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How can i train my dog to come in from garden when called?

My female shihtzu puppy (7months), has been causing a nuisence recently and not coming in from the garden when called, she runs away and when left she chews up the grass and digs holes. Its causing a real problem as today it took 2hours, and even then we had to make her go into the shed with her following a laserpen, and then take her indoors.

Any help would be appreciated.

How can i train my dog to come in from garden when called?
You can train your puppy to come to you. Put her on a leash and lean slightly down with a treat in your hand. Let her know you have the treat. Now that you have her attention, in the high pitched voice everyone uses to talk to their babies, say her name once and then repeat "Come" over and over as you move backwards away from her. Once she is at the desired place, reward her with the treat and tell her, "Good Girl!" Practice this at least 20 minutes a day, every day. Eventually she will come to you without you having to lure her with a treat. If you decide to do "clicker" training as others have suggested, enroll in training classes first. There is more to it than just clicking.
Reply:Dog training classes are a very good idea. It sounds like you need them I don;t get the bit about the laser pen. Isn't that abusive?
Reply:Treats treats and more treats. Try chicken or ham dogs love it, well my dog does. Ihave a begal and she constantly digs the garden and im forever filling in the holes. Dogs will dig because of boredom i think, well thats what im putting it down to. You need to show your dog who is the boss because they will take advantage of you!
Reply:titbits in a bag that rustles
Reply:dog training secret .free informations here it help you hope http://www.freewebs.com/lovepet
Reply:Treats, treats, treats!!

I call mine and give them a treat and lots of praise, They will do anything for food!
Reply:I have a 9 month old shih tzu boy and he is exactly the same! Will not come in for a treat or anything. I call him and he pretends that he doesn't hear me!! I have been to obedience training, hes great as "sit" "stay" "leave" etc but hates the word "Come" or "In" haha. I will have to dig out the clicker and see if that works, he responded to that well during training so that's our best bet I think.
Reply:Get a clicker. All I do is click and he comes running for his treat!

You can never "false" click or it won't work all the time.
Reply:Make sure you make a lot of noise. Wave your arms about and make weird noises so that she thinks that you're interesting, and maybe something's going on that she shoudl know about. Have a treat ready and give her lots of praise if she comes in.

Failing this, buy an elastic lead and put her on it. Then, have her on it in the garden, and call her name. If she doesn't respond, reel her in gently using the lead, and praise her lots. Eventually she'll get the hang of it.

You could also try training classes. These are good for young dogs ad help work on obedience.

I hope one of these methods work; I have a young Labrador and went through exactly the same thing

Good luck!

PS The laser pens are hilarious aren't they!
Reply:if she will not come when called do not call her if you can not make her come because she is learning a bad habit. yes please get her in to a obedience class as soon as you can.. if you are going to be outside with her tie a long piece small rope or twine to her collar. so you can step on it and make her come.
Reply:have a treat waiting on her
Reply:Use treats.

Take a box and show her that you are taking something from it, rattle the box so she associates the noise with treats, tantalise her so she knows what you ave in your hand then throw one near her.

When she's eaten that she will realise there are more waiting for her in side.

When she eventually does come in give her a treat and lots of praise.

Over time lose the treats but keep up the praise.

Use the box shaking method, this works with my dog.
Reply:Well, best thing to do it attend a beginners obidence class. Otherwise, this is what I was taught to give a certain positive response when the dog is called. Its called jackpot rewarding. You have to show the dog that now matter what is going on outside, when they here the command to go to you, it will be more rewarding. Have one treat that is reserved for that command (preferrably something that can easily be brokend down into smaller pieces...dog associate number to reward and not size of treat). When the dog follows the command give it 4-5 treats. Practice this inside in a control enviorment.
Reply:I have the same issue my two dogs they love it outside and never want to come in..Treats work most of the time but sometimes they can still be very stubborn. So since they love the Car and hate it when we leave or is wanting to greet the person at the door. I just yell out going in the car or I ring the door bell. Or just rattle the keys and in they come running. I know its kinda mean because they are all excited then to go ..but eh it works and they get over it pretty fast.. Funny how they have not gotten use to this in two years.. Give it a try with their favourite thing..may work.
Reply:as other people have said give the dog treats but make it a small cube of cheese,

give it a little often an it will get a taste for it and make sure u give it each time u get her to return no matter how long it takes for her to return, eventually she will get the message set in her head that when you call her she is going to get a treat,

i found cheese or rather the scent of cheese set's something off in any dog,

after a time you wont need the treat it will be stamped in her mind. best of luck, john in limerick.
Reply:big problem´s yes,? well I think you have to remember that dog´s when they here us speak they only here 2 syllables at a time . so when you call her it has to be with as less word´s as possible , and you said we, just one person giving the command. It should be heel , come, sit , that sort of thing . also she is a young dog %26amp; like´s to play . she need´s lot´s of exersice , also when your dog has been good you should alway´s reward her with a small dog biscuit, show her that you are happy with her. she will soon learn that by doing what she is told will get her a prize . Of course not all the time other wise she will get to fat . dog´s are like children , they push to see how far they can go , and don´t run after her , just say come then walk away , when she see´s no one is paying any attention to her she will come by herself . Hope I have helped a little
Reply:Teach her that when she comes to you she will get something nice and then she will come to you every time you call her.
Reply:yeah along with kat...act like Pavlov, ring a bell, and train your dog to come in...start by rewarding her with a treat or toy when she comes in, and repeat by ringing the bell and rewarding her with a treat..she'll soon know it'll be time to come in...Dogs like treats and will drop what their doing(unless they're in an intense rabbit/squirrel chase) for something good. You don't have to use a bell, by the way lol...my dog comes running when she hears the sound of her bowl or something familiar that symbolizes food.
Reply:try calling her be fore you want her in or have a bone froe your dog
Reply:zap it with a stun gun till she gets the message
Reply:Give her half a slice of bacon whenever she comes to you from the back yard. Inside a week she'll be at your door as soon as you open it.
Reply:This link explains how to train your dog to come reliably when called:

Training a Steadfast Recall

Reply:You need some puppy obedience classes. If that's not an option, get the book, "Puppies for Dummies". It's a great reference for puppy training. One method for teaching "come" is to put her on a really long leash, 20' or more, a clothes line will work too. When she's far away, say "come" and use the line to pull her towards you, when she gets to you, give her a yummy treat like cheese and pet and praise her like it's the greatest thing in the world. You'll need to do this over and over and over again until she comes to you on her own 100% of the time and she's weaned off the treats. Don't give the "come" command unless you can enforce it, in other words, don't say "come" then chase her all over the garden. This tells her she doesn't really have to do it (trust me, I learned this the hard way). Also, keep in mind, when you say "come" and she does it, she should never, ever be punished. Coming to you should always be a positive experience, if it's not, she will be unreliable. And this is such an important command, it could save her life some day if you need to call her away from a dangerous situation like a busy road.
Reply:what it needs is a dam good thrashing when being disobedient it will learn eventually
Reply:I have trained dogs in the past for drugs,lost persons, obedIEnce,and attack. Your only solution is either have your dog professionally train for basic commands ie; sit,stay,heel,come. If you cannot afford to send dog for this,then I suggest going to library and pick out a basic training book for dogs. If you can read , you can train. It is very simple and once you do this not only will you enjoy your pet more but he will enjoy you as much. The key to all of it is repetitiveness. It really is that easy. You might want to place black pepper in the areas the she is doing damage to grass.Shake a good amount on area. Trust me she will not like it.!Good Luck

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