Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Would it be safe to sleep in a garden shed/treehouse at night?

In my backyard I'm thinking about building buying a garden shed mini cabin to sleep in on some summer nights. The shed would be in the backyard. One concern I have is someone breaking in late at night while inside. The shed I'm looking at buying has wood floors, small windows and a wood panel door. The door is a solid woodfinish on the inside and outside. The door has a handle instead of a doornob. This means the only way to lock the door is with a padlock either on the outside or on the indside.

The shed/mini cabin has woodfinish walls inside. I would be concerned about someone breaking one of the windows at night to break in.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Would it be safe to sleep in a garden shed/treehouse at night?
If you build something yourself it might be cheaper and then you could build it to your needs so that it locks on the inside and no one can lock you in from the outside. Also, you could build a treehouse with something like a rope ladder where you could role it up and lock the floor perhaps throwing a carpet over the boards? It would be a project but i think it would be well worth it in the end.
Reply:Something jumps out at me, and I have an idea, but you will report anyone who says something you don't agree with.

(The idea is who is going to "break in"? Do you think someone is going to "get you"? If your this afraid, don't do it.)

you can get sliding deadbolts too, in addition to drilling for a doorknob.

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