Monday, May 11, 2009

I am looking for small windows to install in a garden shed or playhouse?

You can do a couple of things.........Either buy plexi-glass and cut them to size woth a fine bladed jig saw,or you can buy smaller windows from Habitat for Humanity for cheap.

I am looking for small windows to install in a garden shed or playhouse?
Shed U.S. sells small shed and playhouse windows and door hardware ! Report Abuse

Reply:Check "" or your local hardware store, maybe
Reply:Amazing, I just got this last week. I bought an old mill-house with small windows that come into two parts. Cut off the weights and true them up as you would a new window. My sister came and got mine and put them in her daughter's playhouse. You can still find windows where you are in antique stores or anywhere they are remodeling old houses. A big area for that right now is Kannapolis and China Grove, North Carolina. Another option is to build a frame around the opening with a groove in it. Slide in so plexi glass cut to fit, and dress it up with some cute little molding.
Reply:Go to a local (not chain store) window and door distributor and take a gander at their overstock, windows. Chances are they have a bunch of windows that were ordered and came in but the customers never picked up or paid for or were just plain wrong size or whatever. Find something you can use and make em a cheap offer and they would most likely take it as they know they cant get rid of them otherwise.

Good luck.

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