Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sulphur Candle in a garden shed?

Our garden shed is starting to smell very mouldy. The moment I enter the shed, 2 mins later (I'm only retrieving some garden tool), exited the shed and my wife says I smell mouldy on my clothes. This indicates that it the fungi spores are now airborne. I consider this as hazardous to health. Could a sulphur candle (I know these can kill fungus and spores) be placed in the shed, having taken precautions, i.e. placing the candle on top of a brick, surrounded with some water (for safety)? The label of a Sulphur Candle tin says Greenhouse, but nothing to say "garden shed". Will this be alright to use? If okay and after having the mould and spores being killed off, I can begin to dehumidify the shed, knowing that the air is safe. Any advice. Thanks.

Sulphur Candle in a garden shed?
Sulphur candle will work as far as killing the mold spores goes. It will not remedy the problem as your shed will still be damp so the mould will come back. You need to dry your shed out.
Reply:i'd just varnish the wood in the shed and it should dry out itself stopping any fungi. a sulpher candle might not be that effective as the fungi is probably deep in the wood were it wont get to, and if there are any holes for the gases to escape the candle will just smoke out and the smoke will not seattle or be around long enough to have any effect.

i would go to homebase and ask them if they have anythink that you could use.
Reply:I don't think the sulfur candle would hurt anything provided you take precautions to prevent a fire from occurring. Sounds to me like you have a problem with moisture penetration %26amp;/or ventilation issues...Try the candle then, address the moisture and ventilation
Reply:Take everything out of the shed, and spray it down with a bleach solution. Then let it air out.

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