Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Would a female in her 20s think a guy in his 20s who hung out in a garden shed is nuts?

Currently I"m a guy in his mid 20s who is stuck living at home due to high rental prices. I have thought about building a small garden shed in my parents backyard to read and take naps in. The shed would have a skylight with no windows. The floors would be made of wood with a rug on the floor. Eventually if I enjoy the shed I would put a tv and computer inside.

If I became friends with a female or even my male friends would they think I"m nuts to bring them to my garden shed to hang out at night. Bringing friends into my parents house isn't fun. My parents are very nosy. I'm going to be living at home for at least antoher 2-3 years.

Some of my male friends think this is a silly idea?

My friends are judgemental. This would be a semi-studio apartment without a restroom inside.

I would paint the walls green.blue or aqua. The inside of the door would be sky blue,green or dark blue.

The door may not have a doornob. On the inside it may have just a latch like restroom stalls.

Rents in my area are high. A studio apartment rents out for $1200 per month. A one bedroom rents out for $16-1700 per month.

The only way for me to move out of my parents house would be to move to another region.

I'm a law abiding citizen. I have never and never will do any illegal drugs. Nor would I want to have anyhting to do with illegal drugs. I'm not into nor have I raped a woman.

I just need some space from the rents.

Would a female in her 20s think a guy in his 20s who hung out in a garden shed is nuts?
why don't you just buy a laptop , don't build the shed (believe me no woman is going to impress with a guy who lives in a wood shed. Now take the wood shed money and put it in the bank . Then start saving for 3 years or more In the mean while you can use your laptop at most coffee shops and if you meet a girl and It may get intimate take her to a nice hotel and then if she understands your position that your saving for an apartment.She my take you to her place. Or the back seat of the car of the movie threater on a nature trail in the cloths fitting room at the department store Remember your 20 something the Idea of a wood shed is only a ground level tree fort.And at twenty something you should be in your parents house that much anyway to sleep and show your face at dinner occasionally I mean you got me ranting on Woodshed with a sun roof and color TV that means electric My god YOU SMOKING A F ING JOINT try thinking like a twenty something year old What are you going to do invite a nice girl over to enjoy some wine then when she has to pee send her to the back yard to squat. HAVE YOU THOUGHT ANYTHING THROUGH OR WHAT I goona look if anybody needs a mayonais jar opened where I can be more help
Reply:Stop being a spoiled brat, get a job (work overtime if needed), joint the military, or shoot yourself. Quit being a whiny little wussy. Reach down and grab a hold. You honestly sound crazy and what kind of parents would let their freeloading kid do something like this. Man up!!!
Reply:Hi there,I don't think they would think you were nuts at all.Its a nice idea,bit of privacy for you. Don't worry about being still at home either,in England house prices and rents are very high and anyway my son prefers to live at home,he is saving up in case he meets someone and wants to move out,he is 30. Good luck,any nice girl would see why you want to do that and your friends I am sure would enjoy it,make it a reasonable size if you can though.Good luck.
Reply:i am australian and i love sheds; they are cheap and reliable and heaps good; i have some friends who built a small shed to live in permanently. Don't worry about it people who want to hang with you shouldnt care where it is anyway. If no one else likes it; ill come over lol coz they are they best
Reply:its your life...and freedom is crucial at that age...and an escape even if its a shed at your age is nothing to judge, i live in california and i know how high rent can be and im 21 and if i had the option you had i would take it and not give a rats behind what poeple think...sill or not...its your place...so there is nothing silly about what you have to work with!

good luck and enjoy your place!

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