Thursday, April 30, 2009

How do I remove an old metal garden shed that seems to be built on concrete?


We just bought a house with a small garden - unfortunately a great deal of space is taken up by an old and not very pretty metal garden shed which seems to be built on a concrete foundation. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can dismantle it and what we do with the shed after that. Thanks :)

How do I remove an old metal garden shed that seems to be built on concrete?
3 choices for the shed

take it apart

throw it in a truck as in and haul to the landfill

call a ssrap metal person in the yellow pages and tell them

they can have it for free if they haul it off.

for the concrete:

clean it and turn it into a small patio with chairs and a keg

Box it in - fill in the box with dirt and plant flowers in it

break it up and haul it off. (not worth it really)

Put a water fountain on the concrete area with cement benches.
Reply:Dismantle it by removing the screws. Try to sell it or give it away.
Reply:It shouldn't take too long to dismantle it using a drill or cordless drill with a screwdriver bit. Once you dismantle it, you take it to your local landfill.
Reply:before you consider demolishing the shed, have u thought about converting it to a greenhouse. If that doesnt work, take a wriecking bar and start knocking down the ceiling. then start at the walls. if a wrecking bar isnt workin out, use a circular saw with a metal cutting blade. if u cut neatly these will stack nicely. lastly, to get rid of the concrete, use a jackhammer available for rent at most national home improvement stores
Reply:It's probably just screwed together, get out the drill and start at the top and work down. The slab is probably 3-4 inches thick but you could break it up with a sledge hammer, if your not that ambitios than HD rents jack hammers. Good Luck

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