Monday, May 11, 2009

Does anyone know how to get about 8 or 9 Bolivians out of my garden shed?

They're not annoying me as such, it's just that they've left their used crack pipes all over the lawn %26amp; it's starting to attract the Behemoth's again.

Does anyone know how to get about 8 or 9 Bolivians out of my garden shed?
Lawn gnomes, there creepy as hell. and i can't think that crack smoking Bolivians will be immune to super creepy lawn gnomes.
Reply:(1) this will cost you as much as some cheap lawn chairs.

(2) set those chairs up in the shed of the neighbor that has it out for you.

(3) evict them to the neighbor on the street you know is a crack head.

you ask how?

(take all the crack stems put them on a string knot the end and drag it they"ll follow the chiming noise.) right to the neighbors' shed.

Reply:Just mind they don't smoke the cat litter.
Reply:Soap and water should do the trick. Used in conjunction with a weapon of mass destruction.
Reply:Its funny you should ask. I just happened to have a spare Bolivian Extractor. It's easy to operate. A little gas, a match and Guy Fawkes. Blame the Bolivians. Claim the insurance, build a new, more secure garden shed. Behemoth moves to new neighbourhood.
Reply:try a handgrenade
Reply:back a wood chipper up to the door of the shed. Tell them Che Guevera is in there and would like a word with them.
Reply:I'm sending them the means to eradicate you and your kind. Hasta la Vista, Baby.
Reply:buy a good LOCK
Reply:Dynamite, failing that Superman
Reply:Why move them if they are not annyoing you? As for the pipes left on your lawn, collect them up and return them to the group, they are probably looking all over other peoples' gardens for them. Bless them!
Reply:are you sure they are from Bolivia? they could be from Columbia. you really need to get grip on things, call the cops! or you could tell them you have called the immigration guys. last but not least if they are not bothering you ask them kindly to not leave their crack pipes in the yard and tell them you would like them to start paying you rent for the shed. i think about $250.00 per person is about right, that is x 8 or 9 thats $2250.00 a month extra. this will probably make them leave your shed, and then you will not have to worry about the cop raiding your home as a crack house!!!!!!!!
Reply:Increase their rent.
Reply:Oh come on, everyone knows that Bolivians are afraid of Chutney.

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