Sunday, November 15, 2009

Converting my garden shed into a bedroom (mine)?

ok! my shed is 144inch by is made of wood (if that helps) with a tarpauling roof.

so there are the measurements, i dont want to replace the shed, its god ivy groing through in some place, i would really like to know how i should make it a little more tights, so that not too many spiders can get it, or ivy etc,i'd also like to make it a little warmer, i mean i can just paint onto the wood, but heat would be nice ^_^ though i also want it to be cool when its hot weather!

so any sugestions... its just a normal garden shed...but i want to make it a bit

nicer etx =) any ideas? ...kind of like it...but the door is a bit different...and its green on the outside =)

thank you for replys!

el x

Converting my garden shed into a bedroom (mine)?
At a minimum caulk all seams and cracks, and weatherstrip the door and windows. If there isn't a ceiling under that tarpaulin roof, you might want to add one. For better comfort, you can put interior walls consisting of insulation, vapor barrier, and paneling (or drywall), though this will take a few inches of your already narrow 66" width. Window coverings will help retain heat in cold weather.

If you don't have electricity, a catalytic camping heater will give you heat, though you need to have some ventilation with one.
Reply:Put some bug stuff outside the shed. Make sure everything is covered. No holes open! And don't forget to put tight floors! Underground bugs to! Umm....I know they have those heater thinges to put in places like that. But i sort of doubt it because then u got winter storms, rain storm, thunderstorms! And it mostly all depends on the weather and were u live at!

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