Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What would a female in her 20s think of a guy in his 20s who had a garden shed to hang out in?

Currently I"m a guy in his mid 20s who is stuck living at home due to high rental prices. I have thought about building a small garden shed in my parents backyard to read and take naps in. The shed would have a skylight with no windows. The floors would be made of wood with a rug on the floor. Eventually if I enjoy the shed I would put a tv and computer inside.

If I became friends with a female or even my male friends would they think I"m nuts to bring them to my garden shed to hang out at night. Bringing friends into my parents house isn't fun. My parents are very nosy. I'm going to be living at home for at least antoher 2-3 years.

Some of my male friends think this is a silly idea?

What would a female in her 20s think of a guy in his 20s who had a garden shed to hang out in?
I personally think thats really awesome. Your own little space, and it' much more interesting than a boring bedroom, apartment or house. Make sure you make it really awesome and furnish it.

I want one now. Or I at least want my boyfriend to have one.
Reply:I guess it depends a lot on the person you bring over. What are your male friends/girl-buddies like? Are they eccentric? Reasonable? Judgmental? Big on appearances?

I'm a female in my 20's, and personally I can see your point. Sometimes you can't afford to go out on your own at a specific point or other... so you may as well make the best of it and try and maintain some privacy.
Reply:Hey man every man deserves a spot to kick it in. Forget everyone else they'll conform.
Reply:the female 20s would wonder if you are growing any pot :))) did i just give you an idea . . . . .

seriously, if she really likes you she wouldnt care.
Reply:I think it is a great idea as long as you aren't doing anything illegal (which sounds like your not). I too am in my late 20's and still living with my family for the foreseeable future. I wished I had a place to escape.

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