Monday, May 11, 2009

Providing a overhead power supply to my garden.?

Hi, I know the norm is to burry swa cable into the garden shed, but i cannot as i live in a flat and its not my garden to dig up and the guy down stairs is a tit. so i was wondering if i could provide a overhead cable?

Providing a overhead power supply to my garden.?
hello, you yourself can't do the work because of new legislation known as part P of the building Regs. which was brought ito effect last year.

You need to get an electrician who is Part P certified to do the work. The regulation covers bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors ie. gardens.

You would need a steel catenary wire down to the garden shed with the swa fixed to it. It wouldn't look very nice though.
Reply:fully agree with malcolm ms answer above however yep you could run the cable provided you DO NOT DO THE ELECTRICAL connections however prob best to get a spark in least it is done above board and to the regs

SOD Part P it is a sham

Corgi reg who been doing most trades for umpteen years only to be told i cant do it now!!!
Reply:I'm not sure it's legal unless you are a power company or suchlike. If you decide to do it regardless, make sure to first install a suitable suspension wire to hang your cable from and use strong cable ties rather than tape as some people do.

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