Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Should I apply Preen to my garden PRIOR to tilling?

We bought a house last July. There is a wonderful garden spot in the back which was completely overrun by nasty weeds. We got all the weeds out last fall, but there were many seeds that were shed during the process. I'm tilling this weekend, but am wondering if applying preen prior to tilling would prevent new weeds from coming up.


Should I apply Preen to my garden PRIOR to tilling?
According to their web site Preen creates a barrier in the top 1 to 2 inches of the soil. So, it would appear you would put the Preen down after you have tilled and do any planting.
Reply:Preen inhibits germination by forming a barrier. If you till it in, no barrier. If you are planting seeds, plant the seed and cover them. Don't let the Preen get on them or they, too, won't germinate.. If you are planting plants, plant them first, then the Preen.
Reply:The problem with Preen is it inhibits germination. This might be a problem if you're planting seeds. Good luck!
Reply:That stuff doesn't work well anyway! Save your money!!!

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