Monday, May 11, 2009

I think I have either mice or rats in my garden do I get rid of them ?

contact your local council and they willput down rat poison and that will kill the rats.But the most important thing is to keep your garden food free"dont throw food to the birds",that what attracts rats is food.Contact the council a.s.a.p.

I think I have either mice or rats in my garden do I get rid of them ?
compras un gato.
Reply:call your local council who will get rid with pest control...

or buy a cat

Reply:well if there rats its easy to tell they are big but poison works great local hardwear store sells all kinds he can tell you the best one
Reply:Napalm strike on the shed.
Reply:place a food supply in your nieghours shed .....

thenburn your nieghbours shed down. lol......
Reply:Dont kill them! They are cute and deserve to live... just chase them off by cleaning up your Shed.
Reply:an over and under. 50 cal buffalo gun works wonders!!
Reply:There are mice %26amp; rats everywhere these days, how ever cute people think these are, they carry many diseases, you can buy poison from any good garden centre etc, put it where you think they are in, near the shed, its the quickest, most humaine %26amp; you wont have to clean up any dead rodents.
Reply:borrow a cat
Reply:Get a un Gato
Reply:burn down the shed

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