Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have a dead cat behind my garden shed....?

It's not mine and I have no idea who it belongs to. I don't want to touch it. What do I do?

I have a dead cat behind my garden shed....?
Contact animal control. They may want to test the animal for diseases. Also keep in mind that it is illegal in some areas to bury animals in a yard (especially if it's not yours and you have no idea where it came from). Best to call animal control and ask what to do.
Reply:man, i forgot where i put that.. thank!
Reply:I give you two choices:

1. If you are a pyro, cover cat in gasoline and burn it ( you wont have to touch it and it will be desposed of)

2. If you are lazy, cover it with a cinderblock or something heavy that conceals it and just forget about it.
Reply:I think you should call some sort of organization that will perhaps get rid of it for you. If there are none, I would dispose of it myself quickly. It will stink up in no time..
Reply:you really should call your animal control to come and take care of it. They know how to handle the animal, find out if it belonged to someone, find out if it died from a disease, old age, fight or other outside circumstance... and they know the proper way to dispose of it.

Just call your local police non-emergency number and ask for the number to the animal control center they use.
Reply:A few year ago, I had a similar event.

I called the Game Warden who came out and said:

1st - I will not touch it (for any amount of money). (It was really stinking.)

2nd - Get a bag of lime, throw on it. If it still stinks, get a 2nd bag of lime and throw on it.

What he said worked. Once the body was covered in lime, the odor disappearred. After a few days (thanks to the bugs) the body did also.
Reply:Hire someone to dispose of it for you.
Reply:A Little bit of oregano, some salt and pepper, slowly braise over open coals and serve with a chilled white wine.
Reply:I agree with the person who said call Animal city has a certain dog catcher that people can call for dead animals like "road kill" (coarse I am not sure if there are different #'s for city property and private property.... I'd call City Hall and ask who to contact for removal of a dead animal from your backyard. May only be bones there by then though... First I'd ask my neighbors if they're missing a cat.... if so I am sure they may wanna give it a proper burial......if not then I'd call City Hall.
Reply:ask anyone whose it is
Reply:I would ask around your neighborhood to see if someone is missing their cat. Our 6 1/2 month old kitten got out years ago and our neighbor's didn't bother telling us that she'd gotten killed by a car. We felt horrible and didn't even get to bury her ourselves (the jerks actually threw her in the trash).

If no one is missing their cat, call animal control. At least you would have tried to find the poor cat's owner.
Reply:ask your neighbors to try and find the owner! if you don't, dig a whole, lift it with the shovel and berry it! every animal deserves a grave!!:)
Reply:dig a hole in your yard and take your shovel and put the cat in the hole. Save some money
Reply:Drag it out to the street and put a sign on it that reads: FREE CAT
Reply:call the police to get rid of it.
Reply:you could get someone to come by and help you bury it or get some plastic gloves and if you have some lyme sprinkle it in the hole this will cut down on any odors. and place the cat in the hole and sprinkle some more lyme before you cover her/him up. dispose of the gloves and wash your hand with a good anti-bacterial soap.
Reply:leave it there, let nature run it's course...
Reply:block your nose
Reply:Look in the phone book under Animal Services or Wildlife Services, they'll come and dispose of it for you. It won't be free though, so be forewarned! Better to be safe than sorry though, whatever killed that cat may kill you, or at least make you sick. . . And even if the cat wasn't diseased it may have fleas or some other nasty little passengers on it.
Reply:Dig a hole.Pick up the cat with a shovel then throw him in the hole. Then fill in the hole.

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