Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Should a build a garden shed to get some privacy from my parents?

I'm a male in my mid 20s living with my parents. Because of the tough economy I have a low paying job so I'm stuck living at home.

As a temporary solution I have thought about building a garden shed in their backyard. I would use it to sleep at night sometimes and sometimes a place to have some privacy. The shed would be small but have a door with a lock.

Some people think this is a cool idea while others think this is rediculus.

Should a build a garden shed to get some privacy from my parents?
my brother is 24 and my parents have a shed in the backyard that he uses as his party house...it's set up pretty well but he doesn't live back there....yet.

you do whatever you need to do!
Reply:It is a good idea,start building it,cause you will have peace and quiet and best of all you will have privacy if that is what you want best
Reply:just don't start typing threatening letters and sending bombs in the mail. other than that, i think fixing it up to be kind of a separate apartment or just a private space sounds great. :)
Reply:if you are going to say you live in a shed, then it is rIdiculOus.

at least call it a cottage or something . . .
Reply:Cant you house share with friends or rent a room.......living in a shed sounds extreme! What about heat, AC if you live somewhere warm, light, the toilet?
Reply:sure i guess you can. but, you might need a permit from the city

It would get hot during the day. Couldn't you just put a lock on your room? It would make more sense, be cheaper and you'd have more space.
Reply:I think its a great idea. get awat from them nosey parents
Reply:maybe you should.
Reply:are you goin to smoke some dope boy?
Reply:Make ur self a tree house.. that would give u all the privacy u want .

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