Monday, May 11, 2009

How can i inselate one of those plastic gardening sheds?

i have one of those plastic sheds

and i need to air condition it

but since the tempature outside of the shed is over 100

i need the shed 2 stay cool

i am making it the place where my bunny lives

so the shed needs 2 stay under 80 degres

can someone tell me how to make sure the air doesn't get out of the shed?


How can i inselate one of those plastic gardening sheds?
I think the money you spend insulating the shed would be better spent by building a bunny penn somwhere else in the yard in the shade out of wood. you can be creative with the design and then mabe find a better way to insulate it good luck!
Reply:The sheds I've seen like your talking about are usually hollow.You can use the canned foam insulation.You may have to drill a small hole towards the top of each may take a few cans but it really works well.It expands an fills the compartments.It cost 3 to four dollars a can so it may cost you 30 to 50 bucks to do the whole thing depending on the size.My wife and I raise rabbits an really enjoy them.I hope this works out for you.Good Luck fellow Bunnie lover.
Reply:You can buy roll insulation and just nail or glue it up. I don't think those sheds are very air-tight though so even insulating will only do part of the job. You'll lose a lot of your cooled air. The rolled insulation will be cheaper than the canned stuff and the canned stuff expands and could cause your shed to burst.

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