Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garden Shed?

Where can I buy a Garden Shed in Glasgow [Not B%26amp;Q, they fall apart}.

Garden Shed?
if you are near milngavie go to the huge garden center i think it is called Dobbies now.......they have all sorts of shed and wendy houses and things...........and it serves great food as well.
Reply:Built my own, but you can always buy one and docter it up to suit your needs.
Reply:A garden shed is a sacred place, and should be treated with much respect.
Reply:you can get a deep fried garden shed at the chippy in ibrox
Reply:google search garden shed and have good quality one delivered to your door for less than you can buy in shops. I bought two recently from a nottingham company. Very good prices and excellent quality sheds.

Thats what the internet is for.
Reply:try Ebay


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