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How to stop kids walking along my garden wall and knocking down plants?I need a quick fix&needs 2 be LEGAL!!!?

There is a 4ft wall that runs along the back of all the gardens in my street. There is also a fence that starts where the wall stops but it's a few inches away from the wall so it makes the wall perfect for walking right along the back of all the rear gardens. I have a few window boxes along my part of the wall with climbing plants to go up the fence (to give us a bit of privacy from the two blocks of flats behind it) but for the past few nights a couple of boys (around 10-11) have been getting in through someone elses garden up the street and walking right along the wall through all the gardens and take great pleasure in knocking my pots down along the way.

I have tried to make the garden lovely for my family-especially the kids to enjoy and also have a summer house and a couple of sheds with expensive garden equipment and the kids bikes, a big slide and swings etc. I'm worried the little brats will do more than just knock my plants over-although this alone is driving me nuts! thanks

How to stop kids walking along my garden wall and knocking down plants?I need a quick fix%26amp;needs 2 be LEGAL!!!?
Buy red ants and put them right around where they play! lol
Reply:May sound disgusting but I'd be inclined to smear cat/dog poo all over the top of the wall. We resorted to this in our old house. We had one of those green boxes on the corner of our front garden (you know the ones that BT have with all their wires and stuff in) and teenagers used to sit on it and cause havoc. They even used to urinate in our garden and against next doors front door. After we spread our secret weapon they seemed to disappear. xx
Reply:yea, good answer about the hosepipe, that would be fun to
Reply:In the US report them to the UK report to police or the council
Reply:Roses are a wonderful plant and since they need to be trellised to go where you want them, maybe you could put some spiky sort of trellis behind them. Sprinklers can be a great deterrent. My stepfather rigged a motion detector to another device that turned on his sprinklers and got the deer to leave his yard alone.
Reply:I recently saw rubber spike strips in one of the Garden catalogues, possibly Suttons. Can't remember which, sorry. they were advertised for preventing cats etc from walking alon garden walls. Perhaps your local garden centre could help!
Reply:Extend the wall up, or add something to it to make it higher.

Take digital pics, get them developed, and send to parents, or take to police, as the kids are trespassing.

Speak to the parents about your concern they get hurt and sue you. Document the conversation.
Reply:Talk to their parents or them. Otherwise nothing, youths these days are bad and spoiled by parents and teh government as well.
Reply:I'd plant poison ivy where it will grow over the wall, or roses, or something like briars that will tear 'em up when they go climbing on my wall. Too bad y'all can't just grab a shotgun loaded with rocksalt when the little buggers come 'round like that.
Reply:find out where they are getting in and solve the problem there.

put up a motion sensor that turns on a big light when they enter your yard

stay up and catch them - be real mean and scare them.

cut cardboard out to go over the wall so they have to go around it saying 'no trespassing we call the police'

sit outside all night sleeping in a chair and when they get there call the police on your cell phonel. ask their names and parents' names.

you will only have to do it once
Reply:Get them with a hosepipe. If their parents ask you were watering your plants!!!!
Reply:Assuming you are in the UK, Anti-Vandal paint is NOT illegal, the councils around here use it all the time.

You do have to put a notice up though stating its use.
Reply:get a dog like a germen shepard or a pit bull or a dovermen those dogs will scary them
Reply:how about speaking to them offer them a drink of juice and talk about your plants and say you could be doing with a helping hand its worth a try good luck
Reply:I have seen some garden centres selling the sort of spikes that buildings use to keep pigeons off their windowsills.

Some councils around my way use anti climbing paint on their walls - yes there is apparently such a type of surface paint!

Or broken glass pieces can be stuck to the top of your section of your wall.

Barbed wire?

Cap-off with pointed roof tiles.

Video/photo them then threaten with the police.
Reply:Rub the entire wall with butter so they slip and fall. Their parents won't be able to sue because they were on private property. Stake out one night and spray them with the water hose. Or you can add cinderblocks to the sides so it makes it harder for them to climb onto to begin with.
Reply:put that trelice stuff, that you can add to a wall/fence.. with some nice plants with lots of thorns in..
Reply:One word - Pyracantha
Reply:This may sound like a wind up, but i bet you it works, put dog dirt on it for a few weeks and they're so called parents won't be long in solving the problem for you!!!
Reply:LARD. Rub it along the wall %26amp; the next time they try to walk along it they will slip %26amp; then they can enter the soprano section of the local choir! %26amp; get a big lock for your shed! It's only a matter of time!
Reply:Put plactic spikes along top.

or put up a trellis fence on top--just the small ones/
Reply:Go out and tell them to sod off. If they give you any lip, then ask them how their mum is going to react when you follow them home and bang on their door five minutes after they get in. This worked pretty well for me.

I have had to frogmarch kids home before now and you would be surprised how ashamed parents are when people come complaining about their offspring. The offending kid usually ends up with a serious grounding.

Don't try this with older kids for all too obvious reasons...
Reply:Borrow a very big dog or buy that anti vandal paint that never dries

They wont be back with ruined shoes and clothes

Oh well summer is back.

I wouldnt recommend the hosepipe, it might have worked a while back but these days they would see it as a declaration of war. And they know full well they have more rights than you.

A good thorny bush then, if vandal paint is illegal. See what i mean about their rights!
Reply:Can you put up a motion sensor light? It would come on when they are there and maybe scare them away. Or find a old camcorder or something that looks like a camera and mount it so it looks like it is watching the wall. Can you get someone to close the opening between the wall and the fence?
Reply:thorns, dog poo, paint, etc.. = no. Kids do know they have more rights than adults. Do some of these things or even talk to their parents, it MAY deter the kids but more probably make it worse %26amp; retaliate.

I liked the idea of setting up water sprinklers to a motion detector. This has the appearance of watering stuff %26amp; not done on purpose.

My ledge is close to ground %26amp; kids will go out of their way to walk through %26amp; even stomp on my flowers in the neighboring bed. I just gave up by planting all day lilies in that area - - those plants will always grow back. You do have more options.

Good luck.
Reply:My first thought would be to put some cactus (cacti) in pots on the wall or where ever they could give the little demons a few thorns, or maybe a nice thorny rose bush! If this is happening at night you could maybe have a security light installed with a motion sensor so that when they are in range of the sensor they are illuminated by a bright floodlight(?) If none of these work I might try to find where they are getting in and see if the neighbor could do something to deter them. Of course if this were happening in my yard I'd love to rig up some kind of trip wire that would make some loud noise so that I could run out and wring their necks!!! Good Luck!

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