Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What can I do with surplus apples from my garden?

I live in South Notts and have a garden that is an old orchard with 10 pretty good sized apple and pear trees that produce a shed-load of fruit I can't use and it ends up in a pile at the back. I would like ideas on who might be interested in using the crop in a better way.

What can I do with surplus apples from my garden?
Advertise a 'pick your own' day.

Take them and sell them at a market/boot sale.

pile them in boxes outside your gate, and put a 'help yourself' notice up.
Reply:Pies, crumbles, cakes and purees can all be prepared in bulk and frozen. Or you could make jams, chutneys or wine!

If you don't have time yourself and don't like the idea of 'strange' people in your orchard, you could bag them up and sell them. Alternatively how about your local charities i.e Age Concern. There are lots of people living on a tight budget that would love a donation of fruit.

Or... have you a local school/church that is having a harvest festival faire?
Reply:Advertise them as organic, then you can charge!
Reply:Offer them to OAP's, Disabled pepole, scout groups the list is endless.

Well you could make lots of apple pies/crumble and freeze them, or you could liquidise apples or pears for a refreshing natural drink, why not give some to orphanages and senior citizens homes.
Reply:Pick them all up and put them in a dustbin liner then tie up.It will keep wasps from intruding.
Reply:freeze them and make pies every sunday.
Reply:well stew them all up and store them away in air tight storage jars then whenever you what one to make a apple pie or use it when you have pork its there ready for you pit them away in a coll dark place but not forget to date them
Reply:Apple sauce, sliced for pies, and apple butters.

Of course you can have too much of a good thing. Have you considered composting it as well? Apple pomace makes great compost for the next season's garden!
Reply:Sell them or make stuff and sell that. Get some horses, they love apples
Reply:feed them to local horse, they love apples!
Reply:You could join a local Freecycle group {www.freecycle.org} and offer them to local people, we have several people in our area who have done just that and it's very appreciated.
Reply:cook and puree them and freeze. good for apple sauce. lovely hot on ice cream, or ask anyone with babies if they want them as great to feed to babies while weening them x
Reply:cider - yummy!
Reply:Maybe local schools would be interested - they could do a class day out to collect them, then take 'em back and bake apple pies and things. Your local church may have info on youth and senior citizens clubs and such like who could take some.
Reply:CIDER, nip along to Boots and get a home brew kit.
Reply:apple sauce,apple and pair pie,apple and pair crumble,you could make all of these and sell them at local markets,advertise to pick your own apples,compost rotton ones or find local farmer with pigs they will probably eat them.good luck
Reply:Fried Apple Pies! Apple Brandy! Apple Butter! You could even do a mix on Apples %26amp; Pears for that real one of a kind Brandy!
Reply:Cider and Perry are good. If not, try local farmers who might take windfall from you for food. Or Sell at local Farmers Markets at good rates, or resturants in the area. Ask local schools, old folks homes, hostels, etc, if they could use them for free or a small fee.

At the end of the day you can always place them into compost bins for some good mulch when mixed with other garden waste / manure.
Reply:Sell Them Or Make Pies and Jellis And Jams.

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