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Are there regulations on building a garden shed ie size wise?

How big is a garden shed allowed to be? Does it depend on what its used for? Should planning application be sought?

Are there regulations on building a garden shed ie size wise?
It depends on the overall area of your property, you are allowed a certain percentage of your garden for a shed without planning as long as it is behind the building line and not interfering with your neighbours natural light/rights of way etc. Go to your local planning department for a booklet which will have all the relevant information for your area, it differs from place to place because of covenants on the land/parish councils/bylaws etc.
Reply:A shed is regarded as a portable structure and does not require building regs or planning permission. However it should not restrict your neighbours light, and if it is too close to your house it could cause you certain restrictions with making alterations to your property, such as extensions.

Within reason there are no restrictions on size other than common sense and this would also apply to noise!
Reply:it depends on how close it is to your boundaries/fences on your property. for example..if you want one the full width of your would need planning it could be classed as a living accomodation. its very tricky ground at times!

ours is 8 x 6 %26amp; we didnt need planning permission. you have to check with your local planning department if its going to be much bigger than a standard-ish size.
Reply:Ask your local council building inspectors, they will give you a definite answer. As I recall, you can cover up to 50% of your garden with a shed/sheds if you want, but there IS a maximum size, over which you will strictly speaking need at least building regulation approval. (but of course many of us disregarded that, and just chanced a neighbour didn't complain :-)
Reply:Always draw a plan and take it to the building department in your city. All cities are different and it would be a bummer to have to tear down or relocate your hard work. Show distances from adjacent properties and length, width, and height of structure.
Reply:Build it as tall as you like, but remember to line the interior with velcro walls and wear velcro slippers at all times.
Reply:Garden sheds tend to be termed non permanent structures and hence normally do not require planning permission. I would still contact your local planning office and have a word with your neighbours before going ahead.
Reply:i don't believe there is much restriction on size but i do know it cant be more than 50%of garden ..not many people go that big ..but there is a height restriction of3 metres
Reply:You should check with your local planning office. You may be able to do it by phone. If not, then go to the office. Make sure before you build it.
Reply:no u dont need planning as long as its not built out of brick if just timber its ok

my next door nieghbour as just put up a 15ft long shed

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