Thursday, April 30, 2009

How do i water proof my garden shed?

I am unable to reach one side of my garden shed because my neighbour built a 6 foot fence beside it and the water has started coming in through the joints! The roof is sound as is the other 3 sides. I need something i can do on the inside to waterproof it! Any sensible suggestions welcome!

How do i water proof my garden shed?
I wish I could see the situation at a close to judge exactly how the issue could be tickled....

I all cases, since it has to do with Water Proofing Works, you need to consider the following:

1) Rubber-Like Paint Material which is an EZ %26amp; Economical ON-THE-SPOT-Solution to your problem. Water can not penetrate through when applied at 1mm. Thick Coat.

2) Water Reppellent Material which is EZ to apply as well, but may never get your problem solved if it was not reallt the SOLUTION to your problem.

3) You fix a Piece of wood just to be able to insert it into the Newlt Formed Joint; purpose of which is to MINIMIZE the joint Gap to the Maximum Possible....and once u r done with that, apply that material noted in Point # 1 will be applied fairly to the groove / joint since it is THICK MATERIAL, and it can BRIDGE the Gab between the joint %26amp; the side of your fense....


Such Material is normally WATER-BASED; i.e., dilutable with water...But my advice to u,,,DONT THIN IT AT ALL...

Let it b as thick as it is READY-MADE, and apply it in Two -Three Consecutive Coats just to obtain 1-1.5 mm. Thickness out of it...

I also think it could be applied up to 2-3 mm. Thickness, but deal with it according to the situation u r faced with.

Consult the Shop Owner for a Professional Opinion...

Wish I were there to help %26amp; assist...

Trust I could TERMINATE your problem for good...BUT...!!!

Take care Sweetie, and best of luck water proofing your Garden Shed....
Reply:Hi,if you water proof the inside it will not stop the outside from rotting.Get the spray fence paint %26amp; try to get at the outside.You may have to renew the wall.Good Luck
Reply:You can fix a heavy duty plastic membrane on the inside or felt or you could paint on bitumen to seal the cacks.. good luck

Most cities have set-back regulations. It is 6ft. from the property line where I live. It's going to happen again. You can't expect the neighbor to let you take a section of fence down each time. Consider moving the shed over and be done with it.
Reply:Personally? I'd get a huge sheet of plastic, pull it into the gap between the fence and shed, and pin it round the edges. You'll need a ladder to pin near the roof.

Sorry, that's all I can think of!
Reply:Ask your neighbor if you can take down the fence temporarily so you can do the repairs to your shed. Put his fence back up when you are done.
Reply:tar it or use silicone caulk. kind of like the caulk you get for bathtubs but there should be an outside version of it at homedepot
Reply:peice of plastic over the area leaking witha bit of excess material so it hangs down over his side of the fence, somtehing like sealant should hold it down or maybe a few nails with sealnt over the top to stop the water getting in

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