Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have a circuit breaker in the shed. We plugged in a garden shredder which jammed and blew it.?

The fuse was blown in the house. When i switch the circuit breaker on it switches off again. Any ideas as to why??

Have a circuit breaker in the shed. We plugged in a garden shredder which jammed and blew it.?
Have you checked the fuses?
Reply:If the shredder is still plugged in, you may well have burnt out the motor which means that it will draw too high a current when switched back on.

Unplug and try again.
Reply:Fuses fail by overheating, which generally means that an excessive current has flowed for a substantial period. Breakers jump out when an excessive current flows for a very small instant, and sometimes when there is an earth fault.

If both safety devices have operated in this instance, it seems that you have drawn an excessive current, and since the house fuse was rated at a higher current than the shed breaker, you might have either a smaller supply than is necessary for the shredder, or the device is faulty, and drawing an excess current.

Have you used it before on this socket in the shed?

Check the rating of the house fuse, and the rating of the breaker, and see how their current ratings compare with the shredders power requirement, as shown on its label, positioned (usually) close to the connecting plug/socket or cable entry.
Reply:i agree with bill - i would check the outlet connections for a possible direct short.
Reply:1] Unplug shredder

2] Repair fuse in house

3] Reset circuit breaker

In that order.

You need to remove the cause, i.e. the shredder or it'll all blow again. Then you need to repair the fuse so power goes to the circuit breaker, it needs power to stay reset.

Once you've got all this sorted you may wish to strip the shredder and investigate what's happened to it.
Reply:Did it blow the circuit breaker or the shredder ? when you switched on, is the shredder unplugged/

not enough details to understand the cause.
Reply:It sounds like you have a direct short some where in the shredder. I don't understand all of the question, is there a fuse and a breaker on the same circuit.? Did you disconnect the shredder? Update some more info
Reply:If you have power going out side to your shed you should have a circuit breaker in the house before the power gets out side This covers all things outside so you don't need another in your shed Be very care full when using live power outside of the house But again a word of warning Have the Circuit breaker inside the house to protect all live connections out side!!
Reply:Because it is still shorted. Did you unplug the shredder?
Reply:If by 'circuit breaker', you mean a plug in type of RCD unit, then it may be an 'active' type. This means that it will not re-set without a power supply and good earth to it. Have you repaired the fuse? Have you unplugged the shredder??

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