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Is there a specific distance required by the law in erecting a garden shed from the main house.?

Check with the local Planning / Zoning department. There may not be a restriction as far as the distance from your house, but there is usually a restriction as to distance from the property line and or easements, the height of the shed and it's square footage, etc. There might be a need for building permits, also. That would be another question to ask while you're talking with them.

Is there a specific distance required by the law in erecting a garden shed from the main house.?
i think it has to be 1 metre from house or a neighbours fence this is what i had to do.was told by local council
Reply:As long as it doesnt block the main exits from the house you can put it where you lilke
Reply:It does change from area to area.

Normaly you can place right up against the house as long as it doesn't pose a fire hazard
Reply:check building codes.
Reply:yes,that's probably in case there is a fire or something,i think its 20ft but check with the council
Reply:I'm pretty sure that each village or city has its own requirements when it comes to that. I would contact your local village hall.
Reply:Depends on your local building codes. Call your local city hall for the info.
Reply:hopefully it's not like the one on Coronation Street which is more like a small house...

not sure perhaps if you do a google search it'll bring something up for you.

Good luck

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Define the term'Garden' as against Agricultural.?

I have a what i thought was Garden. Nw i have been told it is agrucultural %26amp; have to apply for 'Full planning permission' to put 2 wood garden sheds a a couple of 'Pergolas.


Define the term'Garden' as against Agricultural.?

Sounds like you have something bigger than what the "planners" think of as a 'garden'. Quite often, what passes for a 'garden' in a rural area, gets called a small farm in more urban areas, heheheh.

Go talk to the planners, you most likely will have to purchase a permit. (They do like those fees you know).

Good Luck
Reply:It can depend on the size building and pergola you are erecting and whether it can be classed as a temporary structure. If so then you can don't need planning permission.

It also depends on whether it is one of your neighbours telling you this or you local planning department. Check it out first.
Reply:If it is agricultural you are entitled to massive subsidies from the EU,. If you are a garden it will cost you a lot and no subsidies!
Reply:I'm not up to speed on zoning on your side of the pond but if they want agricultural fees, give them agriculture. Revise your plans a little and substitute hog barns for sheds and a processing plant where your pergolas would have been. That should create a big stink with your council. RScott

I want to build a low, approx 8 x 10 garden shed, need plans, anyone have had a good experience getting plans?

You should be able to find plenty of plan books at Lowe's/HD. I think they tend to illustrate overbuilding though. If you want to see efficiency in shed construction, look at the prebuilt sheds sitting outside Lowe's/HD. Wood prices have gone up so much, I think a lot can be saved by building wisely. Get the floor LEVEL, off the ground (unless you use concrete)and treat/prime anything you suspect will rot 'cause it will otherwise. Good roof overhang on all four sides will prevent a lot of rot.

I want to build a low, approx 8 x 10 garden shed, need plans, anyone have had a good experience getting plans?
One of the best places to go is the local library and look at magazines like handyman also Lowe's or Home Depot have plans and magazines

Do you know where i can get free plans to build a garden shed?

Check these out.........

Ps.....just enter"free garden shed plans" on google for more.......

Do you know where i can get free plans to build a garden shed?
And here's one more for your list:

Garden Shed--Wooden or Metal ?

I am looking to buy a Garden shed approximately 7feet x 5feet to store gardening stuff etc.. Which will be better wooden or meatal? I have seen metal sheds advertised but unsure which one to go for.

Thanking you.

Garden Shed--Wooden or Metal ?
Wood, wood %26amp; wood

Is that clear?

Metal looks cheap and nasty, flexes and is going to be a sauna in the summer.

Wood blends with the garden

I would go for metal.

We've had both, and metal is by far the best with regards to maintenance.

The metal one kept everything dry, but in the wooden one, items tended to have a musty smell and feel to them after a while.

Also, the metal one kept its looks better than the wooden one, which had to be stained etc., every year.

Hope this helps!
Reply:A wooden 7 x 5 you can get for £300.

Thats a pound a week over a six year period, then get another if you have to.
Reply:Wood, definitely.

Part of the shed culture is the musty smell, and the pleasure of treating the outside against the elements.

Don't forget to have a carpet and an armchair inside, plus a bottle of whisky/rum/brandy. Go to your shed for peace and solitude.
Reply:We finally grew tired of rusted sheds and wood falling down storage areas. So we went vinyl. It's not cheap but you'll never buy another.
Reply:And, if you get rust.... then???? Wood far more durable and internally customisable ( putting racks up for tools etc)
Reply:I would go fo a good quality wooden one. Imagine how hot a metal will be in the summer
Reply:i`ve had both and would say wooden sheds are better as steel ones rattle in the wind and condensate heavily on the inside making things damp.
Reply:I've recently put up both a metal and wooden hut and doin both has convinced me if i get a hut of my own i would choose a wooden one. the metal ones are very easily kinked,and a flippin mission to put up.
Reply:You have to consider various things here.

Will you keep anything in the shed which will be badly affected by being very hot? Metal sheds do get much hotter than wooden ones.

How about looks, will you be looking down the garden %26amp; have to see a metal shed - would that detract from the rest of the garden?

Wooden sheds need painting fairly regularly (3-5 years) in order to look their best and the roof will need re-felting sometimes.

Cost also comes into the equation as well as availability and delivery options.

I love my wooden shed - but it does need TLC every now %26amp; then!
Reply:the metal sheds that you have seen are usually made of thin steel and are not exactly sturdy, the range of wooden sheds is quite large so look around all your local suppliers carefully before you decide, some also incude erection so remember to ask, this can mean that the wooden shed is cheaper

ps don't forget a good solid base -2'x2' slabs on a wet mix is ideal

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How to stop kids walking along my garden wall and knocking down plants?I need a quick fix&needs 2 be LEGAL!!!?

There is a 4ft wall that runs along the back of all the gardens in my street. There is also a fence that starts where the wall stops but it's a few inches away from the wall so it makes the wall perfect for walking right along the back of all the rear gardens. I have a few window boxes along my part of the wall with climbing plants to go up the fence (to give us a bit of privacy from the two blocks of flats behind it) but for the past few nights a couple of boys (around 10-11) have been getting in through someone elses garden up the street and walking right along the wall through all the gardens and take great pleasure in knocking my pots down along the way.

I have tried to make the garden lovely for my family-especially the kids to enjoy and also have a summer house and a couple of sheds with expensive garden equipment and the kids bikes, a big slide and swings etc. I'm worried the little brats will do more than just knock my plants over-although this alone is driving me nuts! thanks

How to stop kids walking along my garden wall and knocking down plants?I need a quick fix%26amp;needs 2 be LEGAL!!!?
Buy red ants and put them right around where they play! lol
Reply:May sound disgusting but I'd be inclined to smear cat/dog poo all over the top of the wall. We resorted to this in our old house. We had one of those green boxes on the corner of our front garden (you know the ones that BT have with all their wires and stuff in) and teenagers used to sit on it and cause havoc. They even used to urinate in our garden and against next doors front door. After we spread our secret weapon they seemed to disappear. xx
Reply:yea, good answer about the hosepipe, that would be fun to
Reply:In the US report them to the UK report to police or the council
Reply:Roses are a wonderful plant and since they need to be trellised to go where you want them, maybe you could put some spiky sort of trellis behind them. Sprinklers can be a great deterrent. My stepfather rigged a motion detector to another device that turned on his sprinklers and got the deer to leave his yard alone.
Reply:I recently saw rubber spike strips in one of the Garden catalogues, possibly Suttons. Can't remember which, sorry. they were advertised for preventing cats etc from walking alon garden walls. Perhaps your local garden centre could help!
Reply:Extend the wall up, or add something to it to make it higher.

Take digital pics, get them developed, and send to parents, or take to police, as the kids are trespassing.

Speak to the parents about your concern they get hurt and sue you. Document the conversation.
Reply:Talk to their parents or them. Otherwise nothing, youths these days are bad and spoiled by parents and teh government as well.
Reply:I'd plant poison ivy where it will grow over the wall, or roses, or something like briars that will tear 'em up when they go climbing on my wall. Too bad y'all can't just grab a shotgun loaded with rocksalt when the little buggers come 'round like that.
Reply:find out where they are getting in and solve the problem there.

put up a motion sensor that turns on a big light when they enter your yard

stay up and catch them - be real mean and scare them.

cut cardboard out to go over the wall so they have to go around it saying 'no trespassing we call the police'

sit outside all night sleeping in a chair and when they get there call the police on your cell phonel. ask their names and parents' names.

you will only have to do it once
Reply:Get them with a hosepipe. If their parents ask you were watering your plants!!!!
Reply:Assuming you are in the UK, Anti-Vandal paint is NOT illegal, the councils around here use it all the time.

You do have to put a notice up though stating its use.
Reply:get a dog like a germen shepard or a pit bull or a dovermen those dogs will scary them
Reply:how about speaking to them offer them a drink of juice and talk about your plants and say you could be doing with a helping hand its worth a try good luck
Reply:I have seen some garden centres selling the sort of spikes that buildings use to keep pigeons off their windowsills.

Some councils around my way use anti climbing paint on their walls - yes there is apparently such a type of surface paint!

Or broken glass pieces can be stuck to the top of your section of your wall.

Barbed wire?

Cap-off with pointed roof tiles.

Video/photo them then threaten with the police.
Reply:Rub the entire wall with butter so they slip and fall. Their parents won't be able to sue because they were on private property. Stake out one night and spray them with the water hose. Or you can add cinderblocks to the sides so it makes it harder for them to climb onto to begin with.
Reply:put that trelice stuff, that you can add to a wall/fence.. with some nice plants with lots of thorns in..
Reply:One word - Pyracantha
Reply:This may sound like a wind up, but i bet you it works, put dog dirt on it for a few weeks and they're so called parents won't be long in solving the problem for you!!!
Reply:LARD. Rub it along the wall %26amp; the next time they try to walk along it they will slip %26amp; then they can enter the soprano section of the local choir! %26amp; get a big lock for your shed! It's only a matter of time!
Reply:Put plactic spikes along top.

or put up a trellis fence on top--just the small ones/
Reply:Go out and tell them to sod off. If they give you any lip, then ask them how their mum is going to react when you follow them home and bang on their door five minutes after they get in. This worked pretty well for me.

I have had to frogmarch kids home before now and you would be surprised how ashamed parents are when people come complaining about their offspring. The offending kid usually ends up with a serious grounding.

Don't try this with older kids for all too obvious reasons...
Reply:Borrow a very big dog or buy that anti vandal paint that never dries

They wont be back with ruined shoes and clothes

Oh well summer is back.

I wouldnt recommend the hosepipe, it might have worked a while back but these days they would see it as a declaration of war. And they know full well they have more rights than you.

A good thorny bush then, if vandal paint is illegal. See what i mean about their rights!
Reply:Can you put up a motion sensor light? It would come on when they are there and maybe scare them away. Or find a old camcorder or something that looks like a camera and mount it so it looks like it is watching the wall. Can you get someone to close the opening between the wall and the fence?
Reply:thorns, dog poo, paint, etc.. = no. Kids do know they have more rights than adults. Do some of these things or even talk to their parents, it MAY deter the kids but more probably make it worse %26amp; retaliate.

I liked the idea of setting up water sprinklers to a motion detector. This has the appearance of watering stuff %26amp; not done on purpose.

My ledge is close to ground %26amp; kids will go out of their way to walk through %26amp; even stomp on my flowers in the neighboring bed. I just gave up by planting all day lilies in that area - - those plants will always grow back. You do have more options.

Good luck.
Reply:My first thought would be to put some cactus (cacti) in pots on the wall or where ever they could give the little demons a few thorns, or maybe a nice thorny rose bush! If this is happening at night you could maybe have a security light installed with a motion sensor so that when they are in range of the sensor they are illuminated by a bright floodlight(?) If none of these work I might try to find where they are getting in and see if the neighbor could do something to deter them. Of course if this were happening in my yard I'd love to rig up some kind of trip wire that would make some loud noise so that I could run out and wring their necks!!! Good Luck!

I have recently purchased a new garden shed please suggest the best options and weather proofing for erecting?

It should already be waterproof in that it will keep the rain out but if you want to keep mositure out as well you will have to seal all the little holes / gaps and seal the door like a house and possibly line the inside of the shed as well.

Make sure you have a good flat concret slap to start with don't use blocks or pavers.

Is that what you meant.

I have recently purchased a new garden shed please suggest the best options and weather proofing for erecting?
A concrete base would be ideal this would give you a level suface wich will help keep the shed stable, if you cannot build a base you should consider paving slabs these must be level and if posible bedded in to prevent settling after time ,paint your shed with a timber guard or creasote.If you intend to build your shed near a wall paint that side first.felt roofing is cheap and sturdy as long as it is fixed down well.
Reply:That depends is the shed wood or steel? If it is steel you MUST have a vapor barrier made specially for steel buildings otherwise the roof will drip even with insulation. 4 inch insulation for the roof and walls should be fine. I hope this helps.

Anyone have some interesting garden shed designs they have devised themselves?

I will admit right up front I am not a carpenter! But, a friend of mine did a garden shed that looked like an old outhouse. It was too cute! and needless to say it was left alone.....We live in a rural area and it just fit into our landscape. Good luck on your shed!

I am looking for small windows to install in a garden shed or playhouse?

You can do a couple of things.........Either buy plexi-glass and cut them to size woth a fine bladed jig saw,or you can buy smaller windows from Habitat for Humanity for cheap.

I am looking for small windows to install in a garden shed or playhouse?
Shed U.S. sells small shed and playhouse windows and door hardware ! Report Abuse

Reply:Check "" or your local hardware store, maybe
Reply:Amazing, I just got this last week. I bought an old mill-house with small windows that come into two parts. Cut off the weights and true them up as you would a new window. My sister came and got mine and put them in her daughter's playhouse. You can still find windows where you are in antique stores or anywhere they are remodeling old houses. A big area for that right now is Kannapolis and China Grove, North Carolina. Another option is to build a frame around the opening with a groove in it. Slide in so plexi glass cut to fit, and dress it up with some cute little molding.
Reply:Go to a local (not chain store) window and door distributor and take a gander at their overstock, windows. Chances are they have a bunch of windows that were ordered and came in but the customers never picked up or paid for or were just plain wrong size or whatever. Find something you can use and make em a cheap offer and they would most likely take it as they know they cant get rid of them otherwise.

Good luck.

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What are steps needed to lay a concrete base for my garden shed?

concrete base will be laid on a base of well compacted soil/earth

What are steps needed to lay a concrete base for my garden shed?
Chose the area where you want the shed, leave a little space all the way around so you can get to paint preservative on it in time, make a Wood shuttering up out of 5X1 timber, level and square this on the ground where you want the base, hammer in stakes (on the out side of the frame, this is important) along all sides of the frame, the more the better as when you start filling it with concrete you don't want it to break and come out, again check using a spirit level you are level, it is easier to change it now than when then concrete has been poured, make sure it is squire using the 2,3,4, method, measure 2 foot form one corner along then 3 foot from the same corner up the other part, when you join the two measurements it should be 4 foot, mix your concrete at 5 to 1 or 6 to 1 and smooth off using a piece of timber dragged across the top using the top of the shuttering as a guide, you can throw any old rubble in to the base before mixing so you don't have to mix so much concrete.

don't make the base much bigger then the shed only a couple of inches on each side, this is because when it rains the water will hit the base and splash up causing the wood to root.
Reply:If you live within the city limits you need building permits about $25.00 if you are out of the city limits like me no regulations.

Make a form the correct size according to shed directions You'll need to make it at least 3 '' preferably more to keep rain or snow from seeping thru the bottom .

Then go to Lowe's and ask them what kind of bolts to insert in the concrete unless your shed is prefab/w aluminum rails for attaching to floor/shed. Also ask how thick what type of re bar/mesh and how many bags of ready mix.

Once you have the foundation /floor you are almost home free.

I built a floor for mine so that it wouldn't be so permanently embedded into the ground.

Good Luck! Lowe's is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Reply:I would take the advice of MamsyO cos if you want to move shed any time it will be easier to remove slabs than a concrete base.
Reply:The company who delivered our shed said you don't need concrete. They set it on blocks, and then tied it down through the blocks.

Where we live, you would have to get a Building permit, for the concrete slab and the shed.

Reply:Grannygrunt has the best advice so far, but I would add two things.

1) Lay down a good six-inch base of well-compacted gravel, not just the soil that's already there. And make sure that gravel is level.

2) You don't need to go to Lowes or Home Depot for your building supplies and advice.

We live in a small town of 1,000 and have a great local lumber yard. Small lumber yards are usually run by people with a wealth of experience and are more than happy to teach you what you need to know.

We pay a little more for the lumber we buy in town, but it's higher quality, we support our local business and we don't have to burn any $3.00/gallon gas making a 60 mile round trip to a large box store. Makes it all worth while in the end.

If there's one in your area, I encourage you to support the local stores.
Reply:what we did is just put concrete slabs down. and a shed is on it. it as been on there now for 12 years and still going strong
Reply:No don't just lay concrete on do it right you need hardcore, and you would need shutters around the sides. no best bet is on good compacted soil. lay 25mm of sand and lay paving slabs down. sit shed on slabs. on the end that you can see the joist ends put a piece of timber to cover this gap so no mice or things can get under.
Reply:Where ever you are, the biggest enemy of wood is damp.

You need to have the shed up in the air away from puddles, surface water and bouncing rain.

Aim at a hight above ground of 12 inches/30cm using bricks or concrete blocks or similar, spread a damp proof sheet under the shed to stop rising damp.

Should I build my garden shed on a concrete slab?

I did and anchored the shed to the concrete, built a frame of pressure treated lumber, plywood over that and then we put in a wood plank flooring over that.

Should I build my garden shed on a concrete slab?
Yes you should build build your garden shed on concrete slab, even you mix the concrete using ready mix bag's. It will keep all kinds of critters out. mainly snakes from being under your floor. My building is 12 x 15 and I mixed concrete by hand. If you used treated treated lumber sitting on ground after a few years it will rot or decay. I used treated lumber for raised strawberry bed they lasted about 8 years.
Reply:That's the best way to go, if you don't mind the extra step. Even with that, make the lowest level of material of pressure-treated wood.

Where can I get some plans to build a garden shed .?

Here are plans for several different types of sheds:

Hope this helps!

Where can I get some plans to build a garden shed .?
search the web......

i have went to home depo....with a tape mesaure and made plans for a pik-nik table..........guess you could do it for a shed
Reply:What do you need plans for, all you do is get a pile of wood and nail it together
Reply:Homebase,Jewson,Focus,B%26amp;Q, depending on the size you require they are quite easy to construct so good luck with your initial plans.
Reply:A couple of other places to look at is

www.the 3
Reply:go to a place where they sell sheds ..and find the shed size you want ...have a tape with you and spend some time checking it out cheaper to buy a new one than to build it yourself
Reply:what ever do you need plans for building a shed just buy 2"x2" timber and some shiplap and start nailing
Reply:home depot or lowes

Where can I buy a Keter Fortis 8'X11' plastic garden shed.?

There she is!

Good luck!

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I think I have either mice or rats in my garden do I get rid of them ?

contact your local council and they willput down rat poison and that will kill the rats.But the most important thing is to keep your garden food free"dont throw food to the birds",that what attracts rats is food.Contact the council a.s.a.p.

I think I have either mice or rats in my garden do I get rid of them ?
compras un gato.
Reply:call your local council who will get rid with pest control...

or buy a cat

Reply:well if there rats its easy to tell they are big but poison works great local hardwear store sells all kinds he can tell you the best one
Reply:Napalm strike on the shed.
Reply:place a food supply in your nieghours shed .....

thenburn your nieghbours shed down. lol......
Reply:Dont kill them! They are cute and deserve to live... just chase them off by cleaning up your Shed.
Reply:an over and under. 50 cal buffalo gun works wonders!!
Reply:There are mice %26amp; rats everywhere these days, how ever cute people think these are, they carry many diseases, you can buy poison from any good garden centre etc, put it where you think they are in, near the shed, its the quickest, most humaine %26amp; you wont have to clean up any dead rodents.
Reply:borrow a cat
Reply:Get a un Gato
Reply:burn down the shed

Is old engine oil any good as a weather proofing on my garden shed,Or will it destroy it?

I have been told by many people that it is a good idea, but I haven’t actually seen any body’s shed with this coating

Is old engine oil any good as a weather proofing on my garden shed,Or will it destroy it?
mix in equal parts with creosote it makes a good wood treatment
Reply:It will keep the bugs out of it. The only thing I'd be leery of is the oil might seep into the ground water.
Reply:This does work great on keeping the wood from rotting, or if its untreated, termites to get in.... like stated above, I wouldn't have a open flame around it....
Reply:I've seen several.If ther is no prior treatment of the wood it's a simple process.You'll soon find that it doesn't take much.Note: No Smoking!!
Reply:my dad always did his wooden ladders this way. all he did was mix equal amounts of oil with water.

Do you need to have planning permission for a garden shed.?

No and you can have whatever size you want as well.

Do you need to have planning permission for a garden shed.?
Hi Jane

No you do not need planning for a 'normal' sized garden shed erected in a back garden in normal circumstances.

However ...planning may be subject if you live in a conservation area %26amp; intended to build a very large shed, or also if it was erected in a position that would block natural light to a neighbouring property
Reply:Ask at the planning office.Some councils are funny over planning.
Reply:That is a question best answered by your local municipality. In my neighborhood it is required for anything over 100 sq ft (10 x10). Additionally, if you are putting it near the edge of your property, there may be set back restrictions involved. In which case, you will need your neighbors to sign a letter stating they do not object to it being near the property border.

Some towns have on online website with all the building codes, so you may be able to locate them that way, or just call them.
Reply:Do you mean a Building Permit? Varies from state to state I imagine. In Texas if the shed is over 120 square feet (I think), you need a permit.
Reply:No not if that's all it is. If it was a huge thing and dwarfed everything else in the neighbourhood then the council planners would probably want to know.
Reply:depends how big it is.....
Reply:I am assuming you are in the UK

I am sorry I have to say this but this is a real problem with this site. That is people talking absolute twaddle when questions like this arise. If you were to accept some of the stuff stated above, you could easily fall foul of planning laws and, if the Council were to serve an enforcement notice requiring its removal and you failed to comply, you could finish up with a criminal record and a fine of up to 20,000 pounds. I am a professional private planning consultant and I do not normally work for nothing but in this case I would be happy to advise you free of charge simply to make sure you keep out of trouble. Please use my website details below. Send me an email throught the site and I will reply privately.
Reply:NO not in the UK. you are allowed to erect a garden shed. you can also erect a conservatory as long as it is bolted to the house and ind actually bricked into it. and as I understand does not need planning permit ion as it would be classed as a greenhouse.

Dr Knowitall.
Reply:No - not unless it is 20feet high or something silly
Reply:it would depend on your locality and the local zoning laws. many areas, no, but there are definitely some places where it is required. the size of the shed may also come in to play.
Reply:No. It's a temporary structure.
Reply:No, not unless it is over a certain height and/or obstructs neighbour's views/sunlight. If enough of your neighbours complain about it and prove that it affects their views or sunlight into the garden or house the council could order you to take it down.

Any websites on how to build a 6'x4' garden shed?

Try Google

Any websites on how to build a 6'x4' garden shed?
we went to a garden centre where they sell them and had a good spy about with pencil and paper, build the shed for less than half the price they wanted.

good luck

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How do i get rid of rats in my garden shed?

a cat

How do i get rid of rats in my garden shed?
Do you keep any bird seed or straw or hay in your shed? This will attract them. Put anything edible in metal containers.

My house backs onto a farm and fields and we have always got rats or mice in the shed. You'll never get rid of them completely. You can either contact the enviromental health officer to come out or you can put rat traps down. If you opt for the E.H.O. the rats take the poison back to the nest, but using this method you run the risk of domestic animals eating the dead rat. Rat traps are not for the squimish. Live traps are no good as you have to release them about a mile away or they'll find they're way back, plus you don't want to come face to face with a trapped rat.

If you know anyone who has got a ferret and uses it for hunting, get them to put their ferret in your shed. Ferrets are better than cats. We've got a cat and she prefers to bring us a live present back, in the form of a baby rat. She catches them but she doesn't kill them, so we have to check her when she comes in the house.
Reply:poisoning is a bit gross and you have to go round disposing of all the bodies or do environmental health or pest control do this for you ?? contact them and they should be able to give you all the advice you need xxxxx
Reply:Although I cant tell you how to get rid of the rats I can tell you now rats are Imune to the standard rat poison Ie wayferin you will have to get the enviromental health in the have upto date methods alternatly get a Terrier dog but be warned there will be one hell of a mess to the rat when the dog gets hold of it Good luck
Reply:Get some rat snakes %26amp; let them loose in your shed. Once they've cleaned it out, they'll leave to find more food elsewhere.
Reply:Yep cat is your best answer.
Reply:Get rid of any garbage. They love it!
Reply:leave a trail of small nuts and berries into a cage of some sort but when you've caught it free it into a field. do not kill it and treat it like you would like to be treated.
Reply:Get your self a husky. My husky kills rats, wood chucks, and possums. And I know where the animal is when it is dead, instead of using poisons that let an animal die under your house.
Reply:use poison for rats
Reply:buy an anaconda that will definitely work unless the anaconda is anorexic then you are screwed
Reply:If you live in a wooded area, mice and rats in sheds and barns are a fact of life.

You can get a cat or set traps.

Just don’t use poison, since if a poisoned rat is eaten by a cat (your neighbor’s for example) it can kill the cat as well. Plus if they die under the floor boards or in the walls, then you have to get to the dead thing to get rid of the nasty smell.
Reply:You don´t , Get in touch with the Environmental Health Department at your local council offices. Rat´s carry diseases and are a danger to health. They also breed rapidly -one female Rat can produce 50 young a year. Rats are very clever , they soon become aware of trap´s and poison, and the glue trap´s , forget that, I have seen a Rat eat it´s own leg off just to escape. Best calling the Environmental Health people in , they should get rid of them free or for a very little charge.
Reply:I think your local council or environmental health will get rid of them for you as they are a health hazard to you and your neighbours.
Reply:set out rat poison and traps to kill them but try not to hurt ur garden good luck
Reply:if the rats are big get a bb gun
Reply:i would go in the shed scare them out and then make it rat proof.
Reply:put rat poison down, if that don't work get the hammer ;-)
Reply:cats, traps or poison, otherwise call a pest control company, but that costs more.

How can I get rid of cats who are using my garden shed as their dormitory?

First of all do you have any cats your self ?

There are a few things you can get to keep cats away. you can get things that make a very light noise to the human ear but is very loud to the cats and keep them away. You can get pellets. Try going to a pet shop near you they should be able to advise you on the best thing to use. Other than that keep your shed locked ?


How can I get rid of cats who are using my garden shed as their dormitory?
Moth balls... Crush them into a fine powder and sprinkle it where they go.. they can stand the smell.. just make sure if it rains or is windy to replace it.. in a couple of weeks it should stop.
Reply:take a piece of paper and write down I have cats togive away to anyone who is interested. you could call the animal shelter and tell them you found some cats that need a home!!

What type of indian timber should I use for a garden shed?

Thirty years working in and around construction and I've never heard of "Indian timber." What are you looking for?

What type of indian timber should I use for a garden shed?
Maybe it's the region. I've lived and worked in the Midwest most of my life and am now in the South. And, yes, I have been in construction. Report Abuse

Reply:tannalised or any treated soft wood.
Reply:rubber tree get it indian rubber
Reply:Theres a Japanese wood called Oruko (I think thats right anyhow)

thats really good for external timber constructions.

Garden shed building help?

i'm buying a dirtbike and i would like to buy a shed to put it in so that it wont take up space in the garage or unfinished part of the basement, all i want is a shed that will sit by the house that is like this one

i dont want to pay 500 dollars so i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips, or plans and maybe a cost estimate if i built it myself

Garden shed building help?
Realtively easy actually. Do you have the ability to put it against the house/ a wall/ a fence? If so it need only be 3 sided.

The material should be exterior ply to begin; and 2x4 treated, as the support/frame/sub floor bracing; material. You can use the measurement examples in that shed you linked too; or your own judgement in what relates to the size of your bike; possible storage shelving; ability to actually get into the shed with the bike; etc.

You can decide the pitch of the roof; take your measurements and apply them to framing out the floor; the uprights; the roof framing; and put that all together. Then cut your facing stock to size and angles; allowing for the pitch of the roof in the framing and facing. Using the same material; or corrugated fiberglass screen room roof panels; aluminum panels; etc. If you choose a Ply roof you can run 90 pound felt and a square of shingles. OR for cost savings just use a tarp for the roof, and the back wall.

Having the shed against a wall will aid in supporting the structure if you can attache it to the wall. The door or doors (one at each end) can be the PLY and strap hinges.

Steven Wolf

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Is it okay to paint a garden shed that is white vinal a dark colour?

forget about the color...painting a vynl surface requires a very good primer base coat so the topcoat will stick...if you still want to do this get a good primer I reccomend x-i-m, and topcoat with a very good exterior latex,i reccomend benjamin moore mooreguard.....good luck///painting contractor.

Is it okay to paint a garden shed that is white vinal a dark colour?
All vinyls are diffrent as far as heat resistance... the strength is based on the color. a vinyl with the strength (of white) will buckle and warp if it has to endure the heat crfeated by a dark color absorbing the sun.... I would not do it....

I have bees under my garden shed! I thought i'd got rid of them last year by putting powder in the entrance!

They seem to have come back now that the weather is getting warmer. Any ideas how I can get them to move on. I'm not keen on killing them but will look at ALL suggestions. Thanks

I have bees under my garden shed! I thought i'd got rid of them last year by putting powder in the entrance!
if they are getting in via a small hole, you can patch up the hole with an expanding foam...i had them under my porch in some cracks in the bricks, and i sealed up the cracks with some expanding foam insect killer, end of problem
Reply:Only a stupid female would ask a question such as this. It does not ever deserve an answer.

2 points!!
Reply:yeah put some peppercorn there it works

Where can i find, how to dismantle a garden shed?

first take off the roof,then the sides should either be bolted or screwed together,undo these and hey presto,shed down? its not exactly rocket science,there not as complicated as you think?

Where can i find, how to dismantle a garden shed?
They are usually assembled in sections so just look at how it was put together in the first place and then reverse the process.
Reply:sledge hammer,swing,hit the shed,shed breaks problem solved
Reply:saw zawl
Reply:easy grab a crowbar and give her hell then call the local scrapman to haul it away.
Reply:very easilly.a sledge hammer

After I disconnect my pool filter and pump, can I store them in an outdoor garden shed or an unheated attic?

I live in NYC, we get below freezing temperatures and snow.

After I disconnect my pool filter and pump, can I store them in an outdoor garden shed or an unheated attic?
I work in the Toronto area, so same sort of weather. Yes, you can move it into an unheated space. Just make sure that you thoroughly drain it all. There will be one drain on the filter and if this is a typical above ground pump, one in front, behind and below the basket housing. If this is an inground pump, there's two, one directly in fron on the basket housing and one to the right hand side, mid way back as you're looking at the pump from the basket end.
Reply:i live in north west Indiana and all i do is drain the filter and leave the drain open and drain the pump and leave the drain plug out and i store mine in the shed. p.s. i leave the drain plug for my pump inside the pump basket so i do not loose it.
Reply:sure but you have to be sure and get all the water out
Reply:yes I live in Wisconsin in the north drain your filter and pump and store it , it will be fine if you have drained it completely

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Need 8' x 6' Garden Shed- Where's the cheapest to buy in UK- or should I try to self build-if so how?

Linda beat me to it. Exactly what she said and you just need a screwdriver and spanner to assemble it.

In fact I might have been first and Linda copied me !!!

Need 8' x 6' Garden Shed- Where's the cheapest to buy in UK- or should I try to self build-if so how?
Wicks DIY is definately the cheapest.No to self build,more to it than you think
Reply:If B %26amp; Q doesn't have what you need go onto
Reply:If you are not desperate for a new one, try e-bay. Often they are advertised very cheap with the intention of the buyer taking it apart and taking it away. Obviously it must be nearby.

My son put a 10 x 8 in excellent condition up for £1 and sold it straight away, buyer dismantled and took away.


Including VAT %26amp; Delivery
Reply:If you don't want to buy one why not become a member of your local freecycle group, they've given away about half a dozen sheds in our local group recently.

Just go to

Renovating a garden shed?

What materials do I need. What is the material on the roof? Where can I bu this?

Renovating a garden shed?
the material on the roof is ( felt ) you will need 1 or 2 rolls depends on size of the shed you can get the felt from any builders yard or from B%26amp;Q OR WICKS.



L ay a 10 foot 2x4 across each edge of your rectangle and confirm it is level. Adjust stones accordingly. Now do the diagonals of your rectangle. If they are correct, you have a level pad. Otherwise, adjust accordingly and repeat the first setp across the edges.

This will insure that the pad starts level but it will not insure that it stays level. Building a fram with pressure-treated lumber around the perimeter of the stone will help keep the stones from shifting. You can still get uneven settling in the soil is not compacted. There are also drainage issues that should be addresses around the stones so that the stones don't sink when the soil is saturated and to prevent water/mud seeping between the stones in the wettest months. A french drain composed of perferated pipe, pea gravel and a solid pipe with a positive slope to an drainage area will address this issue.

Good Luck!
Reply:Certainly grading the plot level first would make it easier.

You might try to frame the plot as you would if you were pouring a slab, then SCREED the stone, on a LEVEL frame, until it was FLUSH with the top of the frame, then set your shed on top of that.

There are a few things you should consider however.

STONE shifts, settles, and certainly unframed you'll find that apparent more rapidly. Even framed, even TAMPED, the weight of you working the construction, or its weight alone will cause effects I mentioned.

Steven Wolf

Just my 2 "sense"

I have wild rabbits that are burrowing under my garden shed how can I get rid of them?

Do a search for "powdered fox urine". sprinkle it here and about and the bunnies will high tail it out of there. They aren't really friendly with foxes, ya know?

I have wild rabbits that are burrowing under my garden shed how can I get rid of them?
Rabbits hate moth balls. Put some moth balls in the burrow.
Reply:Rip the ground up, sandwich chicken wire in between two layers of dirt and your topsoil, then replant...

It will allow the plants to come through, while not allowing rabbits to dig a hole

Also good for preventing dogs from making holes, too!

Make this your best answer!
Reply:My neighbors put up those foil balloons and I've heard sprinkling cayenne pepper around will keep them away.
Reply:Wait until rabbit season and get a hunting license. Enjoy some good rabbit stew.
Reply:Lure them out, then set them free elsewhere. Use sometype of vegtable.
Reply:Marigold flowers...rabbits hate them... Plant them around the shed/garden and they stay away!! plus make it look nice!

1 three pound rabbit

6 small onions, chopped

1 bay leaf

½ cup chopped celery

2 tsp. salt

2 cups diced carrots

3 raw potatoes, cut up

3 tbs. flour

1 tbs. chopped parsley

Clean rabbit and soak in salted water. Drain, disjoint it in pieces for serving and place in a large kettle with onions, bay leaf, celery and salt. Cover with cold water and cook slowly until tender, about two hours. Add chopped carrots and potatoes and continue cooking until these vegetables are done. Smooth flour with a little cold water and add slowly. When thickened, add chopped parsley and serve.
Reply:Get a big dog, if you have a fenced in garden.
Reply:marigolds didnt do it for me...they ate them down to stems

I use liquid fence

it keeps them away
Reply:Get a gun, wait for them to come out, then shoot them.
Reply:Carrots and Rat poisin!!


How can i inselate one of those plastic gardening sheds?

i have one of those plastic sheds

and i need to air condition it

but since the tempature outside of the shed is over 100

i need the shed 2 stay cool

i am making it the place where my bunny lives

so the shed needs 2 stay under 80 degres

can someone tell me how to make sure the air doesn't get out of the shed?


How can i inselate one of those plastic gardening sheds?
I think the money you spend insulating the shed would be better spent by building a bunny penn somwhere else in the yard in the shade out of wood. you can be creative with the design and then mabe find a better way to insulate it good luck!
Reply:The sheds I've seen like your talking about are usually hollow.You can use the canned foam insulation.You may have to drill a small hole towards the top of each may take a few cans but it really works well.It expands an fills the compartments.It cost 3 to four dollars a can so it may cost you 30 to 50 bucks to do the whole thing depending on the size.My wife and I raise rabbits an really enjoy them.I hope this works out for you.Good Luck fellow Bunnie lover.
Reply:You can buy roll insulation and just nail or glue it up. I don't think those sheds are very air-tight though so even insulating will only do part of the job. You'll lose a lot of your cooled air. The rolled insulation will be cheaper than the canned stuff and the canned stuff expands and could cause your shed to burst.

Where can i find plans for a garden shed?

northen tool has the plans and conectors to do it with 2x4 just go to and you decide good luck

Where can i find plans for a garden shed?
Here are a couple ideas
Reply:try this

This might give you what you are looking for.

How easy is it to dismantle and re-assemble a garden shed?

A 10 ft by 6 ft size...

How easy is it to dismantle and re-assemble a garden shed?
well it's not THAT easy.

It needs at least 2 people, watch for splinters and oild nails so you should wear gloves. Getting the old nails out can be a drag. They are probably quite large nails. You should be able to partially withdraw them with a clawhammer, then all you have to do is bang them in again as you rebuild.

You will also need to cut the felt on the roof ( along the ridge) so you can dismantle it. This requires a stanley knife. The roof is probably in 2 separate parts. You will require some roofing felt to repair the ridge section once you re-assemble the roof.

You need to develop some plan for removing the roof sections because if they are uncontrolled they can slip, fall or cause injury. A pair of stepladders is handy when working on the roof.

DONT be tempted to move the wall section with the glass still in place- it WILL break. The glass should be removed, and replaced afterwards.

ALL THIS ASSUMES THAT THE SHED HAS BEEN DESIGNED AS A PREFABRICATED SHED IN THE FIRST PLACE- ( which it probably has) - if not, you have a big job on your hands.
Reply:It i very easy first dis mental it and than reattach it
Reply:I wouldn't say that it's too difficult, but it needs two people as you won't be able to do it on your own.
Reply:Just number all the corners and top and bottoms of the sections before you take it apart.
Reply:depends if its a pre/fab, if it is it wont be to bad, if not could be a bastard
Reply:its depends on the material used on the shed , if it is a coustom bulit wood style shed then it will be harder than it is one of those aluminium style ones .......the metal sheds are fairly easy , you need to take care while taking off the roof , they are usually one piece and the metal can and will flex a bit when you take it off , becareful and use some leather gloves while grabbing and pulling or carrying the metal parts , the edges are sharp like a razor blade and with the weight it doesnt take much to slice up your fingers or hands careful ............

Please share ur experience of yard/garden shed erection and how difficult it was..?

I am considering buying and then erecting a yard/garden (from sears/home depot etc.) shed by myself. I am an average "do-it-yourselfer". Please tell me how was your experience. Is it a one week-end project? How were the instructions- very clear or confusing?

Please share ur experience of yard/garden shed erection and how difficult it was..?
i was going to make a joke,(erection in the shed etc..)but I've stopped myself!

I've done 3 other the years 2 from new and a dismantle re assembly job they are so easy honest you'll have no trouble, and should easily manage in side 1 day so a weekend will give you lots of time to take things slowly, the instructions are easy and lets face it its just a pig puzzle where the pieces can only go in one place, an extra pair of hands to hold thing whilst you secure is very handy early on with the first 2 panels, but clamps brackets and even rope can do that job if you on your own, good luck
Reply:Look at the instruction sheet and say out loud :

'This was written by someone that really does not like me much'.

Its probably true that writers of instruction sheets (esp sheds and wardrobes) are frustrated writers that couldn't quite make the grade.

'She stared in to his eyes (parts b and c if blue or g and h if brown.) He stared in to hers (parts g and h if blue or m an n if brown)......etc'

Anyway, the trick is to start early on a Saturday morning and make sure you stick no two parts together permanently until you are absolutely sure you can fix the rest without taking them apart again.

Another reason of course is that the instructions were first written in English before being sent to China where the parts were made. They half translated the instructions and made up the other half in Chinese before shipping it back where it was translated in to something that might pass for English.

Good luck.....have a bbq on the Saturday evening regardless. Its something to look forward to.
Reply:From taking of a lorry to fitting the lock 2men 3/4hour 7foot x 7foot timber shed dead easy
Reply:i thought this was totaly differant question lmao

my parents had it done but it took like two weeks because irish builders are lazy fecks

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Anyone know how to repair a garden shed roof? Stuck!?

Does anyone know what I need to get to repair my garden shed roof? It's a flat roof - small shed and is leaking. Tried sealants on possible leak sites, but really need to re-roof. Help!

Anyone know how to repair a garden shed roof? Stuck!?
try some ice and water shield and then cover with roll roofing

Can anyone recommend a good scource fpr plans for garden sheds? I want to try to build using reclaimed timber.

Sexy question , I think you just reclaimed my timber....

Can anyone recommend a good scource fpr plans for garden sheds? I want to try to build using reclaimed timber.
Is this for a love nest if not you have posted this in the wrong category.

Where can I find a garden shed in Barnet area? n.London?

Who sells the above? O.K. where do I go to get a garden shed in Barnet.?

Where can I find a garden shed in Barnet area? n.London?
Try Lawsons Whetstone A1000 opposite B%26amp;Q. They have a selection and one you may find suitable for your needs they also provide an erection service.
Reply:try looking on ebay local think its
Reply:A DIY shop, garden centre. Try the yellow pages for shed companies.
Reply:try your local garden centre ot the yellow pages
Reply:Argos sells them and can deliver next day for £4.95

What do i need to fit a over head power cable to my garden shed?

shed is 20foot from house

What do i need to fit a over head power cable to my garden shed?
firstly dont do it yourself as you obviously dont know how

secondly get an electrician and ask him

if he gives you similar reply to jayktee then give him the job otherwise get an electrician called jayktee

please have a week off jayktee and give some of us others a chance
Reply:If you want a permanent circuit out there, building codes in your area with dictate what must be done. It's most likely that building codes will dictate a project this complex to require a certified electrician. Even if it doesn't, there's still a lot of building codes you would have to follow to insure the instillation is safe. The easiest will be to bury the wire (and even then there are regulations on what to put it in and how deep to put it). Otherwise, I'm sure there are more complex rules that include the wire be a minimum height off the ground at all points (which could include the need to start the drop from a pole above the roof line).

Now if you just use an extension cord, that comes under the rules of a temporary instillation, and you can do just about anything you want.

Either way, make note that most overhead power lines go much farther than 20ft between poles or poles and a house. But those wires are attached or wrapped around a supporting strand of wire.
Reply:be coses of water
Reply:If you are in the UK, (England /Wales) you need an electrician, as this falls under the Part P regs and you can't do it yourself. Having said that, you would be better going underground, but if some some reason that is not possible, then for starters, you will need a steel catenary wire and sufficient length of suitably rated exterior or armoured cable and hangers.
Reply:20 foot of cable wld be a good start
Reply:Many factors can be involved with this. Your best bet is to at least consult an electrician who can come and see what you can and can not do. To go overhead you need overhead wire supports clamps and the proper equipment to go into the shed and into the breaker panel.

To go under ground is a better option if just taking a 120 circuit to plug in equipment or a light. You can bury the wire at a mimimal depth and only need the wire and some conduit to go into the building and panel.

To use two circuits or for 240 volts you will need a whole new disconnect and is more complicated. Definately a job for an electrician.

All overhead wires have a minimum height requirement and different heights for different areas. ie. if you have a pool or a deck the height will change. I doubt your shed is very high and will probably need a pole mounted to it.
Reply:overhead cables look crap... bury it in the ground in some ducting
Reply:Catenery wire pack (Which comes with tensioners and anchors)

100 x 300mm cable ties (To tie the SWA to the catenery)

8x M6/8 Rawl bolts (To bolt the anchors to the wall)

?L 2.5mm 3core SWA (Note: This cable can only take a maximum of 16amps)

1 Pack of CW SWA Glands to suit the above

Very good brick work

This does work iv done it over a longer run than 20' and 5 years down the line its still like a guitar string

Go to a electrical wholesalers to buy these DIY shops wont have a clue try:

Newey And Eyres

Edmanson Electrical

City Electrical Factors
Reply:20' is a big span. Put a support halfway. I would use a pressure treated 4" X 4" buried 2' in the ground with pea gravel under the base. Anchor with two bags of QUIKRETE. This is an easy project. Questions?
Reply:A pylon

my fish

I want to build a timber framed log store as an extension to a timber garden shed. Source of drawings?

I haven't surfed, but you might certainly find general sketches, photos etc., showing similar to what you seek, in just a keyword search of the WWW.

It may be more a challenge to find Prints, and methods, directing you from beginning to completion.

I assume you have access to this existing shed? If so, duplicate at least in part, the methods used in constructing it.

Want to build, is a great notion, but you may find issues, such as Codes that need to be followed, permitting, utility issues, etc.

What is the best wood to replace the panels on my 6 x 4 garden shed? I want sheets of wood, not panels?

Exterior grade plywood. Comes in 4x8 foot sheets in various thicknesses and will be a good base to nail to if you decide to put siding on in the future.

What is the best wood to replace the panels on my 6 x 4 garden shed? I want sheets of wood, not panels?
Don't know that you'll be able to find cedar sheetstock. Try marine grade plywood, it is either treated or made from Mahogany venners laminated together. A little on the expensive side though!
Reply:I would buy stock 4'X8'ft. ply wood 3/4. inch thick then cut it to fit myself to save money.
Reply:any wood for a garden shed don`t have to be expensive, and give it a good coat of P V A mixed with water job done !!
Reply:I'd go with cedar- it weather nicely

Providing a overhead power supply to my garden.?

Hi, I know the norm is to burry swa cable into the garden shed, but i cannot as i live in a flat and its not my garden to dig up and the guy down stairs is a tit. so i was wondering if i could provide a overhead cable?

Providing a overhead power supply to my garden.?
hello, you yourself can't do the work because of new legislation known as part P of the building Regs. which was brought ito effect last year.

You need to get an electrician who is Part P certified to do the work. The regulation covers bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors ie. gardens.

You would need a steel catenary wire down to the garden shed with the swa fixed to it. It wouldn't look very nice though.
Reply:fully agree with malcolm ms answer above however yep you could run the cable provided you DO NOT DO THE ELECTRICAL connections however prob best to get a spark in least it is done above board and to the regs

SOD Part P it is a sham

Corgi reg who been doing most trades for umpteen years only to be told i cant do it now!!!
Reply:I'm not sure it's legal unless you are a power company or suchlike. If you decide to do it regardless, make sure to first install a suitable suspension wire to hang your cable from and use strong cable ties rather than tape as some people do.

Give me some clever storage ideas in garden shed and garage ?

Need to store everything away from the floor and easy to reach places.

Give me some clever storage ideas in garden shed and garage ?
Use the ceiling:

- I created my own ceiling-mounted storage area, below is a link (1) to a commercially available product.

Use the walls, efficiently:

- Use flip-up wire brackets (2) to hold multiple, like-sized shovels in a minimal amount of wall space.

- Use spring mounted handles (3) holders to hold rakes and brooms, but alternate them (one head-up, one head-down) to usethe space more efficiently

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How do i layout and install a concrete pier foundation for a small garden shed (about 6 blocks total)?

the total structure will be 90"w x 120" deep.

How do i layout and install a concrete pier foundation for a small garden shed (about 6 blocks total)?
I would use pressure treated 4 x 4's not more than 48 inches on center around the perimeter all connected with PT 2 x 6's. In addition, within the perimeter add 4 x 4's to support joists running in the 90" direction. Cover all with 2 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood each sheet oriented at right angle to the other.

Use carriage bolts with the 4 x 4's and 2 x 6's. Use dry wall screws to secure the plywood.

Does anyone know how to get about 8 or 9 Bolivians out of my garden shed?

They're not annoying me as such, it's just that they've left their used crack pipes all over the lawn %26amp; it's starting to attract the Behemoth's again.

Does anyone know how to get about 8 or 9 Bolivians out of my garden shed?
Lawn gnomes, there creepy as hell. and i can't think that crack smoking Bolivians will be immune to super creepy lawn gnomes.
Reply:(1) this will cost you as much as some cheap lawn chairs.

(2) set those chairs up in the shed of the neighbor that has it out for you.

(3) evict them to the neighbor on the street you know is a crack head.

you ask how?

(take all the crack stems put them on a string knot the end and drag it they"ll follow the chiming noise.) right to the neighbors' shed.

Reply:Just mind they don't smoke the cat litter.
Reply:Soap and water should do the trick. Used in conjunction with a weapon of mass destruction.
Reply:Its funny you should ask. I just happened to have a spare Bolivian Extractor. It's easy to operate. A little gas, a match and Guy Fawkes. Blame the Bolivians. Claim the insurance, build a new, more secure garden shed. Behemoth moves to new neighbourhood.
Reply:try a handgrenade
Reply:back a wood chipper up to the door of the shed. Tell them Che Guevera is in there and would like a word with them.
Reply:I'm sending them the means to eradicate you and your kind. Hasta la Vista, Baby.
Reply:buy a good LOCK
Reply:Dynamite, failing that Superman
Reply:Why move them if they are not annyoing you? As for the pipes left on your lawn, collect them up and return them to the group, they are probably looking all over other peoples' gardens for them. Bless them!
Reply:are you sure they are from Bolivia? they could be from Columbia. you really need to get grip on things, call the cops! or you could tell them you have called the immigration guys. last but not least if they are not bothering you ask them kindly to not leave their crack pipes in the yard and tell them you would like them to start paying you rent for the shed. i think about $250.00 per person is about right, that is x 8 or 9 thats $2250.00 a month extra. this will probably make them leave your shed, and then you will not have to worry about the cop raiding your home as a crack house!!!!!!!!
Reply:Increase their rent.
Reply:Oh come on, everyone knows that Bolivians are afraid of Chutney.

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How do I ensure my garden shed dosen't suffer from damp?

Ensure the shed is raised off the ground. Mine sits on bricks no,problems since erection (the shed that is!) Also ensure the felt is properly covering shed above.

How do I ensure my garden shed dosen't suffer from damp?
ensure adequate ventilation underneath it. There should be an air gap under the floor.

Ensure the outside wood is treated.

And renew the roofing felt.. It's cheap and it's a false economy not to. Leave the old stuff on.

Raise it off the ground by at least 12", re-enforce the floor too, to stop you falling throught it.

Give a couple of coats of wood perservtive twice a year.

It should be fine for years to come.
Reply:Just to add,

Don't leave anything leant on she shed as water wil sit on the object and penertrate.
Reply:Spray it with Cuprinol or the old favourite used to by creosote.
Reply:Vents at floor level and as high on the sides as possible.

Does anyone know where I can buy a garden shed/summer house in Spain? Near Malaga?

I dont know if it would be cheaper to buy here in UK %26amp; take with me. I cant find any UK shops that will deliver abroad. Is there any Wickes or Homebase shops which are reasonably priced?

Does anyone know where I can buy a garden shed/summer house in Spain? Near Malaga?
Buy near Marbella. Much nicer.
Reply:I know there is a garden centre on the road from Fuengirola to Mijas, and I guess they probably sell sheds etc. But there must be somewhere in Malaga itself - why not try googling "Malaga Garden sheds"?

I live in Malaga and there is a reall good Leroy Merlin and they also deliver, there are hundreds of furniture shops in Malaga just take a drive along the N340 and turn off before the University and head into Malaga itself. El Corte Ingles are also situated along the coast from Puerto Banus to Malaga and they all have furniture stores, Aki is also a good place for garden sheds and the like but the Leroy Merlin near Plaza Mayor is the best place for a deal I think :)
Reply:I agree with Bumble - the local garden centre will be good for it. I remember seeing one on the road from Estepona to Marbella. It was on a left hand side. Otherwise - try big trading estates, where you can usually find big supermercados like Carrefour - they have DIY centres there.
Reply:That is just tacky.

I think I have got a rat or rats in my garden shed?

The shed is full of junk which I am too weak to shift. If they are poisoned how do you know they are dead if you cant see them?

I think I have got a rat or rats in my garden shed?
If the shed's full of junk, leave them alone. They'll move on of their own accord eventually. As long as they don't come to the house you needn't fear them. I have one at the bottom of my garden, that comes %26amp; goes. Never bothers me, I don't bother him. I had this advice from the environmental health officer.
Reply:Fatten it up for Christmas and have a free range meal, i am told they taste like chicken
Reply:A gallon of petrol and a match will cure both your problems. The rats will be killed and the rubbish will be burnt away. Also not having a shed will relieve you of the temptation to fill it with junk again so alleviating the recurring problem of the rats.
Reply:mouse traps or a fat cat. lol the mouse traps will catch them to were you see them when they are dead and the cat might show you them once they are dead. if not you just need to pay someone to clean out your shed.
Reply:My cat loves crawling around my junk filled shed, which I can't really get much further into, than the doorway. She sniffs anything out, and has made several catches in a day. Most cats are happy and eager to chase rats, and this is a natural way of deterring or stopping rodents, nicer than poison (until the cat mistreats their catch).

Catching the rat likes curing the symptom and not the cause though. Sounds like you'll need to restructure the shed, clear some clutter and junk and seal any stuff they can feed on. I use plastic waste bins to store edible food that rodents like. This should then stop a recurrence.

So, think about doing this as a priority as well as, or instead of getting a cat around, enlisting clearance help will help with your strength issues.

Good luck! Rob
Reply:Give the poor thing a break! It is looking for food and shelter. If you poison it, then you have the problem of a rotting carcass that you can't get to. This in turn will attract scavengers, which may be poisoned too, and they will smell bad and attract more scavengers which could be poisoned and die and so on... ad infinitum. You could set off a chain of events you are unable to handle, and as long as it is outside and not a threat to you leave it alone.
Reply:Rat traps are best. Even if you have only "junk", I don't like the smell of rotting critters myself. Plus, they'll make an unpleasant find later when petrified when somebody cleans out that shed.
Reply:Try putting some moth balls in the shed...toss handfulls in there, and put some around the outside of the shed. If they are alive they should leave and stay away. No animal likes the smell of moth balls. I think if you had some dead rats in your shed you would eventually smell them if you were close enough. Best of luck to you.
Reply:O you'll know if there's a Dead Rat if you can breath like the rest of the world, getting a trap witch captures alive is better chuck a sack on it don't put your fingers in, but a safe means of lifting it, and drop it in some water, then you'll know you have it, my brother had problems under his aviary, he shot some with a high power gas powered Air gun with a night vision sight sat in his car pick 't out there eyes witch show up bright, with a night sight, it's instant" then you know your rid, and any one who gunna make out we're cruel how would you like Rats breeding on you land one of the biggest disease carriers known to man
Reply:get a mouse trap set it with mars bars they love it
Reply:get the exterminator around
Reply:there is rat poison yu can buy at the store i think it is called warafin
Reply:Please don't kill the poor thing. It won't bother you if you don't bother it. It's only looking for a home. If it really gives you the "willies" use a live trap (available at most stores) and move the critter into the woods or city dump (plenty of food there). If you poison it, you're gonna have a really bad smell for a while. Hey, even rats are one of God's creatures. Believe it or not, they do serve a purpose. Cheers.

Does a plant that needs to be taken indoors have to be inside my house? Can I just put it in my garden shed?

The shed is not heated, but I can still water the plant when needed.

Does a plant that needs to be taken indoors have to be inside my house? Can I just put it in my garden shed?
Plant still needs light...are there windows in the shed? Another point, I take my own plants in when the night temperature falls [and stays] below 40 fahrenheit - so if your shed gets below that [depending on your winter climate wherever you are] then you'll have to make room in the house anyway! Watering is just part of their care--light and no low temperatures are still required.
Reply:Depends whether the plant is dormant or growing in the period when it's in the shed - some lose leaves in winter, and don't need light, but need the correct temperatures, some way above freezing.

If you're thinking of summer time etc, then enough light is going to be needed, to keep it strong and healthy. I don't know your shed and its aspect, so you'll have to consider this.

Some plants have lower light requirements than others, such as Ivies, compared to bougainvillea or bananas which need tons more.
Reply:Bringing it in is about protecting from frost so don't think your shed will be sufficient.
Reply:We need a little more information. What kind of plant is it, and why does it need to be brought indoors? Are you talking about an annual that would die outdoors in the winter? My immediate answer would be 'no'....unless your shed has lots of windows, all plants need light!
Reply:any plant that needs to be taken inside when cold weather comes, needs warmth and light

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