Monday, May 11, 2009

Please share ur experience of yard/garden shed erection and how difficult it was..?

I am considering buying and then erecting a yard/garden (from sears/home depot etc.) shed by myself. I am an average "do-it-yourselfer". Please tell me how was your experience. Is it a one week-end project? How were the instructions- very clear or confusing?

Please share ur experience of yard/garden shed erection and how difficult it was..?
i was going to make a joke,(erection in the shed etc..)but I've stopped myself!

I've done 3 other the years 2 from new and a dismantle re assembly job they are so easy honest you'll have no trouble, and should easily manage in side 1 day so a weekend will give you lots of time to take things slowly, the instructions are easy and lets face it its just a pig puzzle where the pieces can only go in one place, an extra pair of hands to hold thing whilst you secure is very handy early on with the first 2 panels, but clamps brackets and even rope can do that job if you on your own, good luck
Reply:Look at the instruction sheet and say out loud :

'This was written by someone that really does not like me much'.

Its probably true that writers of instruction sheets (esp sheds and wardrobes) are frustrated writers that couldn't quite make the grade.

'She stared in to his eyes (parts b and c if blue or g and h if brown.) He stared in to hers (parts g and h if blue or m an n if brown)......etc'

Anyway, the trick is to start early on a Saturday morning and make sure you stick no two parts together permanently until you are absolutely sure you can fix the rest without taking them apart again.

Another reason of course is that the instructions were first written in English before being sent to China where the parts were made. They half translated the instructions and made up the other half in Chinese before shipping it back where it was translated in to something that might pass for English.

Good luck.....have a bbq on the Saturday evening regardless. Its something to look forward to.
Reply:From taking of a lorry to fitting the lock 2men 3/4hour 7foot x 7foot timber shed dead easy
Reply:i thought this was totaly differant question lmao

my parents had it done but it took like two weeks because irish builders are lazy fecks

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