going a great job, sitting there with his pipe.

What is the protocol for winter? Would he prefer that I just leave him in the snow-covered garden? Would he like to spend the winter in the house? Surely he wouldn't enjoy being in the shed all winter?

Please help, I want to treat him fairly.

I welcomed a garden gnome to my back yard this year and he's going a great job, sitting there with his pipe.
I think that he would prefer being left outside. this way he could appreciate the beauties of winter. the sparkling snow, the drifts on trees, and he could talk to the snow faeries as well, and catch up on what's happening
Reply:gnomes are only good for grilling..nothing beats a day out with the family kicking back a few cold ones an grilling gnomes....mmm mmm mmm....
Reply:Good point. Name him Antione and sleep with him.
Reply:leave him outside. If you don't want him to be snowed on, make him a little roof above the head.
Reply:He should be fine. I believe gnomes are all-weather beings. He's wearing a coat right?
Reply:Please get him out of the shed, make him a garden in the house, and I am sure he would love it.

Whats wrong with you leaving a gnome ,and his pipe, in the shed?.
Reply:Gnomes enjoy all four seasons. Give him an old scarf or something for the winter if you're really worried. I wouldn't start a fire as you may melt him..

The main question is. Is your gnome single? Put in a good word for me.. ;)

Reply:take a picture so i can see
Reply:I heard Travelocity is hiring
Reply:There is nothing finer then a garden gnome with character and seasons withered into his body. I would keep the proud gnome out all winter long so he can let the leaves blow on him, the snow bury him the ice form on him and the spring sun melt off of him.

Only then can he sit there smoking his pipe with the twinkle of wisdom in his eyes and character in his heart.

That or just wrap him up in a piece of tarp and twine and throw him up on the shelf in the garage .

If you go with plan B then he will only be an ornament and not a part of your world in which you live in.
Reply:I think he may prefer to remain in the garden area, with a small fire and plenty of marshmallows....

Also, I had a funny thought, that instead of chain letters, one could send a gnome to random people in warmer climates, having him reach back to you in time for the good weather!!
Reply:You should let him travel the world, being another roaming gnome, and send you great deals via travelocity.

Running Broadband from a second phone point - slower?

Hi there.

I am about to hide myself away with the computer in an out building at our house (ok, its like a garden shed!). If I get a phone point put in (my supplier is BT, but know a man that can do it considerably cheaper than BT), will the broadband speed be the same as if it is being run from the main BT socket in the house, or will the speed drop. At the moment I am getting a respectable 5.6mb speed, and am used to this now, so would like to keep it the same ish. Have considered wireless, but the wireless connection in the house is erratic, ie playing BF2142 I keep getting loss of connection to master server through wireless, where as by ethernet the link is 100% solid.



Running Broadband from a second phone point - slower?
as long as the new phone line is homerunned (run back to the nid instead of daisy chained off another existing outlet) you shouldn't see any difference in speed.
Reply:Yes! How far away is the building? At 100 feet you would be better off to run a cat 5 cable to the barn (network cable.)
Reply:What I would do is get a DSL modem/router with more than one ethernet port (usually they have 4) and run a network cable out to your shed. I think that would work better than running the phone line.

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Best Climbing plants for pots,?

Hello - I have a large ugly resin garden shed (plastic!) that I want to cover with a climber.

My problem is that its on the patio so has no soil around it so I need climbing plants to ramble over it but have to put them in pots.

Please can anyone advise what the best quick climbers would be (its in shade) and what size tubs would be best ??

Im new to this so any help appreciated

Thanks in advance


Best Climbing plants for pots,?
I'm in Canada, so I really don't know what would do well for you, but you always could ask at your local garden shop.
Reply:if a plant is in a pot it becomes much less hardy. so lets say a plant is cold hardy to -13 C. in a pot it might only be cold hardy to -7C about 5 degrees celcius less.

some good climbers that will survive in a pot are


climbing roses


pink moon vine

angel tumpet

ground morning glory

annuals in your area, but worth only one season


Reply:some type of ivy? *not poison ivy lol*

What is the best way to rejuvenate your lawn?

Ours has lots of muddy patches and moss etc. When we moved in it was lush! But....we put up a new shed and did lots of work in the garden. It did damage some of the lawn. My partner has today, laid down some weed killer and grass treatment. Nxt week he is putting down new lawn seed. Is this the best way? and can anyone suggest a technique?

What is the best way to rejuvenate your lawn?
If you used weed killer you will not be able to seed next week. Wait a minimum of 2 weeks. The weed killer will also kill emerging grass.

After waiting till and level the areas that need spot seeding, seed with a good quality seed for your area, cover with seed cover. Water lightly several times a day. Don't let the soil dry out till new grass emerges. Cut back to light watering once a day for a while. Don't mow for a month.. Then adjust your mower to highest position for a few weeks. Then mow to 2 1/2 to 3"
Reply:Here's what u do. (From a Master Gardener)....First, rake up the area of your lawn you want to reseed. Rake it really hard. Then mow over the raked up material and put it aside. Then, buy a good sun/shade grass seed mix and spread it on the area. Water it in...Then use the material you put aside earlier and place about a 2 inch layer of the raked/mowed material over the grass seed. Keep it watered (at least twice a day). It's very important to keep it moist. After the grass starts to grow, let it get about 5-6 inches tall before mowing. Good Luck.....(also, be careful using weed killer and grass treatment together)
Reply:If you have moss, you need to apply lime. You will need copious amounts of lime. I once dumped whole bags against my house partly experiment, partly to dispose of them as they had gotten too clumpy to spread (I left them out in the rain). Before the lime had completely dissolved, grass was growing there and that area had the lushest grass of all.
Reply:i would have not put anything down like weed killer ect.

let soil dry rake in some starter fertilizer %26amp;grass seed cover with straw it takes 2 seansons to establish nice lawn wait until grass is well establashed be for you use any chemicals

My Neighbour is playing with his erection in back garden is this legal?

My neighbour... (who is now listed on e-bay, after immigration refused to deport him)... has this huge erection that he seems to be fiddeling with in back garden..... I think it is some sort of shed.... is this legal? I mean it might block out my sun light? What should I do?

My Neighbour is playing with his erection in back garden is this legal?
brilliant. i love this question. you're a girl after my own heart.
Reply:ask him if he needs a hand? or a screw.....
Reply:Make him swallow his pride....fluff your bush...
Reply:spray him with cold water you dont want his big erction blocking out the sun. He could end the human race!!!!!
Reply:Call the po po's
Reply:lmao i almost took the question seriously

until i got to the end i kept thinking "wtf"
Reply:call the cops..
Reply:Turn the water hose on him.
Reply:ha ha! get the pellett gun out lol!
Reply:Give him a hand !!
Reply:If it's a metal framed building you could help tighten his nuts?
Reply:typically, if he is exposing himslef to the public he may well be guilty of indecent exposure. However, if he is in a private setting and can only be observed with some effort from a neighbour or two, then there may not be anything the police can do. And as for it blocking your sunlight, well, try asking him if he'd mind not doing that when you need to lie out and tan.

Actually, the whole thing is pretty hilarious and I don't see why anyone would get uptight about a person in their own yard being naughty. I'd simply laugh at the scene and carry on with my own life. And in the even I knew my neighbour I might even offer a little kidding but never to humiliate; only to poke fun.
Reply:be nice and help
Reply:Lol spray your plants and accidentally spray him .x
Reply:you sound impressed.
Reply:report him for indeent exposure!
Reply:I heard it's only a Tardis. It'll be gone by yesterday if you're lucky ;)
Reply:Maybe his kids prefer living in his cool erection than their mother's hot box.

Help-Have lost the key to shed!-how do I get in?

Have lost the large brown rusty key(only one) to our shed and all toys,gardening stuff,tools are locked inside.Is there any safe way of picking the lock,or should we try to unscrew the hinges and take it off that way.Anyone have any ideas?

Help-Have lost the key to shed!-how do I get in?
Don't you keep a spare in that safe place?

Break in %26amp; change the lock.
Reply:Just so you know, last time I called a locksmith it cost me £50!!!! I hope someone can tell you another way.
Reply:Ask a Scouser
Reply:Three thoughts. One, is there a window you can jimmy and climb through? Even then, that will only work if the lock is releasable from the inside. Same goes for digging a tunnel (if it's set on dirt only) and having someone pop up inside.

Two, yup, unscrew the hinges.

And three, if all else fails, it's locksmith time.

Not too many choices, really, if you still want the shed around. I suppose you could always use a saw and make a new door, but the locksmith is probably the sane way to go.
Reply:hacksaw or boult cutters
Reply:Smash the window (if it has one). Either that or get a locksmith.
Reply:Call a locksmith.
Reply:Take a trip to australia and dig upwards - or hacksaw through the lock or lock fitting. The fitting will be softer steal. Then you can replace it with a new fitting and a lock with a spare key.
Reply:Normally the locks on sheds are not that strong, if you take a thin punch or socket extension place it in the door against the lock and give it a hard hit with a hammer. This will break the lock off the back of the door.
Reply:Now, I happen to know for a fact that you can find out how to pick a lock by typing that into Google.

step by step instructions for picking all types of locks are there!
Reply:if its a padlock just take a hammer a smash it ,it will break.

if the hinges are on the outside then u can unscrew them that will work too,depending on what type of door knob you have you may be able to get a butter knife in throw the side trim of the door and just press the catch for the door it while u pull out on the door. do you have any windows in your shed check o see if there unlocked. good luck
Reply:Try all the ways you can think of without breaking it... then break it if you still can't get in. I'd unscrew the hinges them once to door is off replace the lock.
Reply:i think if I was you I would probably break the glass ( if it have one ) and take the things out then replace it and make a new key of it. or you can do the same thing to the door.

you can ask me any Q. by E-mailing me at

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Garden ideas?

What are some good garden ideas for a front porch with pillars and around the mail box and an out door shed 9x12, any answers would be of great help being that I am a first time homeowner and all this is new to me.

Garden ideas?
where are you located? im you email me with more info, i will help you. how much sun, do you want containers or in the ground? how tall are the pillers
Reply:This may not be the answer you want, though I really got into water gardens. They are exciting and nice to look at year around. For about a hundred dollars you can get started with a small one from Wal-mart and grow bigger as time and money allows. Ihave a 5,000 gallon, a 250 gal, and a 100 gal one. Landscaping around them is a blast. Just let your mind go wild.
Reply:sounds like a wonderful place for climbing vines. But the 1st answer is crucial - where you are makes all the difference as to what will thrive. Look at what your neighbors have to get an idea of what works. When you're more comfortable with the whole gardening idea, find something unique that will make your yard special.
Reply:Go to

Request a catalog. There are some items that would be great for your outdoor and indoor decor.

My neighbours son is a delinquent. Is it all right to shoot him?

I can see my neighbours son out in the back garden. He is urinating against the shed. Yesterday he damaged the fence, and I have seen him spraying racist slogans on a wall. Iwent to complain to his father who swore at me and became aggressive. However, I have a shotgun and I think I can probably get the son from the bathroom window. I feel I owe it to humanity to destroy the brute before he does any more damage. But I am worried about geting caught.

Should I shoot the youth to save humanity?

My neighbours son is a delinquent. Is it all right to shoot him?
Hope ur not serious cos Ive just had a right giggle, ur question really cheered me up, thanks
Reply:Heil Hitler.
Reply:If you shoot him through the bathroom window you'll definitely be caught. Try to have hin neutered. Perhaps that will help.
Reply:Don't shoot him! We had the same problem, we formed an informal neighbourhood watch thing with the other people in our street that couldn't stand it. We continuously campaigned to anyone that could do anything until they were moved, the children ended up living with their grandparents and are really happy now. We didn't enjoy it but we couldn't live with it any longer. Alternatively shoot the parents.
Reply:hang and shoot him
Reply:Nope U don't have the right 2 shoot him call the police they'll deal with the problem
Reply:Shooting someone is worst than everything that he's been doing. Think about it! You'll automatically become worse than him for shooting him. Plus, you don't have the right to decide if someone should live or die, unless it's you (suicide). Sell the gun and buy some classic books.
Reply:What goes around comes around. Would you want your kid shot by some crazy neighbor?
Reply:Hell yes! do it now before you change your mind! the little sob is begging for it! bury him out in a woods, but make sure no one can see you, remember, no body, no crime! =]
Reply:Of course you should shoot him, but don't stop there that's selfish.

Find out which other delinquents are upsetting your neighbours and shoot them too.

When you've shot all of them widen your net and find other reasons to shoot people, the reasons will be endless and if you keep shooting long enough you will have total peace and quiet because you will be the only person left on the planet.

Happy hunting.
Reply:No way!let justice handle this!......or God....don't worry people like your neighbor get their punishment....just call the police.
Reply:no report them to the cops
Reply:If I were you I would record him when he is doing something wrong. Take it to his father so he could see, you were not lying. After that go to the police and press charges against him. If he is destroying your property, well he has to pay.. But by you shooting him it's only gonna make it worst. You will be the delinquent and is it worth going to jail for. I really don't think so!!! Good luck to you....
Reply:Rather than shed blood- shed light. Take video or still pics of this kid doing things. Then call the cops and show them. Let them handle talking to the father. Won't HE be surprised!

Have a great day!!!
Reply:Call the police they'll come investigate and look at the slogans. Get a restraining order against the son. Violence does not solve anything.
Reply:I assume you're joking but if not do you really want to spend years in jail because of this. It would be first degree murder. Why don't you call the police and let them deal with it.
Reply:I'm with Stormy Knight, shoot video of the kid and turn it in to the police. And as much as I sympathize, please don't shoot the kid. If the dad doesn't kill you you'd end up in jail anyway.
Reply:Go out and buy or steal an unregistered handgun. Wipe your fingerprints off of it when you get home. Next time the yoyo is peeing on your shed call out to him from your open doorway, "Hey want some free crack?". He will come running. You should back away from the door to the far side of your kitchen. When he comes running through the open door shoot him in the head once. DON'T MISS! Put the handgun into his hand making sure to get his prints all over it. Call the police and tell them he came storming in your door with a gun, threated to kill you and luckily you had just finished cleaning and loading your gun. Lucky for you, not for him.
Reply:shoot the boy in the foot to save your insanity.. but make sure you got a good alibi...
Reply:If you open the shotgun cartridge and pour candle wax into the casing, it will hold a lot of the shot together and will be more accurate. But will you get away with it?
Reply:cant answer that on grounds i might incriminate myself, but glad i dont live with/near you
Reply:Do not destroy your life just because of some bad neighbours, let the police do its job.
Reply:don't shoot him, you will live with it on your conscience, and his father willl probably hunt you down, regardless of the consequences

the easiest thing to do woulld be to call the police, they will look into it
Reply:If you use a shotgun you will probably get caught especially if you shoot him from your own yard. You need a good plan to get rid of them and get away with it. Maybe you could gas them or something like that. Easier to get away with. Good Luck. Yes, you must do whatever it takes to save humanity. We need more like you.
Reply:Ahhh. Would that life were so simple.

What joyous images this question conjures. Of society where once more the youth knew their place, and were afraid of consequences.
Reply:Shooting is a heinous crime. You could seek assistance from area police if you let them know your difficulties.
Reply:That might be the funniest question I have read all day...I had a neighbor boy like that! I know your pain!
Reply:GROW UP and stop making up all of these ridiculous questions. Really lame boyo.
Reply:well depends...duh
Reply:Don't we all wish that would could have shot someone at some point or another? But unfortunately that's not exactly legal. If i were you i would EVERY TIME there is a problem call the cops that way they have a record of every complaint against this person. its not gonna happen the first time they come out but once they come out so many times eventually something will be done for a repeat offender!. Please don't take matters into your own hands. Furthermore its only ok to shoot someone in self defense only if ur life was threatened. Just call the authorities!

How Do I stand with the Law - and the use of non drying grease?

Or non drying paint or other barriers to keep children and vandals out of my garden. They are damaging the fence and shed. I live in England.

How Do I stand with the Law - and the use of non drying grease?
I'd think you can place any sort of material like that on your own property, as long as there was no likelihood of anyone accidentally touching it. That can be a bit of a dilemma in the case of a border fence, though

You could have problems if you used a noxious substance, like acid or something, intended to cause physical harm.

I do know of a product (sorry don't know the name or whether it is available in the UK) which could be placed on something (say a fence) and on contact with a person's skin, it turned BRIGHT purple, and was impossible to wash off. Cured my father-in-law's problem with kids damaging his ornamental shrubs.

How do you get the police to take you seriously?

Going to bed the other night, I noticed people in my garden shed stealing things. I phoned the police but was told that there was no-one in my area to help. They would send someone over as soon as possible.

I hung up. A minute later, I called again, "Hello", I said, "I called you a minute ago because there were people in my shed. You don't have to worry now, because I've shot them".

Within minutes there were half a dozen police cars in the area, plus helicopters and an armed response unit. They caught the burglars red-handed.

One of the officers said, "I thought you said you'd shot them", to which I replied, "I thought you said there was no-one available".

How do you get the police to take you seriously?
so true good joke on the police who were on a tea break shame
Reply:Good one!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! :) :)
Reply:LOL! That is SO funny!!!!
Reply:Calling FIRE will get everyone's attention quickest.
Reply:YEAH I LOVE IT! thats the best ever thing i read on this site lol..gonna tell al my work mates tommorow!
Reply:nice one lol cool thing to try..
Reply:it's ok, 3/10
Reply:it's funny because it's true
Reply:Ha Ha! Funny! So funny! 10/10!
Reply:That's funny only sadly very true
Reply:Even as a Joke this is soooo true....
Reply:Oh! Nice one...If they had got away you could have said they were speeding down the road...they would soon be after them.
Reply:nice story.......heard it before
Reply:yep very funny... you are not wrong.
Reply:lol, thats a cool joke, almost forgot about that joke, if i could give stars, it'd be 10, so i'll just give a thumbs up instead

rain roots

Painting my garden fences white or cream??? would this look too much??

also thinking about painting the shed cream or white too?

Painting my garden fences white or cream??? would this look too much??
It will only look too much if you have a large fence or if there is lots of white around your house. I think that small white fences look great, but they have to have plants near them to set them off. If they are just standing alone with grass or concrete they look ugly. The same goes for your shed. With selected planting, a white shed could look great. But not in the middle of a grass or concrete desert.
Reply:i think cream :)

ya know.. everyonez got white..

wouldnt ya like to be different


Reply:go 4 white white looks shiny n clean

but u wanna b unique go 4 cream

i prefer white

tis my suggestion
Reply:I don't think it would be to much. You'll have a fresh coat of paint and your property will be looking good.
Reply:Better Homes and Garden had a picture in one of their slide shows where cream was used for an outdoor room. It looked wonderful:

I think your idea of painting the trellis lavender would add to the beauty in your garden, also. I had seen another garden where the person had painted the walls around their garden area a bright blue. it was simply gorgeous and complemented all the flowers and plants in the area.

You could paint the shed cream and if one side faces the garden, decorate that side throwing in some lavender that matches the trellis. Or hang a piece of outdoor wall decor (just as examples you might consider: or

*~ Enjoy ~*
Reply:I would go with cream because it will hide dirt better then white but if you have the time to clean your fence and shed or do not care if they get dirty then I would go with white because it stands out better then cream.
Reply:Go for white. It is a nice and bright colour. I'm sure your garden, will look great, whatever colour you used.. well, it needs to be a nice fresh and bright colour. :-)
Reply:white looks better
Reply:cream is not as high maintenance
Reply:No ! That Wont Look Right If Your Gonna Paint Anythink Paint The Fence White! Nothing Else x
Reply:I have seen a garden fence painted in a dark blue and it looked absolutely stunning with lush green plants against, it was a show stopper

What do people charge for gardening services?

I'm thinking of setting up my own gardening business. What's the going rate for mowing, weeding, clearing, planting, pruning, laying paths and patios, installing sheds, decking, fencing, outdoor lights, ponds etc?

What do people charge for gardening services?
Expect to pay minimum wage, of at least £5-35 per hour
Reply:For everyone who has said anything about the money people charge for laying patios decking and fencing i think they should try the work first and then see what they would charge as its very hard work and alot harder than garden maintenance which is weeding mowing clearing. So your question should be two questions how much does a gardener charge? and how much does a hard landscaper charge as there very different jobs personally id say head down the hard landscaping route bigger scope for making money that way if your competent charge 100 a day at least and work out how many days the job would take etc
Reply:depends whether u want to hav regular clients or not
Reply:I live in the South East and most gardeners charge around £10 per hour - some are more and some are less. However, if you want to do one off jobs you should probably quote separately for those.
Reply:I am a gardener in new england . I charge $20.00 per hour
Reply:In my area, we have two gardening services that I know retired chap who just enjoys it and one youngish lad who is trying to make a living from it.

The retired chap charges about £10 an hour...the young bloke charges about £15 an hour.

Pretty much every one I know goes with the retired chap....not just because of cost, its also because they trust him more. You have to really trust someone to be ready to let them into your garden...its something you might want to think about making a point of if you're planning to do this as a business. Show lots and lots of references.

Good luck with it!
Reply:Wow! Hard to answer!

What are your expenses? Cost to drive out of the driveway; gas, insurance, tool cost, repair cost, dump fees, etc. How much time will you spend doing the books? Paying city/county business fees, advertising, cards, invoices, insurance (lots of luck there)??? Then what is your hourly wage? Agriculture workers are often started sub-minimum's legal. How long do you plan to remain in business? If you under price yourself to get started, you'd better have capital before you get started. Underfunding a business at start up is a sure fire way to go under in short order.

You will be competing with other schmoos who have dropped their costs to get started and who will soon be out of business but will be replaced by others coming on line. You will have to have excellent references!!! Make those first clients your star clients as they will be the ones who get you future jobs. Make certain you know how to do your job correctly, take courses to improve, never slap a job off. Keep yourself and your equipment in excellent order!! Nobody hires a bum with old, crappy equipment.

Remember, what you take in will not be in your pocket at the end of the day. I can't give you an exact amount, but start at: if you want $10 in your pocket, you'd better be getting $30 minimum and more likely $50

and how many people working with you there wage and your wage

you have to think of all the expenses you will be paying

eg: wages,fuel/transport,mowers,products that you will need.

if you were to just mow and whippersnip and tidy then gardens (weeding)

my business charges $24 per square meters so if i were to a house that is 2.5 acers i would charge about $1000 dollars there is money to be made you just got to know your customers and suppliers and what you are doing...........
Reply:An arm and a leg. Now give it up, motherfu(ker.
Reply:depending on where you live. where do you live?? Been looking for help on my business. I am a female that started my own service 11 years ago. went from cutting hair to cutting grass,grass don't talk back!!! Love my job but my body doesn't like it as much. So if you need help getting info e-mail me
Reply:That's going to depend on your particular demographics. Long Island, New York prices will differ dramatically from those in Tamworth, England. Call other local services and ask what they charge.
Reply:Mine charge £20 a hour for general garden stuff.. seperate charge for building things
Reply:I have had my own gardening business for the last 15 years and the answer to your question is as much as you can get. Just like any other tradesman. You will soon know if you are charging too much you will have no customers. The most important thing to remember is that the taxman will want his share and if you are really successful then so will the VAT man. Your rate should be the same no matter what you do whether it's patio laying or painting a fence. I only hope that you have some qualifications or lots of experience with plants before you start your business. If not then look for some night school courses or a friendly garden centre that will help you. Very best of luck.
Reply:It depends on alot - how much experience you have, the amount you need to keep your buisness afloat

why not find an online gardener - with website, and look at rates they are charging - go through and then a few might show up in your area - or be cheeky and phone and make out you are looking for work to be done at your property and see what they charge you
Reply:Our gardener charges £16 per visit. He clears the (large) lawn of leaves and, at this time of year, beech nuts, mows it and disposes of the cuttings, hoes the flower beds and generally tidies up. I think that's a fair price for what he does, as it always looks great when he's been. We are in the North of England, if that helps.
Reply:As much as they can get
Reply:My gardener does about an hour once every 2 weeks and charges me £20 per visit.

This is for mowing my lawn, tidying the edges and general weeding.
Reply:Don't use a comany that ask for an hourly rate. Agree a price in writing frist for the job and a time sale. draw up a contract and deduct money every day they are late. If they dont like this then walk away from them they're cowboys!!
Reply:we got made redundant 10yrs ago and did it you cannot relie on the mr smiths in the winter ie nov to march so spend this winter writting to firms ie housing associations all their work goes out to tender either 1yr or 3yr now is the perfect time to write as contracts start in march buy the best equipment you can of ford hope you have the use of some land or you are into tipping charges £15to £20 per hour depending on tip charge expect to pay £30 per load any more email me

Care to lend me a hand?

It is my dream to start a homestead after I finish high school and college. I don't know much about nature, construction, or buying property, though, so I have a lot of questions.

1. Does the state of Michigan still permit people to build log cabins with no electricity or indoor plumbing?

2. Where can I find a very good farming book? I know how to plant things, but I do not know when to plant them, or what plants go best together. I also don't know much about herbs.

3. What sort of things would I need to drill a well?

4. How much property might I need to build a cabin large enough to house one adult, who may possibly marry and have a child, yet still be old-fashioned? Plus an outhouse, a well, a vegetable and herb garden, a workshop/shed, some fruit trees, and maybe an old junker to get to town.

5. How much money would I need to build all of that?

6. How long would it take to do build all of that?

7. What sort of thing might I study in college to further aid my venture?

Care to lend me a hand?
WOW!! I wish you luck. About 40yrs ago it was possible to homestead, check with the BLM. You have to make a certain amount of improvements to the land you homestead each year. If you want it bad enough, you can do it-- it wont be easy, that's for sure! Keep your dream in mind and each day take steps that lead to your gaol, and you will meet with success....don't listen to the 'nay-sayers'. What do they know? They will never get off their couches to follow any dream! You go!! Good luck! BLM=Bureau of Land Management
Reply:As much as it is true, that even until now very often it is possible in the US to make dreams come true, you are dreaming dreams of yesterday!

The only place where you can have all what you mentioned is right there in your own dreams! And that is all what they ever will be, just dreams!
Reply:Your dream, while noble, is a bit pie in the sky. You may not like the life when you got there. Start with the farming, if your school has an FFA, join it. If you live in an urban area, go to your county extension office and learn about gardening. That would determine if you could feed yourself. That's a start. Construction could be learned in shop class or working in the summer for a contractor. You may want consider going into environmental studies and becoming a Park Ranger. You could get a lot of what you want and still have a pay check. Good luck.
Reply:Good luck, my friend. I hope you succeed.

How to remove loads of acorns!!!?

Moved into a new home this summer, starting a few weeks ago the acorns started falling, hundreds, maybe thousands of them!!! All over the lawn, the garden, bouncing off the metal shed, the house, people etc. What is the best way to remove them? Hard to rake or blow with a leaf blower.

How to remove loads of acorns!!!?
use a lawn sweeper, either elect or gas powered,
Reply:Round up some squirrels and let them lose. They might help pick up the acorns, or they may run away. Either way, make sure your rabies is up-to-date and maybe keep a rake on hand.
Reply:I feel your pain! I cut the grass about as short as my mower will get. I have a bagger and this gets probably 70% of them. Then a blower works much better on the rest. Don't worry about the grass , it is the time of year to cut it short anyway!

shoe labels

"Garden Party Attire" means what type of attire?

I was invited to a Garden Party and the invitation asked for "Garden Party Attire". Does this mean casual attire? Does it mean floral dresses? Sun hats? Bring a garden tool? Have dirt manicure? Seriously, can anybody shed some light?

"Garden Party Attire" means what type of attire?
It means dress like you would go to church. A simple dress is required. Nothing extravagant. A floral dress is appropriate. However, a simple dress means a dress that is at or below the knee. Nothing shorter nor longer and with no sleeves. The length could also be asymmetric, like representing flower petals (an overlapping layer or short on one side longer on the other. The no sleeves rule does not mean strapless. You'll want either a scoop neck, square neck or boat neck (also called bateau). As long as you have the correct neckline, length of dress and either a solid color or floral dress, you will look appropriate. Get a hat to go with the dress and maybe a bolero jacket or button jacket that goes with the dress. Not a coat jacket but, a dress jacket. As far as hats just ask a store clerk for a garden hat and tell the clerk what color you need your garden hat to be. Better yet, just go to a store and tell a store clerk or floor walker that you were invited to a garden party and need help in finding something to wear. Think spring colors, pastels and blues, purples and pinks or think florals.

P.S. Rent the movie "What a Girl Wants." Amanda Bynes plays the main character and she is invited to at least one "Garden Party" in the movie. Observe how people are dressed in the "Garden Party" scene.
Reply:This answer may have been the most thorough, but it was also inaccurate. The length of dress is optional and is usually not long. And the suggestion that the hem should be asymmetrical - are you kidding me? You are not to dress so that you look like a flower. You are to simply to dress like a lady. Report Abuse

Reply:Casual dress. And a pretty sundress would do fine.
Reply:I would call the host to see what is anticipated.
Reply:Pretty and quite smart
Reply:sundresses, you think?

hats, maybe.

Call and ask.
Reply:Pretty dresses and hats.
Reply:Heaven only knows. Could be anything from cut off jeans to picture hats with organdy sun frocks. Call your host and ask for some examples.
Reply:This is all I could find...

Good luck!
Reply:What kind of neighbourhood is the party in? If the hosts have a beautiful garden or outside area, they are asking you to wear spring/summer dresses with large floppy hats to protect your face from the sun. I would suggest flat shoes as high heels tend to sink into the lawn/garden and are difficult to stand or walk in. As a hostess gift, bring something appropriate for the garden or for the season - outdoor plant, gardening gloves, packets of seeds, candles, etc
Reply:i would take that to mean casual but no jeans.
Reply:Wear a carnation over each boob, and a fig leaf below. Have fun.
Reply:I would think it means wearing a summer dress.
Reply:Garden Party attire is not casual. It means wear a dress. Generally, a dress worn to a garden party might have a floral pattern or be of a pastel color.

However, if you aren't sure what the host means, it is also very possible that the host is not sure what "Garden Party" attire means.

Why don't you ask her what *She* will be wearing? As a good host, she should share this info willingly.

PS Hats are optional! Only wear one if you are very comfortable with it. If you wear something you are unsure of, you will naturally appear unconfident. Wear what *you* will be most comfortable wearing.
Reply:Adam and Eve!!!! Naked! Toga! na spring time wear!

What can I replace a shed with underneath a willow tree?

I want to get rid of a 6" x 4" shed that is currently stood on a concrete base, partly underneath a willow tree in my garden. Anyone know what i can put in its place? Maybe stand alone plants or furniture or something? I don't want to get rid of the concrete base.

What can I replace a shed with underneath a willow tree?
A nice picnic table and maybe some outdoor lounge chairs.

making it a nice family gathering place on nice days.
Reply:make it a cook out center,
Reply:a bench
Reply:Bird bath in the center with large containers of shade flowers or green plants sitting around the bath.

A pretty garden statue.

Patio furniture.

Garden art: Paint it with bright colorful cement paint. Maybe a pattern.

Assembly of rubbermaid shed?

outdoor lawn and garden shed, 2 front doors

Assembly of rubbermaid shed?
I work at Sears in Lawn/Garden and Tools. Your Rubbermaid shed assembles much like the "Suncast" sheds that we carry. I know that you received assembly instructions - the pieces generally "snap" together and the instructions are usually clear enough that it shouldn't be a difficult project.

What's a beautiful deciduous tree that provides optimal shade year round with little shedding?

I am attempting to fill a hole next to the fish pond in my garden and have had a lot of trouble with my trees shedding into the pond. I need to fill the hole to keep algae from blooming but want to decrease the amount of skimming I have to do on the pond...thoughts? Thank you so much.

What's a beautiful deciduous tree that provides optimal shade year round with little shedding?
By definition, if it is deciduous it will shed its leaves. If you want deciduous, aim for a tree that sheds all at once rather than slowly over many months. A bigger mess but all at once, so only a few clean ups needed.

Which exact tree depends on what area and microclimate you live in. Go to your local garden store (NOT the garden department of a big box store) and ask this question of someone who has worked there for many years.

rodeo buckle

Creating mediteranean Style Garden and Patio - Ideas Please?

We want to create a mediteranean style garden and patio. We have a large low walled Patio area in buff/sandstone colour slabs. Garden rather boring at the moment !

Need some inspirational ideas please on design and colours ?

We have a

A large square lawn with Shrub borders either side. A largish pond at the end of the garden and beyond that a greenhouse and shed

We want to put a path way in perhaps stepping stones leading from patio to Greenhouse/shed at end of garden.

Perhaps incorporate an Archway somewhere on the lawn

but no sure any ideas ? to break up large boring lawn.

We have blue mosaic Patio Furniture. My hubby has built a nice Med style BBQ.

What Colour Pots/containers for Patio Plants should we get ?

Should we keep to same colour blue as Furniture or use different colours of blues/turquoises or ???

Any other suggestions ?

Creating mediteranean Style Garden and Patio - Ideas Please?
The BBC website has quite a lot of examples and plans from Chelsea from which you can take inspiration, e.g.
Reply:I'd use whites alot, as this is a frequent building colour in the mediterranean - where it adds a touch of cool and calm. Otherwise brilliant blues, as you suggest, are great.

Many countries have decorative bright tiles, so if you add these, this will enhance the overall impact.

Add terracotta pots, for urns and general potting.

For flowers and plants, consider the Mediterranean Fan Palm - Chamearops humilis. This is hardy in areas as far north as the UK, once more than a couple of years old. Try some succulents too, such as Aloe Striatula - this grows well in my central England garden. Also, some of the Century plants are great, and will live if given a sheltered position, Agave americana: These grow around the med area too, frequently seen on cliffs etc.

Add in some bright coloured flowers too, though the bouganvilleas seen around the med are not that hardy, but can be sheltered during winter. Oleanders are frequently found, with whites, pinks and reds being common around the med:

If you can afford an Olive tree, even better, as this will add a really interesting touch (the larger ones can be pricey). Otherwise, a grape vine would be great, allowing you to admire the bunches of grapes hanging from its vines - it could be grown over an arch, or pergola.

I'd also add some mediterranean herbs, such as Origanum, which also add a ton of flowers when blooming, for extra interest.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob
Reply:HGTV pictures of before and after for a Tuscan deck.

They use lot's of vibrant earth tones..wrought iron accessories, use lots of planting pots because Mediterranean gardens are usually small spaces. The use of arbors in deep stained reddish/rust/brown. Lots of gold and dark/olive greens, deep reds and lots of clay pots. Wall mounted water features.

More ideas of space and size and colors.
Reply:I'd go for terracotta urns and blue glazed pots. Mediterranean gardens are usually colourful - use plants such as geraniums and some kind of palms. Passionflower growing on an arch would be nice too. Sorry - can't think of anything else at the moment !

What breakers and rcbs do I need for my consumer unit ?

I am wiring up lighting and sockets, plus 2 water pumps for a swimming pool into a shed in our garden and need to know what breakers and rcd's I would need to fit into a consumer unit. The main cable is a 4mm swa cable, that has been calculated to a max rating over the distance of 2200watts. We will be running 1x single phase pump @ 750watts then another small single phase pump @ 150 watts, then 2x 150watt halogen floodlights, 2 x double sockets for small appliances and 2 x 55watt bulbs inside. I want to fit a rcb to add extra protection if anything went wrong with the pumps, but am not sure what rating I need and also what rating I need for the mcb's ,ideally one for sockets, another for the 2 halogens, 2 pumps, and interior lights ?.

What breakers and rcbs do I need for my consumer unit ?
This is what I would do. You don't want to use the minimum number of breakers. If one trips you lose too many tings. Install a breaker box in the shed off your main breaker box. You need a 50 amp main breaker in this box. Install a 20 amp breaker for the main pool pump. Remember, the pumps will have a high inrush current as they start. This can be almost twice the running current. Install a 20 amp breaker for the small pump and the halogen lights. Install a 15 or 20 amp breaker for the outlets. Install a 15 or 20 amp breaker for the interior lights.

Around a pool or any outdoor area make sure everything has GFI protection on it. Get a permit and have everything inspected. You insurance company will probably deny any claims from work that has not been inspected and passed by the local building dept. If it's not inspected and somebody gets hurt, any damages might have to come out of your pocket.

Does a large shed / Utility Room in the rear of your garden add value to the price of your property in UK?


Does a large shed / Utility Room in the rear of your garden add value to the price of your property in UK?
Not really.

Dog chews garden hose?

Has anyone got any advice on how we can stop our 2 year old Kelpie from chewing our garden hoses into pieces.

The hose connects to the shed evaporative cooler, and shed sink, and it's annoying if it has to be disconnected all the time.

Any ideas?

Dog chews garden hose?
Dogs just love to chew lol once they have chewed an item once and not been stopped or not caught in time then he wont see it as wrong.

Timing is everything, catch him just as he is about to chew it, replace it with something he is allowed to chew and praise him for taking it and chewing it. Toys get confused with chews OK, toys are meant for playing with, throwing and tugging at, very few are meant to be chewed. Get the dog some rawhide chews or a proper dog chew. They love to chew sometimes as a security blanket like a baby likes a dummy.The dog needs to be taught what is acceptable to chew and what isn't.

If the replacing doesn't work then just as he is about to chew the hose pipe a short sharp spray of water on the back of the head works. It momentarily breaks his concentration from what he is doing.(this is meant to startle him, not hurt him),When he looks at you to see why you did that, do not acknowledge him, you want him to think that it came from something in the environment and not you, this way when you are not there he wont do it. Once he has stopped chewing (after the water) give him something he is allowed to chew and praise him again for taking it.
Reply:Hi Yes, my display picture is my Dog, he is a gem, he is 8 months old and adorable. If you need any more help just e mail me.x Report Abuse

Reply:your dog probably feels frustrated or bored. taking the time to train him will help the situation. this link is a good and cheap way to learn how to train your dog:

Reply:I have a crazy dog that defies being trained and if I leave the garden hose out anywhere near her, she will chew it up. I keep her on a runner outside so that I can control her. She is destructive and if she gets loose will not come home for days and my neighbors are tired of it as am I. Now that she is getting old, but still full of many, many tricks, I bring her inside much more so that she is comfortable. I have put a runner from my side door out to part of an old fence I left up just for her and the runner so that she is never loose but has plenty of room to get some exercise, fresh air and I don't have to walk her. I cannot let her lose. She also tries to eat one of my other female dogs on a regular basis but not the other. She will not be trained and I have spend a great deal of time on her. She obeys all the usual commands as long as she is not loose outside but the minute she is annoyed with me, will go pea on my bed. All I can do is control where she goes as I suggest to you. Put up a decorative fence or put her on a runner. Darn, don't you just want to strangle them and then I have to laugh. How can anyone say dogs are stupid when she is just so cunning. But she will never get in my bedroom again. . .
Reply:The texture of the hose may feel good on his teeth. Perhaps finding a chew toy with the same texture or hardness would help. If he is getting plenty of water, then most likely it is from boredom and toys and training should solve the problem.
Reply:Get a puzzle toy and some training treats to put in it, and show your dog how to play with it (they usually come with instructions on how to do this). It really helps with the boredom! The other option would be to put up a gate, or a large kennel to keep him or her away from the hose when you are not there to stop him or her from chewing it up. Don't use a tie-out! Good Luck!
Reply:is he getting enough water?.otherwise spray it with bitters(anti-chew spray)
Reply:Any pet supply store has products you can spray on things to keep dogs from chewing them. Also, try some Kongs, pigs ears, basically any chewy things. Having said that, I owned one dog though who I couldn't get to stop chewing up things. In his lifetime, he ate 4 pairs of my dads shoes, 1 pair of my dads work boots, a pair of hip waders, a rubber floor mat, numerous light bulbs, countless electrical cords (which were plugged in at the time), etc. I could go on and on. And I was never able to stop him either. Good luck.
Reply:I have to agree with Columbo. "Water therapy" works well for us when all else fails :)

We've had a kelpie cross and it was REALLY active and destructive. Because they are bred for working they need plenty to do or they get bored and make their own fun.

vacuum deodorizer

How to call police when your old?

George was going up to bed when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window.

George opened the back door to go turn off the light but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things.

He called the police, who asked "Is someone in your house?" and he said "no". Then they said that all patrols were busy, and that he should lock his door and an officer would be along when available.

George said, "Okay," hung up, counted to 30, and phoned the police again.

"Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people stealing things from my shed. Well, you don't have to worry about them now because I've just shot them." Then he hung up.

Within five minutes three police cars, an Armed Response Unit, and an ambulance showed up at the house and caught the burglars red-handed.

How to call police when your old?
That is so funny. Yeah.. the police were lying. It took me a minute to figure it out though.
Reply:That's awesome!
Reply:Ha Ha! Funny! 10!

omggg that is SOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!

oh woww!! thats sooo true!!!

haha wow thanks! u made me laugh =DD
Reply:LOL!! So that is how you get them to respond quickly!!!
Reply:Thanks for the idea...
Reply:good but old

Good name for a business which installs fencing & decking ???

i am looking for a good name for a business which installs garden fencing ,shed erection %26amp; garden deckingi need a good company name please,nothing tacky,help !!!

Good name for a business which installs fencing %26amp; decking ???
Garden Heroes (Use two little caped men in a garden putting up a fence, building a shed...etc.)

Fencing for your Garden (then you could use two little sword fighters in a garden for your logo)
Reply:"All Decked Out"

to install your fencing!

Logo could have a well dressed man installing a fence!
Reply:Put Up
Reply:Fence and Deck 'em
Reply:I don't know where you live, but you can try this website below. They have lists of companies in your area that other people have used and recommend.

My cat has an obsession with killing birds?

My cat always kills birds and puts them in the shed and around the garden, any ideas on how to stop her?

My cat has an obsession with killing birds?
Cats are not truly domesticated, when they are outside they are often a wild animal, and this species of wild animal kills for food. So it is quite natural, I have known a cat that was excellent at killing mice, and it would lay them outside the back door to show the people it let share its home how clever it was. I had one that would bring birds and frogs into the kitchen (via cat flap) unfortunately the frogs were often alive.

If you want to stop your cat killing anything get a collar with a bell on it, but be warned the cat will not like a collar.
Reply:Get a dog!!!
Reply:She's hunting, like normal cats do. The only way to stop her effectively is to keep her inside. She's outside, birds are outside, there isn't too much you can do there.
Reply:cat that kills birds take it to a shrink i think it has a complex and thinks its a cat ....
Reply:if you can't handle predators, you really shouldn't have got a cat. they hunt. it's their most basic instinct. you may as well try %26amp; get it to stop breathing (not advocating stopping your cat's breath, i've 2 now %26amp; had many over my 35 yrs. so i'm no cat hating scum). a few points;

1. it has nothing to do with "dominance or territory". it's all about food.

2. collaring an outdoor cat is a terrible idea. they can get hung in tree branches or trapped by the neck running under things to get away from dogs. the dog tears your cat apart from the back end. you'd be kinder to wring your own cat's neck than collaring it if it goes outside.

3. can't handle cat's kills, rehome your cat with someone who knows what type of animal they are taking on %26amp; get a rabbit.
Reply:Put a collar with a bell on your cat
Reply:A cats nature unfortunately! You can get a 'soni' type collar from pet shops that scare birds away, they are better than bells apparently!
Reply:Buy her a collar with a bell on it which will alert the birds to her prescene and make them less suseptable to being caught.

Hope that helps
Reply:Cats do what Cats do and thats hunt alltough cats are domestic there first instinct is to hunt after all they are carnovoures , try a bell on its collar to scar the birds. I would ask your vet you may just have to keep it inside. Good Luck and I wouldnt buy any pet birds if I were you. James
Reply:cats kill things cause like their ancestors they think that it's their job don't try to stop him cause it's his nature but maybe everytime he does it say no (insert name here)..

goo luck
Reply:when you catch the cat in action disipline it

but only if you see it or it has been a few seconds

if it been a few hours after the incident the cat will not remember what it did wrong

NEVER hit the cat. when he does this say NO is a firm voice but not yelling. yelling scares the cat and my ruin your relationship with it.... next time it does that get a spray bottle and squirt it with water and say no

also maybe just dont let it out for a few days

cats are very stubborn and do whatever they want

but maybe what i said might work

humans dont really own cats... cats own humans (lol)
Reply:She's just doing what is natural. All domesticated animals have wild ancestors and thus passing the wild instincts on down the line. Some just have stonger hunting urges than others. Sorry nothing you can really do about it.
Reply:yeah sometimes if she's out in the yard, keep an eye out on her. Watch out for other small wild animals and scold her when you see her chasing after something. It's actually normal for cats to do this. It's a sign of dominence and territory. Also, if she gives them to you or puts them on the porch, she's thinking she's leaving a gift for you.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for small animals though! Your cat probably thinking that they're invading on her territory!!!
Reply:thats what cats do. where is your brain??
Reply:watch him and if he goes near a bird stop it
Reply:awwwww the cat must love you,these are offerings for you.erm... dont know how you can stop it tho,sorry xxx im sure someone here will know tho.
Reply:I heard that if a cat kills something and brings it to you or puts it on the porch, that its his way of giving you a "gift".
Reply:Totally natural behaviour from any of the feline family. If it bothers you that much, get it a collar with bells to scare the birds.
Reply:You aint gonna stop the cat. It's a cat thing. If you don't like it move the shed.
Reply:my cat does that too. we put a mirror thing on his collar and the birds probably saw him coming and flew away he hasnt caught a bird in ages. and a bell
Reply:put a bell on the cats collar that will scare the birds away
Reply:My cat did very much the same, until i brought three bells that i attached to his collar the noise from the bells as he approach them made them fly away before he could get near them.
Reply:thats wierd!
Reply:My cat did the same thing and I put a big bell on her collar then every time she tried to get a bird the bell would warn the birds that she was there!!

Ear wigs how to get rid of them?

my shed and garden are coverd in ear wigs, never had them before but since the flood we have had big problems with them in the garden.

i have kids and a cat and dog

how can i get rid of them any ideas please

do not mind spending money on stuff as long as it is safe and works


Ear wigs how to get rid of them?
You know that earwigs like damp areas (since the flood brought them out.). So that's the area to concentrate on. One thing to do is clear away damp twigs and sticks. Open up areas where they might live and breed. You can collect them with a trap in dark and damp places. Also, there will be entry points to your house and shed. Try to make a line that they won't cross with diatomaceous earth. (This works for other sorts of insect pests, too.) Maybe you've put sugar water around the garden to attract slugs? Well, in the same way you can put vegetable oil out inthe garden to capture earwigs.
Reply:We have had this problem on and off for years. My husband finally got some kind of inexpensive bug killer from Lowes and sprayed all around our house and doorways and that really helped.
Reply:the best way is boric acid but here is more info.

There are a lot of insecticides and pesticides on the market that will kill earwigs. Sprays are generally not as effective as granule and residual earwig treatments. For basic earwig control and even treatment of large earwig infestations, both and indoor and outdoor earwig control regiment should be instituted. Boric acid powder, insecticide dusts, and other earwig powders and dusts containing pyrethrins are effective earwig control agents in the home. Outside of the home, earwig control agents should be spread in 6-10 feet from the foundation outwards, all the way around your home. This type of earwig control is made more effective if sprayed lightly with water to help the poison seep into the ground (2-3 inches) where earwigs generally lay their eggs.
Reply:Hi type how to get rid of earwigs on the web search very useful info there good luck
Reply:Hey use pest control but not harmful ones

natural deodorants

Do i need planning permission?

do i need planning permission for a 10ft x 10ft shed in my back garden?

Do i need planning permission?
No. Not if it's a standard height, i.e. about 5'10"-6'0" at the eaves of the roof.
Reply:In 99% not, but you local law could be crazy.

Best is to call building department in you town
Reply:no, provided its behind the front line of your house ( which this obviously is ) your fine coverng up to 40% of land within the chattles of the property.

However I have always send them a note for any outbuilding I've done just to make sure.

You best bet would be to pop down to your open surgery and ask. Most councils have an open morning where one of the planning officers ( the duty officer ) is avaialble for a chat without appointment. I use this to good effect to sound them out for applications. They are very willing to help. Give your council a call and ask them what day the "planning open surgery is so i can speak to the duty officer" Take along a lanf drawing ( perhaps frm your land registry ) and mark out where you are puttng the shed.
Reply:If you are in the UK then the answer is NO, its a normal size and does not constitute being a dwelling..
Reply:Ignore all other answers. In short there is no yes/no answer. The answer will depend on the height of the structure, its distance from the property, its relationship with the highway etc etc. The only way to be sure is to contact the Local Planning Authority. Alternatively visit
Reply:phone your local council

Where to get wood, timber and other things to build a shed for an allotment?

I just took on an allotment but there is no shed or anything, where do I get wood, timber and other bits to build a shed. Where do I get bits and bobs, garden tools to maintain it. I don´t wanna spend a great deal of money on it, better even if I could get it for free. Or is there anywhere near Lincoln, Uk a junk yard where I can get bits like that?

Where to get wood, timber and other things to build a shed for an allotment?
Join your local freecycle group and put a wanted ad. I got loads of bits for my allotment. I was lucky and got a greenhouse from ebay for £10. so it may be worth looking on there too. Best of luck.
Reply:Local reclaimed timber yard. Address should be in yellow pages.
Reply:I completely agree with Chrissy F. The freecycle network is fabulous and you can get just about anything you want. You will also be able to pass on your excess fruit and vegs to fellow freecyclers after you have got your allotment sorted and producing!
Reply:try going down to your local recycling centre. there should be some timber available there. ask one of the assistants if they have what you are looking for. they are usually very helpful. if they dont have what you need then ask a landscape gardener to let you know when they are removing a shed from someones garden. they will probably be very happy for you to have it
Reply:You really need to use tanalised wood for building a shed, as ordinary timber will just rot.

Can wood treatment cause reaction when breathed in ,in enclosed areas?

I have a room built for music(mixing on turntables)which is my hobby.i have had a reaction in my ears each time i occupy the room which is timber framed.Have discovered that just standing in the room without music on i have the same type of tingling feeling and was told that maybe i'm breathing in something toxic in the room that maybe giong to a week spot which can be the ears .Ive taken out all possible suspects like garden furniture,stained shelving etc but nothing majorly toxic(building is at end of garden).

The shed is a year old and on the inside is plasterboard fixed onto the timber framed ceilings and walls,on the extrnal is plywood covered in a waterproofed membrane and then sand and cement rendering.

When other people come into the shed they cant feel anything at all but then they're not exposed to it all the time as i am.Have had my ears checked privately and all was fine.

The music is played very moderately not at all banging loud

Can wood treatment cause reaction when breathed in ,in enclosed areas?
If your house or room has Wolmanized lumber or green treated lumber that is more than 8-10 years old and you breathed in any of the dust you could very well be poisoned.

The wolamized or treated lumber used to contain arsenic poison to kill insects and was outlawed several years back but some of that lumber is still sold from older lumber yards and reclaimed used lumber.

It is unlikely if you didn't breathe the sawdust yourself but it is very possible.I watched case on TV a few months ago that the doctors accused the husband of poisoning his wife until they both got sick and checked his house sure enough it was arsenic poisoning.

I'd get checked if I were you.I stopped using the lumber back in the late 80's before it was outlawed.

But I never showed any symptoms.
Reply:I've heared that it can be - check it out by googling or reading the tin as suggested.
Reply:Could the room be too airtight and causing a vacuum in your ears to build up? Try wearing a breathing mask to see if it still happens or other process of illumination approaches.
Reply:should say something on the tin

or try googling it for more info

How much should I Pay for selling my sheds.?

I am starting a shed business as part of my construction business. I have sheds that sell for $1,695 and cost me about $1000 (labor, overhead, expenses). How much should I give a garden center for having my shed on there property for sale.

1.) I could be there and they would not need to do anything except provide space for me and shed.

2.) They can sell a unit with there staff, I will not be there and I will pay them for each shed they sell.

Any info would be helpful.

How much should I Pay for selling my sheds.?
You could work rent out the space to show the shed or sheds and have the garden center take orders from the customers and pass it on to you. This way you don't need a lot of space thus saving you money(more profits for you). You can have one shed on display and maybe a board with a variety of styles customers can order. Make sure you include pictures this will attract customer. A lot of places only charge you rental fee for the space you occupy. Good luck.

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Garden with no grass - Cats Protection will only let us have a older cat, why?

We own our house and garden, its just me and my husband, no kids etc, we have had a cat flap fitted (its a court yard style garden, paved with a shed and tubs of plants) it backs onto a ally and surrounding gardens are other courtyards and some grass gardens so a real mix. The road arent busy.

We have been told by the cats protection rescue centre that because its a court yard garden we have we can only have a cat over 8 years old. (the rspca however said we could have any age including kittens although they dont have many cats in at the min) We dont really understand why as generally cats wander anyway and dont always like to stay in their own gardens. They said its because younger cats like to play... Ive fallen in love with a few of the younger cats they have there...

We obviously want to do the right thing - Can anyone explain this to us?

Garden with no grass - Cats Protection will only let us have a older cat, why?
Have you tried the Blue Cross? We have PLENTY of cats at the moment and if you were to make your garden really cat friendly with lots of interesting features such as a water feature it can drink from, things it can climb on and laze around on, I don't see why actual grass (or lack of it) would be a problem. Please try the Blue Cross web site which will give you details of your nearest shelter and you can also view all the cats available for adoption.

It would be lovely if you did consider a slightly older cat (8 really isn't old these days with cats living up to 24) as they are more difficult to rehome but have so much love to give.

Thank you.
Reply:gosh, I'm rather supprised at their criteria!!!! I've had cats all my life, and I have to say that it's certainly not essential to have a lawn at all!!

In fact, they don't really spend much time sitting on a lawn at all! You'd usually find them either playing in a bush, in your plant pots, investigating everything but the lawn. grass- unless it's long enough to hide in, is pretty boring for a cat. if the weather's nice and the sun is out, they'll sunbathe on flagstones, or garden table, or a path, something that usually gives off a little warmth.

the only thing i can think of, is they probably think it's a soft landing for a kitten when it's having a mad moment. Have you tried looking somewhere else for a kitten? i feel you'd obviously make wonderful owners for a cat. good luck!!!
Reply:You're best off saying 'please explain this to me' to the Cats Protection person who said this to you. They will tell you all about it, believe me!

I do a lot of work with the ladies at my local Cats Protection branch, and once volunteered at another branch. Believe me when I say they are HARD ASSES when it comes to who gets their cats - they're all for the cats you understand, and they don't care who they offend. I do admire this, but I think they make it too hard sometimes - they have a lot of cats to home and I do think they sometimes pass up perfectly decent homes without good reason. This sounds like one of those cases.

Actually, this does sound like one of the sillier rules I've heard the Cats Protection hand out - I know one person who won't home to anyone who doesn't live in a cul-de-sac, and another who won't home to anyone in a town unless they keep the cat indoors (including my own sister!) But just saying 'young cats like to play' - what, they can't do that without grass?? That's what I'd say to them!!


How can I get rid of Wood Chucks in my back yard?

The Wood Chucks are eating up my garden. And digging underneath my shed.

How can I get rid of Wood Chucks in my back yard?
Pellet gun set to low power. .177 caliber pump pistol

Crossman model 1377

sting them with 3 pumps or kill with 8 pumps.

Cost $69.00
Reply:just hire pest control
Reply:a good solution to rid any animal from an area is moth balls. they can't stand the smell !!!
Reply:We have the same problem, we are setting out rat traps, caught one. i know they are so cute, but they got in our garage and destroyed the insulation in the walls and ate our flowers. i guess I'm just mean.
Reply:You can end this problem permanently with an electric fence product, Mr. McGregor’s Fence®, that is child-safe, pet-safe, 100% effective, convenient, and trouble-free. It is also affordable, costing no more than several live traps or a few gallons of repellant. One big advantage of this system is its permanence. Other control measures (traps, guns, smoke bombs, etc.) are only used after a garden or other target area has taken damage, and more damage may be done before the offending creatures are removed. In contrast, Mr. McGregor’s Fence® is always there. It happily withstands the winter, and after a few leaves are raked away it is ready for the Spring–long before the garden has been planted, at a time when most of your friendly neighborhood veggie-munchers are still asleep.

Other advantages are convenience and safety. Easily installed, the system consists of a barrier fence placed behind two very low charged wires (the barrier fence is not electrified). When an animal encounters the barrier fence and tries to climb or burrow, it comes into good contact with the charged wires, gets zapped, and goes home. The wires are low enough (4 inches and 8 inches off the ground) so that you the gardener are unlikely to get zapped unless you decide to weed around the fence without first unplugging the charger. If you do get zapped you won’t want to touch the wire again, but you won’t be hurt–because the system’s K-9 charger was designed for small pets, and so it puts out a zap that is convincing but too weak to even harm a sparrow.

This way the lil critter can live!

Good name for a business which installs fencing & decking ???

i am looking for a good name for a business which installs garden fencing ,shed erection %26amp; garden decking need a good company name please,nothing cheesy want to sound professional cause i am ! ,help !!!

Good name for a business which installs fencing %26amp; decking ???
Yard Master

Yard Magician

Back Yard Maker

Deck Masters

Outdoor Living Spaces

Backyard Garden Creations
Reply:Yea I agree location would help, I can name hundreds of professional companies, but none if I dont know where you're located
Reply:Your location would help.
Reply:Touche! fencing ( as in fencing, sword play)
Reply:Definitive Garden Space

My copyright fee 1% of sales.....

Best of luck
Reply:Ground and Around (we cover it all)

What are the regs on a out-house.?

Can you build a brick / block, shed / workshop in your garden, I thought under fixtures %26amp; fittings it had to be wood but i now hear you dont need planning if it is less than 4m high x 9m wide and is away from the main property. Thanx

What are the regs on a out-house.?
you can get away with it even if it is attached to the main building as long as it's below certain measurement and you don't put a proper roof on it, instead you can use the corrugated sheeting or (I can't remember what it's called) but it's clear double glazed and you can use it for conservatory's
Reply:you crazy Brits in America an out-house is an outdoor W.C.
Reply:There can be local variations with respect to garden buildings. What you say sounds plausible but it's best to avoid guessing on this matter.

For example, I lived in an area where the maximum height (without planing permission) was 9' (less than 3m).

The safest thing for you to do is to pop down to your local Town Hall and check with the planning department.

You may also like to see if the local library has a copy of the building regulations for you to examine.

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Was there a shed in the Garden of Eden ?

Yes, and garden gnomes, and a big bouncy castle.

Was there a shed in the Garden of Eden ?
Obviously... where else would adam have kept his porn mags
Reply:lol, you mean the one keeping the apples? yes, there must have been more than one to provoke all this:)
Reply:yes where god kept the tools, or was it adam.

i never did pay much attention to bible studies.
Reply:yep, that's where God kept his gardening tools.
Reply:yes the bike shed
Reply:Yes, and it was the biggest bestest shed the world had ever seen. Everyman could go there and do the most blokiest of things involving power tools. But then that Eve woman went and ruined it for us all!!
Reply:No i don,t think that there
Reply:Yes, it's where god kept all his porn and it's what adam and eve found.

It was changed to the apple and the snake to make it more appropriate.
Reply:Sure...they needed some place to park the John Deere riding lawn mower.
Reply:ahaha very smart thinking there.....

i have no idea but i think there might have been one u knoe to keep it lookin good
Reply:Of course, Bill and Ben and the little weed lived there, with Andy Pandy and Teddy, it was a bit crowded!
Reply:Never was.
Reply:That i don't know, but were did the woman come from for cane and able ? , it certainly puts a funny light on eve and family values, or did they lose a rib each ? were did the serpents get his /her knowledge of evil as there had not been any yet , as for fruit trees that in history is recent more over were is the time frame for this happening, can not be in the beginning ? as the animals were here long before we showed up or was one day ,a couple of million years between
Reply:George, I don't think so?
Reply:A shed for what?
Reply:What for. They hadn't invented lawn mowers then.
Reply:Gee george I dont think any one can remember that long ago
Reply:Yes, Homebase and they got 10% of at the weekend.
Reply:yeah cos it was behind the shed where the whole of mankind began ! lol wink wink !
Reply:Behind the house to the left of the apple tree
Reply:Yes - Poor old Adam had to have somewhere to hide frm nagging Eve
Reply:Didn't need one mate , they hadn't invented lawnmowers then !!
Reply:how would you know if i was lying?
Reply:No, Adam had only one tool, and he kept it under a fig leaf.
Reply:Good question, Maybe it was next to the patio and BBQ area.
Reply:of course adam had a shed where did he keep his mower ?
Reply:Sheds are for tools (like rakes %26amp; lawnmowers.) They had no tools then, so they had no use for one. So your answer is no.
Reply:there must have been for adam to escape from eve from time to time

Will PB Blaster take care of a hornet's or wasp's nest?

I have been given an old outhouse I'm turning in to a garden tool shed. I'ts been in my yard for awhile and I'm finally getting around to fixing it up. I noticed the nests a little while ago and am too impatient to run to the store. Don't know if they came with it or are recent home builders. I was wondering if anything like PB blaster would work? Thanks

Will PB Blaster take care of a hornet's or wasp's nest?
Purchase a can of wasp and hornet killer from any hardware store. After sundown (all the bees will then be in the hive)( I prefer near dark to insure that they are inactive) spray the nest well, you will see them dropping to the ground instantly. I prefer to then burn any of the bee carcases, tho I have never seen one survive, I would hate to get any bees started that are immune to the insecticide. We use this method all the time and have never had it fail.
Reply:What is a PB Blaster? Is that peanut butter blaster? (got jelly?). Just kidding!!! I really don't know what the PB Blaster is, but I wouldn't do anything that would cause them to sting you.
Reply:go to the store and buy the wasp spray, it will shoot 20', so you can stay a long way back from the nests.
Reply:too impatient to go to the store yet you find the time to type your question in online and wait for an answer? Why don't you try the PB Blaster and get back to us with the results.