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How can I move my garden shed across my lawn without dismatling the shed or ruining my lawn?

It measures approximately 6' x 4' and is very heavy. I have a walled garden with the only access through the house so I can't bring any motorised equipment into the garden. My lawn is well established and 100' long and I want to move the shed to the far end of the garden with minimal damage to the lawn.

How can I move my garden shed across my lawn without dismatling the shed or ruining my lawn?
We moved ours quite simply and did not have to buy fence posts or anything. First we emptied it out, then I had 3 friends come around and we lifted the shed one end at a time and slid ropes underneath. Then the four of us just grabbed hold of an end of rope each, lifted together and walked across the garden. This was a 8ft x 6ft shed and it took longer to empty it out than to move it. Make sure you have the final laydown area ready beforehand as you do not want to have to do it twice.
Reply:With no offense meant to any who answered so far, it seems some didn't really get it, that you don't want to damage anything, and you may not have room for any mechanical devices.

The BBQ idea is a good one however, and need not be a lift and carry, but 6 x 4 is small.

One thing or more, I suggest as others have, is to ROLL it. Certainly that can be accomplished with 4 inch PVC, or Round fence posts, and you might consider what you might use the rollers for anyway, after.

The issue is still in the 100 ft. and the job will be tedious, and should have helpers, but if You have any knowledge of history, you'll know that the ancients used rollers often to move things far heavier than your shed.

Anything with wheels would be difficult, as would the dragging, cable tying, or anything that was mechancial like a pallet jack.

I'd bite the bullet for beer and burgers, 4 to 6 buddies, a few dollars for whatever roller choice you make, and enjoy the experience.

Steven Wolf

Just my two "sense"
Reply:Here's the way I did it...first, the shed needs to set on skids...smooth timbers of some sort, I used lawn timbers I bought at Lowe's. Then you need a sufficient amount of steel aircraft cable, strong enough to drag the shed. Then you need a "come-along", or fence stretcher. This is a lever device with a reel that takes up slowly...actually any winch with sufficient pulling power will work. Winch the shed across the lawn on a morning when there's been a heavy dew, making the grass slippery. For added slickness, you could position the shed on some large sheets of vinyl plastic...this would keep the timbers from digging into the turf...
Reply:I had a 2 minibarns moved. First one: First we jacked it up and put it on blocks. Then we backed a trailer under it and moved it across the yard. Then we placed it back on the blocks. Second One. We actually moved it across town. But it was a few years ago. I called an excavator. He used one of his heavy equipment tractors, I think a backhoe with forks and just raised it up and carried it down the road. Both jobs were done with no damage to the buildings.

Good Luck.
Reply:lay 2 scaffold planks reoccurring in line with the outer edges of the shed rest 2 scaffold poles as to roll on top of the planks, jack up the shed at the end and slide onto poles and roll to the desired position, you will need a few helping hands to stabilise whilst moving. Make sure the planks end prior to reaching the position just roll onto unless you want to use the planks as timber grounds for the shed.
Reply:I would suggest using a pallet truck. Don't worry, its not actually a truck. you might see them being used in you local supermarket for hauling loads on a pallet. It might be wise to put some plywood sheets on the lawn though so it wont sink and it will run on them a lot easier than grass. if you cant borrow one you can rent them from most hire shops, ie: HSS etc. You will also need more than two people to keep it steady as you pull it. Best of luck.
Reply:A 6' x 4' wooden shed could easily be taken apart and re-assembled in a day by two people, you will need new felt for the roof and you will possibly need new bolts that hold the walls together, the individual pieces will be light enough to carry to the new location.
Reply:Raise it with a couple of heavy duty jacks and put it on rollers. Round fence posts approx. 6" in diameter will do. Roll it across the lawn which should incur minimal damage. I had an 8' x 8' shed moved like this and it worked like a charm.
Reply:if you call a company that specialises in rigging and moving, they could do it with pullies and a large A frame, but the cost would probably out weigh taking it down, but good luck
Reply:Scaffolding boards on the lawn,

round fence posts below shed,

something to lift to allow rollers

to be pushed under, similar to

moving heavy stones, like they

did for Stonehenge.
Reply:Have a shed carrying bbq and invite all your strong friends to carry it across your lawn.
Reply:Put it on rollers. Easy
Reply:its impossible

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