Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are small black balls in shed insect eggs?

In my two garden sheds there are dozens of clusters of minute black balls (like eggs) on the ceiling close to the window and hundreds of singles on the shelf below. They are not in the garage or greenhouse.

Are small black balls in shed insect eggs?
sounds like mouse sh1ite to me
Reply:well to me it sounds like mouse crap . take one small ball crush it and smell it . if it stinks then mouse crap . but you don't say if the balls are loose or bound together . if loose the defo mouse crap . if bound together then some sort of egg .

that then posses a question on next course of action do you destroy a possible cluster of spiders eggs . ???? are you a insect lover or hater .
Reply:It sounds like insects nest, get it sorted before they hatch
Reply:well it either could be mouse crap or some type of bug egg i would get a bug spry just in case they are eggs!!!!
Reply:They may be insect eggs, but are more likely some sort of turd (mouse or insect).
Reply:Spider eggs or Mice droppings.

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