Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stray cat had kittens in back of my garden shed, will they eventually leave? They are ruining some of my flowe

Do not feed them and eventually they will leave.

Stray cat had kittens in back of my garden shed, will they eventually leave? They are ruining some of my flowe
Take them to an animal adoption agency. If not, they may leave but don't be surprised in a year some of the kittens are having kittens of their own.
Reply:Call the nearest ASPCA or animal shelter to come by and pick them up. It is likely they will hang around if you leave them there and they'll probably multiply!
Reply:A mother cat doesn't know the difference between a safe haven to have her babies and her neighbor's precious garden. When you realized she gave birth to a litter of kittens, you should have called your local Humane Society and take their advice. They might have said to bring the cat and the mother in, or they would come out and help you. Try to be a little more understanding of the kittens and mother cat, you're flowers will grow back.
Reply:i love cats and flowers are nice too, but cats have feelings and a brain flowers dont! if you have feelings and a brain find homes for them....ruining your flowers pffffftttt!!!!!
Reply:you should take those kittens and the mother(if you can cath her) and bring them to the humain socity or vet.
Reply:The cat is homeless and pregnant because along the line people have let her down. She took up in your shed to have her kittens in hopes of being safe from predators. She's probably undernourished herself but she's trying to raise her babies.

And you're upset because they're damaging some flowers. I hope you never find yourself in need of the kindness of strangers.

Be kind to the cats and give them food and water and take them to an animal shelter. They would eventually leave -- to add to the population of homeless unwanted cats, and have more kittens, till they die of disease or are killed.

They're living things. Your flowers will die anyway. I think the cats should have priority.
Reply:If you don't take them to a shelter, the females will keep having babies....the cat population grows really fast. Cats need to be spayed or neutered. Call the humane society.
Reply:In some way get the entire cat family captured and placed in a pet rescue, not a shelter where they may be put to sleep. If you just hope they will leave, they wont and before you know it you will have a huge population of cats hanging around your house. Good luck to you.
Reply:This is a silly problem. Instead of just ignoring them, how about trying to tame them and find them homes. Failing that, call the ASPCA or the Humane Society. Any stray automatically has 30 days in the Humane Society, by that time, the kittens at least should be fairly tame and adoptable.

Good luck!
Reply:you're silly to just ignore them like that. if there were some sick and hungry children under your garden shed, i doubt you'd ignore them and want them to leave because they're 'ruining your precious flowers'.

help them, it takes one phone call to the ASPCA!!

or give them some food, eventually they'll befriend you if you're kind enough.

just DON'T ignore them.

you're practically handing them over to a life of hardships. they might just die if you don't help them.
Reply:Why are flowers more important than an actual life??

Anyway. I don't think humane societies give strays 30 days. The one i worked for gave them seven. If you have any room in your house and your heart, you could take the kittens and the mother in. Get the mother spayed and then the kittens when they are at least 2 months old. and find homes for them yourself. Believe me, It's very rewarding and you will feel much better knowing you did not just abandon them like somebody did with their mother to start with.

Good Luck
Reply:take them and find good homes for them.

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