Monday, May 11, 2009

How do i get rid of rats in my garden shed?

a cat

How do i get rid of rats in my garden shed?
Do you keep any bird seed or straw or hay in your shed? This will attract them. Put anything edible in metal containers.

My house backs onto a farm and fields and we have always got rats or mice in the shed. You'll never get rid of them completely. You can either contact the enviromental health officer to come out or you can put rat traps down. If you opt for the E.H.O. the rats take the poison back to the nest, but using this method you run the risk of domestic animals eating the dead rat. Rat traps are not for the squimish. Live traps are no good as you have to release them about a mile away or they'll find they're way back, plus you don't want to come face to face with a trapped rat.

If you know anyone who has got a ferret and uses it for hunting, get them to put their ferret in your shed. Ferrets are better than cats. We've got a cat and she prefers to bring us a live present back, in the form of a baby rat. She catches them but she doesn't kill them, so we have to check her when she comes in the house.
Reply:poisoning is a bit gross and you have to go round disposing of all the bodies or do environmental health or pest control do this for you ?? contact them and they should be able to give you all the advice you need xxxxx
Reply:Although I cant tell you how to get rid of the rats I can tell you now rats are Imune to the standard rat poison Ie wayferin you will have to get the enviromental health in the have upto date methods alternatly get a Terrier dog but be warned there will be one hell of a mess to the rat when the dog gets hold of it Good luck
Reply:Get some rat snakes %26amp; let them loose in your shed. Once they've cleaned it out, they'll leave to find more food elsewhere.
Reply:Yep cat is your best answer.
Reply:Get rid of any garbage. They love it!
Reply:leave a trail of small nuts and berries into a cage of some sort but when you've caught it free it into a field. do not kill it and treat it like you would like to be treated.
Reply:Get your self a husky. My husky kills rats, wood chucks, and possums. And I know where the animal is when it is dead, instead of using poisons that let an animal die under your house.
Reply:use poison for rats
Reply:buy an anaconda that will definitely work unless the anaconda is anorexic then you are screwed
Reply:If you live in a wooded area, mice and rats in sheds and barns are a fact of life.

You can get a cat or set traps.

Just don’t use poison, since if a poisoned rat is eaten by a cat (your neighbor’s for example) it can kill the cat as well. Plus if they die under the floor boards or in the walls, then you have to get to the dead thing to get rid of the nasty smell.
Reply:You don´t , Get in touch with the Environmental Health Department at your local council offices. Rat´s carry diseases and are a danger to health. They also breed rapidly -one female Rat can produce 50 young a year. Rats are very clever , they soon become aware of trap´s and poison, and the glue trap´s , forget that, I have seen a Rat eat it´s own leg off just to escape. Best calling the Environmental Health people in , they should get rid of them free or for a very little charge.
Reply:I think your local council or environmental health will get rid of them for you as they are a health hazard to you and your neighbours.
Reply:set out rat poison and traps to kill them but try not to hurt ur garden good luck
Reply:if the rats are big get a bb gun
Reply:i would go in the shed scare them out and then make it rat proof.
Reply:put rat poison down, if that don't work get the hammer ;-)
Reply:cats, traps or poison, otherwise call a pest control company, but that costs more.

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