Monday, May 11, 2009

Where can I get some plans to build a garden shed .?

Here are plans for several different types of sheds:

Hope this helps!

Where can I get some plans to build a garden shed .?
search the web......

i have went to home depo....with a tape mesaure and made plans for a pik-nik table..........guess you could do it for a shed
Reply:What do you need plans for, all you do is get a pile of wood and nail it together
Reply:Homebase,Jewson,Focus,B%26amp;Q, depending on the size you require they are quite easy to construct so good luck with your initial plans.
Reply:A couple of other places to look at is

www.the 3
Reply:go to a place where they sell sheds ..and find the shed size you want ...have a tape with you and spend some time checking it out cheaper to buy a new one than to build it yourself
Reply:what ever do you need plans for building a shed just buy 2"x2" timber and some shiplap and start nailing
Reply:home depot or lowes

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