Sunday, November 15, 2009

Would I need a Part P certificate for a power cable to a garden shed?

Don't run a flex as suggested, do the job properly, get an electrician to run an armoured cable on an rcd protected circuit, with proper accessories and lighting, why risk your life? External supplies are one of the most important to be carried out professionally. And yes it must be certified, unless you are in Scotland where BS7671 and the building regulations give similar protection.

Would I need a Part P certificate for a power cable to a garden shed?
Yes, Its feed will come from your house supply, and any change or addition to a circuit most be inspected.

garden power will now be under special installations and you should notify

you will be adding to the existing house wireing circuit
Reply:you do now as from January this year you can do the work your self but need a electrician to check all work and give a certificate
Reply:Well, the short answer is yes but if you use a convenient socket in the house and run a nice thick 13 amp flex extension lead with a 4 or 6 way splitter at the shed end, then you won't be subject to any of the wiring regs because it's a portable unpluggable device.

How you choose to protect the cable on its route is irrellevant, like in conduit etc even if that effectively makes it non portable but don't bury ordinary flex directly in the ground because it will perish and may be hit with a spade when you're gardening.

Hope that's helpful.

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