Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you need to have planning permission for a garden shed.?

No and you can have whatever size you want as well.

Do you need to have planning permission for a garden shed.?
Hi Jane

No you do not need planning for a 'normal' sized garden shed erected in a back garden in normal circumstances.

However ...planning may be subject if you live in a conservation area %26amp; intended to build a very large shed, or also if it was erected in a position that would block natural light to a neighbouring property
Reply:Ask at the planning office.Some councils are funny over planning.
Reply:That is a question best answered by your local municipality. In my neighborhood it is required for anything over 100 sq ft (10 x10). Additionally, if you are putting it near the edge of your property, there may be set back restrictions involved. In which case, you will need your neighbors to sign a letter stating they do not object to it being near the property border.

Some towns have on online website with all the building codes, so you may be able to locate them that way, or just call them.
Reply:Do you mean a Building Permit? Varies from state to state I imagine. In Texas if the shed is over 120 square feet (I think), you need a permit.
Reply:No not if that's all it is. If it was a huge thing and dwarfed everything else in the neighbourhood then the council planners would probably want to know.
Reply:depends how big it is.....
Reply:I am assuming you are in the UK

I am sorry I have to say this but this is a real problem with this site. That is people talking absolute twaddle when questions like this arise. If you were to accept some of the stuff stated above, you could easily fall foul of planning laws and, if the Council were to serve an enforcement notice requiring its removal and you failed to comply, you could finish up with a criminal record and a fine of up to 20,000 pounds. I am a professional private planning consultant and I do not normally work for nothing but in this case I would be happy to advise you free of charge simply to make sure you keep out of trouble. Please use my website details below. Send me an email throught the site and I will reply privately.
Reply:NO not in the UK. you are allowed to erect a garden shed. you can also erect a conservatory as long as it is bolted to the house and ind actually bricked into it. and as I understand does not need planning permit ion as it would be classed as a greenhouse.

Dr Knowitall.
Reply:No - not unless it is 20feet high or something silly
Reply:it would depend on your locality and the local zoning laws. many areas, no, but there are definitely some places where it is required. the size of the shed may also come in to play.
Reply:No. It's a temporary structure.
Reply:No, not unless it is over a certain height and/or obstructs neighbour's views/sunlight. If enough of your neighbours complain about it and prove that it affects their views or sunlight into the garden or house the council could order you to take it down.

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