Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cheap Garden Sheds Anyone?

Does anybody know where I can get a wooden garden shed for less than £100 from? It doesnt have to be big maybe a metre by two metre, cheers x

Cheap Garden Sheds Anyone?
Ask on freecycle which is listed on yahoo site. It's a board for local people to post their surplus items. You can also ask for items - might get one for nothing. Yesterday someone got a frig freezer and microwave he asked for the day before on our board.
Reply:look on eBay
Reply:Why not make your own all you need is some posts and fence panels odd bits of wood and felt for the roof four fence panels for 10 each four posts 4pound each some feather edge wood for the roof 3pound a pack and felt about 15 pound then some timber and hinges for a door and some paint and you have a six foot by 6 shed the only hard bit is the door
Reply:Try getting plans to build your own from your local hardware store.
Reply:Lowe's Or just make one out of wood (be sure to weather proof it ! )
Reply:They have one in B %26amp; Q for £99, but it looks like its made of cardboard and I wouldnt try fixing a shelf up in it. We were going to get it, but decided it was just too feeble.
Reply:Buy the wood panels and do it yourself. My husband did it that way and our shed is 29 years old now. You do better with proper footings though, we used the base of an old greenhouse.

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