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What would be the best way of stopping my neighbours children climbing on my garden wall.Would a trellis work?

I am always asking them to keep off the wall along with my own kids. I need to stop them but not sure the best way without cutting down all my light into the garden. Once on the wall they then run across the shed roof, I am so fed up with it. So is my neighbour she is constantly telling them off too.

As i would want to attach to top of wall what would be best way to attach something?

Any ideas appreciated.

What would be the best way of stopping my neighbours children climbing on my garden wall.Would a trellis work?
Try an anti vandal paint... maybe just put it on the shed roof. Its black and sticky and yuckky !!! One dose of that and they wont be back... AND its harmless
Reply:electric fence? barb wire? just kidding, a trellis would work or you could plant dwarf holly bushes around your garden, that would keep kids out but it might keep you out too, they have spiky leaves
Reply:I know some of the countries down in South America lay some wet mortar and then install broken glass and spikes in it.
Reply:NO! trellis makes it easier! Get some metal spikes.
Reply:Kids love a challenge. I have a sure thing, but it does have what I call "an adolescent behavior". A bougainvillea. Definitely a teenager with an attitude! Their first encounter will make a lasting impression (very thorny!)
Reply:Considering some of the answers you've received to your post, I think you'll get more helpful and intelligent advice for your garden wall problem from a Home Depot or Orchard Supply Hardware.
Reply:Put anti climb paint on the top of the wall, you can buy anti climb paint from most D.I.Y shops. That should stop them.
Reply:Barbed Wire!
Reply:Call the police for trespassing. That way if there is any damage you have it documented with the police already that you've had problems with these children.
Reply:Plant pyracantha or bougainvillea on a trellis both have razor sharp thorns.
Reply:BB Gun.
Reply:call the police? I dunno, maybe you can put an alarm system there or something.
Reply:I put trellis on my garden wall the four climbing rose growing up it not only keep the little darlings out they look great in flower
Reply:Try putting something slipery like oil ontop the wall. Better still tell there parents, if they dont stop them report them to social services for being out of controll and not having any parental skills.

Its out of order, they might break your shed, take some of the roof suports out of you shed, then they will fall throu, and put a giant tub of **** inside you shed for them to fall into!

It could be like a tom and jerry cartoon at your house once you've taken all my advice.

Take some bricks out of the wall then it will fall down and there parents will have to buy you a new wall.

You could put wire along the top and grow grapes on it!

Or just thow a buckett of water over them each time them climb onto the wall. Yeah water thats the trick *:) Get a water cannon like the riot police have *;)
Reply:something with thorns perhaps, like a climbing rose or maybe barbed wire, just kidding , well sort of. how about 'hen and chicks' or some other prickly succulants.
Reply:Rugosa roses could be trained up against the wall- they're thorny enough to strongly discourage climbing. Many other climbing roses aren't nearly as tough...
Reply:Pitbull, Rottweiler, Doberman.... any of these 3 should scare the little bastards away!
Reply:it is illegal to put barbed wire and broken glass however much you might be tempted :-) also if you put anything on the wall that might cause them to slip is also legally very dangerous for you. but the anti vandal paint on the roof is a good idea and a notice on the wall to the effect that they must keep off the paint is there and you will not be responsible for any accidents. take some photos of the notice in case they remove it.

having said that, live with it if you can, children climb walls and cross roofs and swing on gates, it is natural ...........and it is great to have young friends as they grow up.......i am going to the wedding soon of one of a pair of twins who was forever coming round for her football.
Reply:how about you just do something with your kids so they dont climb on the roof to get your attention? go to the neighbours and arrange a walk or go for a picnic? they wont be on the roof annoying you or her then.. get a trampoline, buy them chalk , make a den, organise a game they can all play... you cant do the other stuff people have suggested anyway so either do stuff with them or dont look at them when they are up there and then they'll only stop when one of them breaks their neck falling off the wall or roof!!!!!!!!
Reply:Rolled wire or grease
Reply:electrify it
Reply:Start with your own children. Who is in charge? You or them? Quit telling them and MAKE them stop it. Punish them if they do it again so that they will understand that you mean what you say. If they thought you truly meant it, they would not keep doing it. Ground them, take something away from them, do something so that they will learn the consequences of their behavior. Parents are doing their children an horrible disservice by allowing continued bad behavior. What would happen to you if your boss had to keep telling you over and over and over to no avail. You'd get fired! Wake up and raise your children! Quit letting them run you. I guarantee if they stop, so will the neighbor's kids.
Reply:get a gun...haha...nono i didn't mean it....i would talk to their parents...if that doesn't the police
Reply:Beat the crap out of them every time you catch them.

you could electrify the roof top.

you could dig a huge pit and put spikes in it inside the shed and then weaken the roof so the fall in.

all of these are very good ideas.
Reply:Well I sugest 2 things!

1. You can complain to the neighbours parents and ask them very kindly if they wouldn't mind telling their children not to climb up the wall. and Try to bribe them not to (chocolate no TV....)

2. Put prickly pointy plants on top or put a part of a fence on top so once they get pricked no more climbing.
Reply:Obviously, you cannot harm them. So the best way in the long term, is to train a pyracantha shrub along the fence, they will stop climbing when they have scratched there arms and legs a few times.
Reply:Electric fence
Reply:bit of cement mix spread along wall and as its setting stick broken glass into it.....sounds harsh but it might work
Reply:Barbed wire? Some kind of thorny vine?
Reply:a bear trap

vacuum deodorizer

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