Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Would it be silly for person with a disability to have a garden shed to live in?

I'm so sick of living at home with my parents being in my late 20s. After struggling finding living wage jobs and finding stable employement I"m stuck at home. If I made a garden shed into a guesthouse in my parents back yard would it be silly? At least I would have my space and wouldn't have to worry about my parents going outside to check up on me. My disabilities are CP,OCD and Terrets. Rents here in California are very high. Studio apartments go for $1100 or more a month. I'm not ready to move away from my parents. I don't have many friends. This would be a cheap way to have a semi guest house. The only downside is that it would not have a restroom inside. That may be okay becuase I can go inside my parents house to use the restroom.

The shed would have a bed inside and a heater. My parents would pay for the shed.

Would it be silly for person with a disability to have a garden shed to live in?
You just asked this question - why are you asking it again?

Silly no, impractical yes. Ilegal, probably.
Reply:Make sure it's even legal before they waste their money. I can just see your neighbors now calling the cops or adult protective service saying how the parents keep their disabled son in a shed. I know it isn't like that, but you know how people are. I hope you get what you want though, it sounds like it could be a cool hangout to get away sometimes.
Reply:I don't think its silly- it looks like you've really looked into all the angles- but I do think you need a window or two for ventilation... You asked earlier about inviting ladies over- Maybe not- But otherwise, I think it's a great idea to get some space from your parents.
Reply:Sounds like a really good idea!
Reply:Sure! I think its a great idea. My father-in-law practically lived in the garage, having his recliner, mini-fridge, TV, beer, radio, DirecTV just to get away from my mother-in-law. I, for one, did not blame him or criticize him for it.

Just make sure that the shed is kept up nice and clean with maybe a sofa-sleeper to close up during the day. Also, make sure you are not violating any zoning codes so that your parents do not get fined.

Have you ever considered working from home? Just because you have these health issues, it does not prevent you from working on a computer at your own pace. Have you looked into Medical and/or Legal Transcription?

Good luck!
Reply:It is more sensible to get a shed made of wood, electric and electrical storms would be dangerous in a steel shed.

I know of a man who rented a very small section of a lot and insulated, electrified, air conditioned and even had running water and a toilet/sink/shower, he even had windows added on the front when he ordered it.

It is a very economical way to live if your income is low and beats the heck out of HUD housing!
Reply:What a good idea!. Why not?. It seems a fantastic way to trial yourself being semi independent. You have fun creating your first home and good luck for your future- you are obviously bright and full of good ideas!.
Reply:move to the shed good idea anything to get out of the house i understand.i can't get out right now myself,we had me a shed built to keed me from going crazy.something to keep me beezy!good luck!

Windows can be added easily, and can be screened to keep bugs out. Think of camper windows.

Skylights make small spaces hot, you might want to be able to cover them with something like a tarp and you will need ventilation. Again think of camper windows and maybe one in the door too.

The door should open out and be unjammable, no outside padlocks or anything that could get you locked inside.

Think about one window being big enough to let you out if you had to get out and the door was stuck..

If you use a heater hang it up high enough that nothing can fall on it and start a fire.

If it is very sunny where you are try to locate it where it gets some shade.

Plant some shrubs around it.

A plywood shelf and be built as a bench/bed and padded with a foam matress. This gives both a place to sit and a place to lay down. If one edge is attached to the wall and the other has legs you can still be able to put stuff under it.

We used to build these all the time for people to use as guest rooms at cottages. We would usually make the shed 8 feet by 8 feet and added 4 feet of porch.

It works out to being the size of a small bedroom with a sitting space outside the door.

The porch is to give you a place to take you muddy boots off before going inside.

There is nothing silly about the idea at all.
Reply:I have lived in tents, tack rooms, barns, boats, oil rigs, yards

well you get the point.

Who cares as long as you are happy and you arent hurting anyone?

Home is where you lay your hat, not what the Jone's have.

Go for it.
Reply:I don't know where you get an idea that apartment are that expensive.


If you look up in Craigslist.com, you sure can live lot cheaper in California than just $1,100. LOL!

Plus if you want free furniture, you can easily get lucky for some that happen to post it on Craigslist.com (Nice!)

If you are unemployed, you can still make money in California by picking plastic 2-liter bottle exchange them for full money as well as aluminum can for 25 cents each. Look at the deposit and what it offering for turning in these things. (WOW!)

If you pick up 100 empty 2-liter bottle of pop that are regular name brand, you can make over $90 or more. $90 X 30 Days = $2,700 who would want to complain about making these monthly bucketload of cashflow?

If you pick up 360 pop cans that are occassional brand, you can turn them in that are uncrushed for $2,700.

How do you suppose homeless people make money? They don't collect trash, they collect stuff that come from trash to exchange it for money in store. It is the prudent and hard working homeless are the one that make money compares to other that do it by begging.

So get out there and make some money then you won't have any problem living for rent especially apartment that can price at $600 or more a month.

Try to be open minded and look harder because you will find it. ;)

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