Monday, May 11, 2009

Define the term'Garden' as against Agricultural.?

I have a what i thought was Garden. Nw i have been told it is agrucultural %26amp; have to apply for 'Full planning permission' to put 2 wood garden sheds a a couple of 'Pergolas.


Define the term'Garden' as against Agricultural.?

Sounds like you have something bigger than what the "planners" think of as a 'garden'. Quite often, what passes for a 'garden' in a rural area, gets called a small farm in more urban areas, heheheh.

Go talk to the planners, you most likely will have to purchase a permit. (They do like those fees you know).

Good Luck
Reply:It can depend on the size building and pergola you are erecting and whether it can be classed as a temporary structure. If so then you can don't need planning permission.

It also depends on whether it is one of your neighbours telling you this or you local planning department. Check it out first.
Reply:If it is agricultural you are entitled to massive subsidies from the EU,. If you are a garden it will cost you a lot and no subsidies!
Reply:I'm not up to speed on zoning on your side of the pond but if they want agricultural fees, give them agriculture. Revise your plans a little and substitute hog barns for sheds and a processing plant where your pergolas would have been. That should create a big stink with your council. RScott

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