Monday, May 11, 2009

Garden Shed--Wooden or Metal ?

I am looking to buy a Garden shed approximately 7feet x 5feet to store gardening stuff etc.. Which will be better wooden or meatal? I have seen metal sheds advertised but unsure which one to go for.

Thanking you.

Garden Shed--Wooden or Metal ?
Wood, wood %26amp; wood

Is that clear?

Metal looks cheap and nasty, flexes and is going to be a sauna in the summer.

Wood blends with the garden

I would go for metal.

We've had both, and metal is by far the best with regards to maintenance.

The metal one kept everything dry, but in the wooden one, items tended to have a musty smell and feel to them after a while.

Also, the metal one kept its looks better than the wooden one, which had to be stained etc., every year.

Hope this helps!
Reply:A wooden 7 x 5 you can get for £300.

Thats a pound a week over a six year period, then get another if you have to.
Reply:Wood, definitely.

Part of the shed culture is the musty smell, and the pleasure of treating the outside against the elements.

Don't forget to have a carpet and an armchair inside, plus a bottle of whisky/rum/brandy. Go to your shed for peace and solitude.
Reply:We finally grew tired of rusted sheds and wood falling down storage areas. So we went vinyl. It's not cheap but you'll never buy another.
Reply:And, if you get rust.... then???? Wood far more durable and internally customisable ( putting racks up for tools etc)
Reply:I would go fo a good quality wooden one. Imagine how hot a metal will be in the summer
Reply:i`ve had both and would say wooden sheds are better as steel ones rattle in the wind and condensate heavily on the inside making things damp.
Reply:I've recently put up both a metal and wooden hut and doin both has convinced me if i get a hut of my own i would choose a wooden one. the metal ones are very easily kinked,and a flippin mission to put up.
Reply:You have to consider various things here.

Will you keep anything in the shed which will be badly affected by being very hot? Metal sheds do get much hotter than wooden ones.

How about looks, will you be looking down the garden %26amp; have to see a metal shed - would that detract from the rest of the garden?

Wooden sheds need painting fairly regularly (3-5 years) in order to look their best and the roof will need re-felting sometimes.

Cost also comes into the equation as well as availability and delivery options.

I love my wooden shed - but it does need TLC every now %26amp; then!
Reply:the metal sheds that you have seen are usually made of thin steel and are not exactly sturdy, the range of wooden sheds is quite large so look around all your local suppliers carefully before you decide, some also incude erection so remember to ask, this can mean that the wooden shed is cheaper

ps don't forget a good solid base -2'x2' slabs on a wet mix is ideal

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