Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If a teenage girl would be paintind the inside of a garden shed cabin what colors should she paint it?

If a teenage girl is painting the inside of her rustic cabin/garden shed in her parents back yard what colors should she go with? She has wood floors and wood walls. The door on the inside is a woodfinish.

The cabin has no bathroom inside. She will be sleeping inside on some summer nights. Since she has windows that are like shutters she will not see anything while inside at night. She wants to paint the inside of the door and shutters a different color than the walls. What colors do people recomend for the shutters and door?

While inside she plans to close the door and shutters. Her desk and cott and going to be looking at the door. What color should she paint the door?

I wnetioned white and she said white makes her feel depressed. She wants one color for the walls and another for the door and windows.

What color would look good for the inside of the door?

If a teenage girl would be paintind the inside of a garden shed cabin what colors should she paint it?
Why do you keep asking this stupid question????
Reply:it confused me that you are not the girl asking the question. are you perhaps a young woman also or a grown man. and if your a grown man then why are you worried about what she wants for the paint color. if you were a teenage girl i would tell you to paint the inside any color you like. but, i think you are a young man in your early 20's and i find you very disterbing. yuck.
Reply:A nice pink or pastel yellow would look really really good. And maybe get a good wallpaper trim. The door should be something totally different, like lime green or aqua blue. =] Also, you should spruce the place up by adding lots of light sources, like lava lamps. To make the room look bigger, add tons of mirrors, and when nights get hot, be sure to add a stand up fan. If you can, get a shelf to put some nice books and maybe a portable DVD player on top. Urban outfitters and Anthropologie have lots of really cute stuff, like designer dorrknobs and cute odd-and-ends, so maybe look there.
Reply:Light and cheerful colors.. she should decide as she has to look at the walls.. it should be light colours.. that will make the cabin appear brighter and larger... apart from that.. leave her free hand.. she should use multi colors which look nice together.. but paint the wall a light colour... so she feels there is more light and space than there actually is... xxx
Reply:blue is restfull, green is cool , maybe a mural to have something to look at?

polka dots on the ceiling so you can lie and count the dots , ( you would never get the amount right as they would move all the time )

black so you could imagine you were in a cave and then put all those glow in the dark stickers around

but then again with all that wood maybe don't paint at all , cos then you would be needing to have it sanded and sealed and then painted , a lot of work !!!
Reply:Easter colors.

Reply:pain tthe walls yellow, the door, red.


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