Monday, May 11, 2009

How easy is it to dismantle and re-assemble a garden shed?

A 10 ft by 6 ft size...

How easy is it to dismantle and re-assemble a garden shed?
well it's not THAT easy.

It needs at least 2 people, watch for splinters and oild nails so you should wear gloves. Getting the old nails out can be a drag. They are probably quite large nails. You should be able to partially withdraw them with a clawhammer, then all you have to do is bang them in again as you rebuild.

You will also need to cut the felt on the roof ( along the ridge) so you can dismantle it. This requires a stanley knife. The roof is probably in 2 separate parts. You will require some roofing felt to repair the ridge section once you re-assemble the roof.

You need to develop some plan for removing the roof sections because if they are uncontrolled they can slip, fall or cause injury. A pair of stepladders is handy when working on the roof.

DONT be tempted to move the wall section with the glass still in place- it WILL break. The glass should be removed, and replaced afterwards.

ALL THIS ASSUMES THAT THE SHED HAS BEEN DESIGNED AS A PREFABRICATED SHED IN THE FIRST PLACE- ( which it probably has) - if not, you have a big job on your hands.
Reply:It i very easy first dis mental it and than reattach it
Reply:I wouldn't say that it's too difficult, but it needs two people as you won't be able to do it on your own.
Reply:Just number all the corners and top and bottoms of the sections before you take it apart.
Reply:depends if its a pre/fab, if it is it wont be to bad, if not could be a bastard
Reply:its depends on the material used on the shed , if it is a coustom bulit wood style shed then it will be harder than it is one of those aluminium style ones .......the metal sheds are fairly easy , you need to take care while taking off the roof , they are usually one piece and the metal can and will flex a bit when you take it off , becareful and use some leather gloves while grabbing and pulling or carrying the metal parts , the edges are sharp like a razor blade and with the weight it doesnt take much to slice up your fingers or hands careful ............

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