Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is my garden shed haunted?

I have just taken up pottery, and often throw pots on my potters wheel in the garden shed.

I light a few candles, have a glass or two of port and put some music on my gramophone player.

Anyhow, a few Gin %26amp; Tonics and half a brandy later, I was sure I felt a spirit of some kind guiding my hands and whispering saucy things into my ear! It felt entirely real.

I asked Percy; the gardener, about it the next day, and he says he has often felt it when in the garden shed.

Is my potters wheel haunted?

must dash, I'm making a dinner service and another vase...

Is my garden shed haunted?
Yes, dear Lady, your potter's wheel is haunted, just as my own bathroom is. Often, when bored and weary, I take my G %26amp; T's (at least three) and a good book into the bathroom where my maid-servant Thomas has drawn my bath and relax there for hours. I often find when I awake the next morning that another glass has appeared, Thomas is sopping wet and I am just glowing with satisfaction. BTW, can you recommend any female maid-servants? The availability of help here on the Eastern Shore is becoming so strained that Mr. R and I have to share a personal servant. Thomas does not seem to mind but Mr. R is becoming restive.

First, I wish to offer you my sincere thanks for sharing this question and scenario with these people! Many of these unfortunate souls have never been outside of a bowling alley, and thus are unfamiliar with how the "upper crust" of society lives!

On to your question at hand! My beloved fiancee Megan (Mee-Gun, NOT May-Gun!) had an unfortunate incident with a Gin %26amp; Tonic binge not so long ago herself while staying at a world class resort in Mexico!

She had visions of a mariachi band and a spirit by the name of Hector that entered her persona many times! It was crazy what the imagination will do, isn't it?

The next morning she woke up on the beach with only a towel and a feeling of unusual soreness.

I can only imagine the ride that those spirits took on her that night!
Reply:Lady Florence, it was Percy, you were just too inebriated to remember, I heard he performed some frightfully unnatural acts upon you
Reply:If you have the same experience without the drinks and with others present... maybe. Or maybe you just finished a Ghost marathon.
Reply:yeah, it is. ghosts fly regularly from it.

you're thinking too much

Reply:"Is my potters wheel haunted?"

No, but I'd stay out of there except on Percy's day off.
Reply:No I think your Brandy is though! LOL unless Percy is taking advantage of you.
Reply:I'm guessing Percy was in the garden shed with you.
Reply:Is Patrick Swayze dead yet?

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