Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Tom cat pees in my garden? shed, car wheels, u name it.. he pees... What can i do to deter it?

(not my cat)

A Tom cat pees in my garden? shed, car wheels, u name it.. he pees... What can i do to deter it?
Cover everything in a layer of pepper.

Puts them off.
Reply:Cats don't like the smell of citrus, so try cutting some lemons or limes and placing them around or spraying some citrus smelling spray. That's what they use in the stuff you buy at the pet stores.
Reply:get him neutered
Reply:Get a dog, no get some empty pop bottles half fill with water place on the ground, that works
Reply:When I lived in the city one of the neighbours cats kept peeing on our ornamental grass and a friend told us to put 'moth balls' in the middle of it.

It worked so give it a try.
Reply:get a bigger cat, or a dog

some say that plastic bottles filled with water left in the garden scares them cos they think its a lake.

a dog its your best option
Reply:Clean it up

spray a strong scent on it, i found pepper worked btw

Theyre marking there territory, if they smell the perfume theyll think the territorys taken
Reply:You pee over the cat whilst the cat is peeing lol
Reply:perhaps spraying disinfectant along surfaces to a height of 30am would deter.

gd luck
Reply:have you tried bottles of water? the water in the bottle is supposed to scare them off, ive also heard by putting vinegar over things it will neutralise them smell
Reply:12 bore up its backside
Reply:pepper,chilli powder and i believe they hate the smell of lemon juice
Reply:call animal control
Reply:apart from poisoning the little pussy put lots of pepper on your step ect or lillies they hate the smell.
Reply:I agree with PJ as cats hate citrus (Orange/lemon peels) and it's better on your nose than vinger/pepper/chilli). Just scatter the peel around flower beds etc and it should do the job. Failing that you can buy spray at the vets don't know if it works out side but good for carpets. Plain Water is best to nautrulise smells already left! Just hose down every where properly. then lay the peel.

Failing all that all you can do is..................Get a water spray and stand on guard ready for battle! This won't harm the cat but will really cheese if off, and the owners will just think it's rained!!!! LOL Good luck!
Reply:orange rind is supposed to be good for this sort of thing ,I've also heard of people using pepper ,and there's some plants that allegedly work but I don't remember what they are , hope this helps
Reply:get a dog to chase it off

or just scare it off
Reply:Neighbour's cat? Get a bigger and tougher Tom of your own.
Reply:I have had some success with Fabreeze, but it must be sprayed daily until you are sure the cats have left. Wash the areas first to remove as much odor as possible

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