Monday, May 11, 2009

Garden shed building help?

i'm buying a dirtbike and i would like to buy a shed to put it in so that it wont take up space in the garage or unfinished part of the basement, all i want is a shed that will sit by the house that is like this one

i dont want to pay 500 dollars so i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips, or plans and maybe a cost estimate if i built it myself

Garden shed building help?
Realtively easy actually. Do you have the ability to put it against the house/ a wall/ a fence? If so it need only be 3 sided.

The material should be exterior ply to begin; and 2x4 treated, as the support/frame/sub floor bracing; material. You can use the measurement examples in that shed you linked too; or your own judgement in what relates to the size of your bike; possible storage shelving; ability to actually get into the shed with the bike; etc.

You can decide the pitch of the roof; take your measurements and apply them to framing out the floor; the uprights; the roof framing; and put that all together. Then cut your facing stock to size and angles; allowing for the pitch of the roof in the framing and facing. Using the same material; or corrugated fiberglass screen room roof panels; aluminum panels; etc. If you choose a Ply roof you can run 90 pound felt and a square of shingles. OR for cost savings just use a tarp for the roof, and the back wall.

Having the shed against a wall will aid in supporting the structure if you can attache it to the wall. The door or doors (one at each end) can be the PLY and strap hinges.

Steven Wolf

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