Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to fix rotting Wooden Garden Shed?

I have one of those premade wooden Garden Sheds that people buy pre-constructed and move into their yard. Mine is the type that looks like a mini barn, with barn-style doors and gambrel roof. The side panels are made of partcleboard and they have begun to rot and disintegrate from the bottom (ground) up. The previous owners probably should've put the shed on something, but it sits right on the ground. If I can repair the shed, I will probably have a concrete foundation poured for it. I need to know if anyone's ever tried to repair / rebuild one of these sheds and how hard it is and whether it's worth it? New ones cost a few thousand dollars and I can't afford to replace, but since the frame and roof are in such good shape, I'd really like to repair before it gets worse. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this? Books? Website sources?

Thanks for your help!

How to fix rotting Wooden Garden Shed?
It sounds like you just need to replace the siding used on the shed. Probably just attached with nails, remove old siding and replace with a new piece.

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