Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How often do you sit in your garden shed?

Have you been watching me?

How often do you sit in your garden shed?
Never, the supplies are in there, and it's not a place for rest. That being said, I am IN the shed every day. Seems as if there is not a day that passes that I am not in the yard doing something. Whether it be pruning, weeding, sawing limbs, mowing, raking, edging, or sniping, I have had a ball this summer with my yard! I sit next to the shed sometimes, does that count?
Reply:Never. There's too much junk in it (old flower pots, bits of wood, two bicycles -- one for a small child!, a hose, garden tools, a lawn mower and lawn chairs).

Cleaning it out and reorganizing it is one of my summer "projects".
Reply:I never sit in the garden shed. To be honest, the shed is so rammed with stuff you can only just about stand in the garden shed.
Reply:haha. Not very often. only once a day.
Reply:A lot..i smoke and wont smoke in house..so i have a chair in there..thinking of putting up nets..and maybe a few pictures of the family
Reply:It's been a while....today may be the day....
Reply:I don't have a shed
Reply:I don't have a garden shed..
Reply:i dont have a garden shed..
Reply:dont have one
Reply:i dont have one =(
Reply:Sorry, - not my things really ;)
Reply:i havent got one
Reply:i don't have one, so never.

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