Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do I need a licence to pour pints of beer in my garden shed?

Me and my friends are sick of the poxy government taking away our rights( smoking and all that crap) so Ive decided to turn my shed into a mini pub,I wont be selling the beer as all my friends will be chipping in to buy the booze, my shed will be a smoke zone if the none smokers dont like it then they can go water my onions in the greenhouse..I will also have Card games,Dominoes,Strippers on a Saturday night and Bingo on sunday afternoon.

My question is, do I need FRIGGIN LICENCE for having some fun in my garden shed. or Is the British tossing government going to deny me this aswell?

Do I need a licence to pour pints of beer in my garden shed?
Brilliant idea but unfortunately I think you will need a license and along with that license you will have to signup to banning smoking in your shed and to personally guarantee to suck off all non-smokers should they demand it.
Reply:As long as no moneys changing hands for beer OR BINGO you are fine.

I Want to come - I'm fed up to the back teeth of working hard all week and not being able to go for a pint and a smoke at the pub. The weather has been really sh+te since the ban came in on 1st July and I am fed up with being pushed outside in the rain, hail and snow to have a smoke when the government obviously don't think it's bad enough to outlaw - too much tax going into their coffers I'm sure. Why can't we have smoking and non smoking pubs ? The staff couldn't complain as they'd know when they took the job which type of pub it is. Other people couldn't complain as again they would know they were entering a smoking pub. Surely t o god we are all adults and should be able to choose for ourselves ?

Rant over - thanks
Reply:I know a pub, where at 11pm every night the doors are shut the curtains closed and out come the ashtrays!!!!

Of course, I will never say where it is!!!!!
Reply:I don't think so if you won't be actually selling alcohol, where is this "pub" sounds good!
Reply:I am afraid you would be classed as a private club and risk large fines
Reply:If your friends are contributing to the cost of the drink, that constitutes a sale and you need a licence.

If you don't advertise it, you can probably guess how much notice the police will take of it, but you will be breaking the law. Of course the strippers and the bingo won't help to keep it quiet.

Other examples of this offence are:

1. A cheese and wine party where the entrance charge includes the first drink. This has been held to be a sale.

2. A bottle of wine etc. given as a raffle prize. The cost of the ticket has been held to constitute a sale.
Reply:i think you only need a liscence if you intend on selling the beer. as you are all chipping in and no money will be changing hands then i reckon you'll be ok.

can i come?!
Reply:If you're selling beer then it's a business and you'll need a licence. If your not selling but instead your friends are all just chipping in to help you pay for the beer, then you're fine and don't need a licence. If it's a business you'll have to ban smoking in your shed (lol!) but if it's just friends and their friends getting together for a private meet up then you can smoke away and enjoy your beer!
Reply:i dont think you do no,in fact theres one user on here thats done exactly that,and hes on the web with photos of his pub/shed,if i find him ill give you a link so you can e-mail him.....that will be a guinness and a pack of dry roast cheers.
Reply:I will be there mate, I want to do that with my garage.
Reply:only if you plan to charge a admission fee.
Reply:No, you don't need a licence................YET!! As soon as the Nu Labour facists pick up on this one, they'll tax it!

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