Thursday, April 30, 2009

How do i build my own garden shed cheaply?

i need to build a garden shed / workshop because i can't really afford to buy a ready made one .what is the cheapest yet still strong and lasting way to do this . it needs to be at least 10ft x 10ft with double doors,it will be stood on a concrete base so would be no need for a floor.

How do i build my own garden shed cheaply?
Why don't you try and buy a used one instead of all the chew of building it?

Also have a word with your local DIY store because they will damaged stock which they sell off cheap, many sheds are delivered with panel damage and are easy to repair.

I used to manage a big store and sheds are a bit of a pain, some are delivered with the wrong panels so again this might be an opportunity for you.

You can join panels from two small sheds together to get it to your size.

Another option could be to use fence panels but they will need some extra support.
Reply:get hold of a load of second hand doors , maybe from a supply and fit company , and nail the blighters together till you have the shed of your dreams, that will do the walls , the Roof covering , try and find a building site taking down the temp ply fence , you could get a large shed for peanuts
Reply:best strongest and cheapest way is to build from breezeblock. local builders merchants will price it for you.
Reply:I don't know where you live, i am in Southampton and we have down here a paper called "free ads", where folk are trying to get rid of things for next to nothing, or you could put a notice in a local shop, very often folk will let you have them if you take them down your self.
Reply:How much do u wana spend 300GBP - 1000GBP can buy you an assemble shed in diy stores. or you could build from scratch take time but cheaper and do your exact requirements.

try this
Reply:Buy some fence panels for the side, some hardboard and roofing material for the roof and a garden gate for the door.

Never know, might work!
Reply:We just built a garden shed exactly as you described for $1,000. We designed our own using hardiboard, 2 x 4 framing set 16 inches apart, ashphalt roofing and plywoood interiors. We looked at a book we found at the Lowes for ideas and the building instructions. However, our cost did not include the concrete pad because we used the one from our previous shed. It can be done over several weekends, but I recommend getting some help with the hardiboard because it is really heavy. We made the opening big enough for double doors, but in the end opted for a dutch door. It was strong enough to withstand 45 mile an hour Santa Ana winds, too.

If you want I can e-mail you photos. But, really check out the books in the Lowes. For $10 it is really helpful to have it on site, especially when you run into problems.
Reply:2x2 rsw and threequarter external sheathing ply jus cover it with felt its cheapest and quickest,make timber frames size of sheets allowing for them to but up at the ends
Reply:3/4in treated ply, screwed to 3x2 timber frame. Two courses of bricks round the bottom will lift the frames off the ground to help prevent it rotting (but it is only a shed and if your on a budget) not essential. Ply with felt is cheapest option for the roof, but if you require natural light you should use polycarbonate sheeting, not corrugated its too weak. (cheap and nasty). Whatever you use for the roof put plenty of supports in or it will sag.
Reply:My first thought was to go "dumpster diving" at a construction site, taking ONLY what is is a dumpster (I have found some decent stuff that only nails pulled out, etc). Then I read you already had a concrete floor, then you should anchor some pressure treated dimensional lumber to it and build from there. Keep a look out for someone wanting to sell an old shed or contact builders of new ones that might know of someone who wants to replace the old with a new one. Also keep an eye out for estate auctions - sometimes they sell EVERYTHING and buildings usually go CHEAP when you have to disassemble them!

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