Thursday, April 30, 2009

How do I supply electricity to the garden shed?

I would like to have electric power in a garden shed located 100 feet from the house.

How do i go about this? I want it for lighting and to run a desktop computer but not planning to use power tools.


How do I supply electricity to the garden shed?
Since the introduction of Building Regulations Part P, you must employ a qualified registered electrician to install any electrical wiring and equiptment within or outside your home. Sorry this will cost but its better to be safe than sorry.
Reply:There is two ways you can do this, one is to run a cable 1.5 under ground which is a lot of digging, the other way is to run an overhead cable of the same size, from the house to the shed, as you don't require a lot of power this would do just fine. The cable should be supported by a strong wire ' called a catenary wire' and can simply be plugged into a socket in the house.
Reply:If you haven't done a LOT of electrical work, hire someone.

If you HAVE, run an underground cable from the garage to wherever your breaker box is located. Then use a separate breaker for the garage.
Reply:hire a electrician ! would you sooner have a shock when the bill come ,s rather then a electric shock
Reply:Plug an extension cord into the neighbor's house.
Reply:Get some burial grade wire. Might as well go with 10/2 wire w/ground. Drill a hole next to your breaker panel and strip the wire back about 12" and stick the black wire into a 20 amp single pole breaker then put the white wire on the neutral bar and the copper wire into the ground bar. Bury the wire all the way to your shed ,then install an outlet box and hook up to a plug. Make shure you look at the back of the plug to find the white and black side for the wires. Or call an electrician.

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